"Jiang Xin, please shut up!"
"Jiang Xin, please shut up!"
May every child's childhood be a little less anxious and more happy!


recently, the TV series "Little willing" has become a hit!

as a companion to Little Joy, it focuses on the learning and growth of primary school students.

the current educational phenomenon and children's learning competition are portrayed very realistically. It is for this reason that it has aroused the resonance of most netizens.

especially the seemingly ordinary family banquet at the beginning, but let people see the undercurrent surging.

Let's briefly explain some characters to you first:

Dean Nan (Zhang Guoli) has two daughters--

one is the daughter born to her ex-wife, Nan Li (Song Jia), and the other is the stepdaughter brought by her current wife, Tian Yulan (Jiang Xin). They are polite on the surface, but in fact they compete everywhere.

before going to the family dinner, Nan Li specially came to home and took her daughter Huanhuan's trophy.

and Tian Yulan, in addition to dressing up carefully, also patted the honor wall of her son Ziyou.

when he arrived at his father's house, the two began a contest before their buttocks were hot.

Tian Yulan scored 100 points in the leisurely test to stir up the topic. Nan Li immediately let Huanhuan sing in public, and she also accompanied her.

seeing that the contest between the children was inconclusive, the two mothers began to compete with each other as adults.

as soon as Tian Yulan opens his mouth, it is "Versailles": we Ziyou, we really have to learn from Huanhuan. I always let him develop his hobbies.

but he only knows how to study and won the first place at the end of last semester. This time, I won the first place in the entrance exam for the first time.

seems to praise Huanhuan for her hobbies, but actually praises her son. After boasting, I didn't forget to ask Nanli's daughter, how was her academic performance?

Nanli knew that her daughter's grades were average, and her husband Xia Junshan said for her: we pay attention to quality education.

Tian Yulan has the upper hand, where is he willing to let Nan Li go easily?

then, he began to talk proudly about his "Classic of Education": if he wants to be admitted to a famous school, his or her studies cannot be relaxed.

but also, you girls, you don't have to work so hard. We boys are different, we must choose the school Kao Hanlin (the first choice of public school for junior high school).

after hearing this, Nan Li was angry and came together: this has nothing to do with boys and girls. With so few children, it is easy to spell this and that, which makes people upset.

in this way, two people you a word I a sentence, needle point to wheat awn. The whole family dinner was steeped in tension.

as a spectator, I also really felt the sense of suffocation at the scene.

some netizens have made a very vivid analogy to the educational methods of Nan Li and Tian Yulan: Tian Yulan's education to his son is in control, and his achievement is the only proof of his child's excellence.

Nan Li's education for her daughter is free-range, and she pays more attention to the all-round development of her children morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically.

there is not much comparison between the two, but in the contemporary "chicken baby" environment, they do not want to throw in the towel.

therefore, let us see a picture of the volume of education. Have to make people feel: show the current educational anxiety incisively and vividly!

if you ask, which character is the most impressive in Little Shepherd?

I think Tian Yulan, played by Jiang Xin, deserves it.

in her son's education, she interpreted the words "chicken baby" and "anxiety" perfectly.

Tong Dawei, who plays Nan Li's husband, once complained about her on Weibo: Ziyou Mom, please shut up!

how "scary" is Tian Yulan? The first thing is the contradiction with teacher Zhong.

during the parent-teacher meeting, Tian Yulan learned that his son was not in the top three. As a result, it is suspected that Mr. Zhong revealed the examination questions while making up lessons for other students.

in this regard, she first named teacher Zhong in the class group and asked him to treat students equally.

as the saying goes, enemies have a narrow road. Tian Yulan learned that after teacher Zhong taught in the gold medal class, she licked her face and wanted to buy off teacher Zhong to give her son a quota.

who knows, Miss Zhong was ungrateful and humiliated her. Later, Ziyou was finally sent to the gold medal class.

Tian Yulan, afraid of teacher Zhong's favouritism, hid a recorder in Ziyou's schoolbag.

was discovered, she took the initiative to admit her mistake and acquiesced in the teacher's "excessive" way of education.

this also led to Ziyou being aggrieved when she was called "wooden fish head" by teacher Zhong in class.

Tian Yulan, a mother, said: there are gains and losses, children's achievements are solid, and the rest are empty.

this wave of operation can not help but make netizens shout and suffocate.

so I asked the head teacher, Mr. Zhang, for help. And said that even if it is a false title, it is only for the sake of further study.

teacher Zhang did not like this, made it clear that he would not interfere with the students' election, and encouraged Ziyou to take the initiative to participate in the election.

Tian Yulan ostensibly promised a fair election, but secretly she had another idea.

after going back, she frantically wooed the parents of other students to canvass votes for Ziyou's election of monitor.

this trick worked, so she asked her son to recite the election draft without asking for his consent.

A simple child is forced to participate in the "politics" of adults.

looking at Ziyou's reluctance, many people complain: Tian Yulan is about to make the child depressed..

it can be said that Tian Yulan really took great pains for Ziyou's academic performance. He kept signing up for endless tutoring classes for his son, and promised to retire as soon as he could attend the football class he attended.

and always tease the children with lies: let's work hard for another year, and when you are admitted to Hanlin Junior High School, you can play whatever you want.

Ziyou retorted: if you go to junior high school, don't you still have a key high school?

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under such oppression, Ziyou became more and more angry with Tian Yulan.

until he cried loudly in front of all his parents and classmates:

"I think my mother doesn't love me, but me who got full marks.

you always say it's for my own good, but it's all for your own face, no matter whether I'm happy or not.

Why is it so difficult to do what you like!


Tian Yulan did not expect that she ran around to smooth out the obstacles in her son's study.

in the end, he got his son's complaint and fled before he had finished listening to Ziyou's words.

We are all eager to have a happy childhood and to grow up freely.

but in the face of intense study and competition, we all have to obey our parents' saying that I am doing it for your own good.

I can understand parents' anxiety, but can parents consider their children's feelings at the same time?

the original intention of parents is to let their children live a good life, but is it really for their own good to put their children in a repressive environment?

Tian Yulan deliberately, even at the expense of face, begged the teacher and courted the parents.

when Tian Yulan showed off her son, she said to Nan Li: I love my child now, and I will hurt him in the future. After all, giving by parents and earning by children are two different things.

the ability of native families is limited.

after hearing this, Nan Li immediately retorted: the original family is really important, our children do not have that sense of want, generations do not have to cling to anyone, nor do they have to rely on any excuses.

it is true that Nan Li is confident.

her father, Nan Jianlong, is a retired dean of the design school, and her mother, Zhao Na, is also born rich. In such a family environment, she has no worries about food and clothing.

besides, she and her husband, Xia Junshan, are both at the top of the workplace and lead a good life.

in contrast, Tian Yulan, whose mother is a housewife, relied on Nan Jianlong to lead a life of food and clothing.

ever since she was a child, she has looked at other people's lives.

on the job, I was subordinate to Nan Li. When I got home, I was angry with my mother-in-law. Driven by inferiority, she became more and more disinclined to see Nan Li, so she kept up with the comparisons everywhere.

only her son's good grades can make her proud.

it was this kind of thinking that made her press harder and harder on her son, and even felt a feeling of "resentment".

it can be seen that Tian Yulan's way of education is really too extreme. It's a good thing to think about your son's grades, but if you go too far, it will hurt the child one day.

when Jiang Xin talked about her role, she said something like this: she forgot what kind of life she wanted to give her children when she first gave birth.

whether to make him carefree and happy to grow up, or to temporarily deprive him of his happiness as a child for the sake of his future when he grows up.

in this process, Tian Yulan forgot that health and worry-free is the most important thing for children.

so, what is a good family education like?

I think that just like the title of the play, parents have to weigh "giving up" and "getting".

if you want your child to get ahead, be sure to lose some of the happiness of childhood.

but poor control will also make children lose interest and hope in learning.

what I want to tell you is that anxiety is widespread. But children's childhood is only once, please do not deprive them of a rare bit of happiness.



, may every child's childhood be less anxious and more happy!

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