It's not that I've changed, but that I get it.
It's not that I've changed, but that I get it.
Take a light look at three thousand things in the world and chuckle two or three times at leisure.


there is a saying in ancient times:

"there are eight hardships in life, namely, living, old age, sickness, death, love and parting, resentment, begging and letting go."

people's palms are so big that they can't hold too many things. Life should be simpler, too many distractions, will live very tired.

Free and easy freedom, looking down on everything, is also a way of life.

look down on the gains and losses

A few days ago, I went to a buffet with friends.

A friend said: "eating buffet is very tiring. In the face of so many kinds of delicacies, I don't want to miss everything, but I really can't make it."

when he was almost finished, he said to me, "is there anything else you haven't eaten?"

this sentence caused me to think.

about our lives, if someone asks you what else you haven't got, I will feel a little sad.

because you can't get everything.

I remember that once I went to an art exhibition in Shanghai and met a pair of father and daughter.

the father said to his daughter, "the air ticket costs thousands, the ticket costs hundreds, and every picture has to be seen."

the father and daughter walked quickly around the exhibition hall, which had three floors, and the two of them were out of breath.

I told this to my friend who works in the exhibition hall.

he said: "after working here for 5 years, although I haven't seen many paintings, I still feel very happy because I have also seen a lot of amazing paintings."

as we said when we went to the buffet, "there is still a lot of food left uneaten."

you will be very tired at this moment, because you can't eat all the food. Even if you do eat all the food, your stomach will feel very uncomfortable.

but if you say:

"the cake I just ate was really delicious. I felt so happy when the cake melted in my mouth."

We should have a sense of satisfaction and cherish what we already have.

it's like holding someone in your arms and thinking about someone you haven't hugged. It's a painful feeling.

because there are billions of people on earth, you can't hold everyone.

so, since you can't get what you like, cherish what you already have.

May you be light about your gains and losses and be free and magnanimous for the rest of your life.

look down on fame and fortune

Let me ask you a question:

what does it look like to live so that it is not in vain to come into the world?

is he powerful and powerful, traveling around the world, or content with poetry and countryside?

95-year-old naked donation of 35.68 million, Ye Jiaying's story, have you heard it?

she is the protagonist of the literary documentary "the Moon in hand".

she is a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

she donated all her savings, collection of books, calligraphy and painting to Nankai to set up the Jialing Fund.

her grandfather was a Jinshi in the Qing Dynasty, and her father graduated from the English Department of Peking University, but the whole family had a great love for classical poetry.

under the influence of her elders, Ye Jiaying has been immersed in ancient prose since she was a child.

she was admitted to the Chinese Department of Furen University at the age of 17, and her mother also died of illness that year.

in her sophomore year, she met a life-changing teacher, Gu Sui.

Gu Sui teaches Poems in Tang and Song dynasties. Ye Jiaying takes every course he takes.

she took down eight notes, which she took all over the world, from Beijing to Taiwan, to the United States, to Canada.

when she graduated, Gu Sui wrote a short message to her:

"I don't want you to just inherit my mantle. I hope you can open up a new world by yourself outside my method."

the 20-year-old wrote that sentence: "after entering the WTO, she has struggled all over the world to escape from Zen under the pretext of hiding."

it will take her a lifetime to pass on Chinese classical culture.

now in her 90s, she lives a miserable life alone, accompanied by poetry.

she said that a gentleman is worried about the way but not the poor.

all her life, she did not care about fame and wealth, but only devoted herself to her ideals.

there is a saying in Daojing: "who is the name and the body?" Which is more, body or goods? Which disease does it have to do with death? "

which is more important than fame or life? Which is more important than money or life? Which is harmful to gain fame, money or loss of life?

in ancient times, six people went by boat and were caught in a storm.

seeing that the ship was about to be submerged, all the people on board dived to escape, but one of them did not swim as fast as the others.

others asked, "you are usually a good swimmer. Why are you so slow today?"

he said, "I have a thousand copper coins wrapped around my waist. They are so heavy that I can't swim at all."

others advised him: "you will be drowned. In the end, you will lose all your money. Throw away the money."

he didn't listen to advice and was finally flooded.

it can be seen that the word fame and wealth is a shackle in one's heart. The heavier the attention is, the heavier the burden is, and it is difficult to break free.

how many people pay all kinds of prices and even lose their lives for the sake of fame and wealth.

some people are carried out as soon as they are born, and you want to become famous and rich.

some people have lost their homes by living in empty desires all their lives.The court is happy.

the wise are picturesque, while the benevolent are boundless.

those who have experienced prosperity will know that fame and wealth are in vain.

at the moment of birth, everyone is carrying an empty basket, we will keep filling things into the basket, and the life of only adding will be very tired.

May you despise fame and fortune and learn to subtract for the rest of your life.

look down on love and hate

Zhihu has a topic:

what is the hardest thing in the world?

the highly praised answer is:

Love but not get, hate but not. The obsession is too deep, and it has been hard for a lifetime.

share the emotional stories of my listener friend Yu Fei.

when she was a student at Xiamen University, she met her boyfriend Jiahua. The two dated for four years and got a license to get married after graduation.

less than a year after marriage, the man has a new love. She chose to divorce without consuming her feelings.

after the divorce, she continued to believe in love.

A year later, she met another man. The two fell in love for six years and finally broke up.

the people around her are incredible and ask her why she left that excellent man.

she strengthens herself, loves herself, and despises love and hate.

when we are together, we are full of love and honey. If you don't like it, it's over once and for all.

this is the gesture you should have in love.

but in life, too many people are bound by love and hate, entangled in love all their lives, and suffer for love all their lives.

Why does a person feel pain?

because if you want to change the things you can't change, you want to keep the people you can't keep.

in moments, I read a sentence: "now that it has become a reality, it can only be so."

seemingly discouraged words, in fact, write a calm and calm open-minded.

Jimmy said: "Don't dwell on an awkward thing for too long, you will be annoyed, painful, epiglottic, tired, hurt, and heartbroken."

in fact, in the end, you don't have a problem with things, but with yourself. No matter how awkward it is, you must learn to get out of it. "

Love and hate are between thoughts. There is nothing in the heart, only because there are too many thoughts.

it doesn't matter if you let it go, look down on it, and look down on it.

give up decisively what you can't do. Those who have no fate, let go in time.

learn to accept the troubles in the world. In the face of helplessness, be at ease.

May you look down on love and hate for the rest of your life and be comfortable with what happens.

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share a story.

the Pope asked Michelangelo:


Michelangelo replied, "it's simple. I removed all the marble that wasn't David, and David was born."

this is the way life is. You always want everything, but you can't have all the good things by yourself.

take a light look at three thousand things in the world and chuckle two or three times at leisure.

the heart is an inch wide and the road is one foot wide before you can turn the corner but there is another village.

, may you have the courage to take a step forward and there is room for a step back.