It's really important to be with people with positive energy.
It's really important to be with people with positive energy.
The mentality between people can be contagious.

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once, a reader mentioned to me that she also wanted to make progress, self-discipline and learning, but it was always because of her friends that it was difficult to stick to it.

for example, when she wants to read, all her friends are chasing dramas and playing games, so in order to fit in with the group, she has to put down her books.

for example, when she wants to lose weight, friends around her ask her to eat hot pot and midnight snacks every day, so she has to give up the idea of losing weight.

for example, when she wanted to learn English, her friends around her advised her what was the use of learning, so she gave up the opportunity to learn English in the midst of shock and disapproval.

I don't know if you find that when a person wants to make progress, there is a very big obstacle and difficulty, that is, the lack of support from friends around him.

in fact, what kind of circle you are in, what kind of person you become.

as an old saying goes, "if you do not help yourself straight in the raw hemp, the white sand will be black with it."

when you are with excellent people, you will not fall, because everyone is constantly working hard and making progress, and when you are born in it, you will be driven to ascend and progress.

you won't be good with lazy people, because everyone will indulge in comfort and pleasure, and you will follow laziness and laziness.

there is a saying: "people are all mutual."

in the relationship between people, we will determine our attitude towards others according to the attitude of others towards us.

sometimes, we don't want to be with people who care, not only because we don't want to suffer unnecessary losses, but also because you also care after spending a long time with such people.

sometimes we don't want to be with smart people, not only because we don't want to count each other, but also because you become smart after spending a long time with such people.

sometimes we don't want to be with stingy people, not only because we don't want to argue about trifles, but also because you become stingy after entangling with such people for a long time.

in fact, the relationship between people is often what others give you, you will return to others.

especially when you are with those who are generous and kind, you will also become generous and kind in such edification and purification.

in fact, people should try to stay away from those negative friends.

because they will not only waste your time, pull your energy, and cost you money and financial resources, but more importantly, they will unwittingly infect you with their attitude towards people and things, and make you become the kind of person you hate most.

do you have this experience:

in life, different people have different understandings and feelings about the same thing, big or small.

also stepped on a puddle, lost five yuan and missed an early bus.

pessimists will say that you may have bad luck recently, but optimists will tell you that it is a piece of cake and don't worry about it.

also meet someone unkind, too much pressure, and even fall into some frustrations and difficulties.

pessimists will tell you that your life is doomed to go wrong, and you don't have to work hard and struggle any more, but optimistic people will tell you that there are no difficulties and obstacles in life that cannot be overcome.

even when you are surrounded by pessimists, your mantra will become the same as theirs, always saying that I am in a bad mood today, life is really boring, and even living is meaningless, so the more you say so, the worse your life will be.

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when you are surrounded by optimistic people, no matter how big difficulties you may encounter, you will have confidence and hope in your heart, and you will always face it with a better state of mind and state.

then, your life will become better and better.

the mentality between people can be contagious.

especially with pessimistic people, you not only have to bear the negative energy they constantly send to you, but also make you suffer like a cancer.

but with optimistic people, their optimistic and positive attitude towards life will imperceptibly make you more and more sunny and positive.

everyone will inevitably be influenced by the people around them.

especially in different environments and circles, it will directly determine what kind of person you will become, what kind of things you will accomplish, and even what kind of life you will live.

it's hard if you don't want to make progress with progressive people, because if you want to keep pace with them, you have to constantly improve yourself.

when you are with kind people, it's hard to care, because people only get along with people like themselves, not just give unilaterally.

when you get along with positive people, it's hard to get depressed, because the positive magnetic field in the other person drives you to look on the bright side.

on the contrary, it is simply too easy for a person to become lazy, concerned and negative, because a large number of people around us are like this. Once you fit into such a circle, it is not only difficult to get better, but also difficult to escape from it.

once read such a paragraph:

if you want to soar in the sky like an eagle, fly with the eagles, not with the geese.

if you want to ride the earth like a wolf, run with the wolves, not with the deer and sheep.

it may be difficult for a person to choose his own life, but he can choose his own circle.

it's really important to be with positive people.