It was only after the exposure of a 1300-square-meter mansion in Beijing that I realized that having money is never equal to being rich.
It was only after the exposure of a 1300-square-meter mansion in Beijing that I realized that having money is never equal to being rich.
People with real self-cultivation will never write their sense of superiority on their faces.


A few days ago, I saw a video.


@ Dongzi dialect Beijing

, I drilled into an old hutong and originally planned to record the authentic old Beijing siheyuan.

I happened to meet an uncle at the entrance of the hutong.

Blue short sleeves, fishing stool, Marlboro with a little more than ten yuan, coupled with authentic "Beijing paralysis", his face is comfortable.

Dongzi took the opportunity to interview this ordinary man, but unexpectedly, a conversation shocked millions of viewers.

at first, the two talked a few words, and Dongzi learned that my uncle's house in this hutong was only 27 square meters.

A group of people thought that the uncle had smashed all his belongings into this 27-square-meter house and lived on his own.

Dongzi felt sorry for his uncle and felt that "the money was not worth it".

it is true that between my uncle's conversation, it is very free and easy:

"(although the house is small), it is clean on the outside and neat inside, so it is comfortable to live on its own. If you spend some money, you will spend a little. "

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this remark obviously did not convince everyone, so the uncle kindly invited them to come in and have a look.

as soon as the door opened, there was a lot of truth in it.

the uncle said modestly, "the room is a little small", but the decoration style and furnishings in the house are not to be underestimated.

most of them are Chinese furniture, and the cabinets of the two cabinets are carved with exquisite Longteng Xiangyun.

and the calligraphy and painting on the wall all look valuable.

mahogany furniture, antique furnishings, exquisite collection.

Dongzi, who was so surprised that he photographed countless hutongs, repeatedly praised:

"I tell you this, we have photographed so many hutongs, you have to take the lead among the common people, really."

outside the house, only the photographer in the corner of the room dared not enter the door for fear that the equipment would knock against a room full of collections.

I thought the video was over, but my next words made waves on the Internet.

"one day we'll make an appointment. I'll drive you away. I want to ride Land Rover and Land Rover. I want to ride Big Ben.

I also have a house. I built it myself, 1300 square meters.

each floor is the style of each floor, and each room is the style of each room. There are Chinese style, American style, European style and French style, and the furniture also follows the style of the room. "

Xu thought the scene was too exaggerated, and many netizens mocked that the blogger and uncle were in cahoots, bragging and stir-frying in front of the camera.

I didn't expect that only three days later, the video of punching in the face came.

on July 5th, Dongzi updated the sequel to Uncle Hutong.

when we met for the second time, I was always modest and polite. After inviting the two bloggers into the house, I took out the gifts specially prepared.

the fan works of teacher Cui Yongshun, president of China Fan Association, one for each person.

Dongzi dared not accept such an expensive gift, but he could not stop his sincerity in his words.

is respect. You respect the customs and customs of old Beijing and show the good culture to the people. I respect you.

after saying this, my uncle drove a group of people in a Land Rover to the big house. Just from the outside, I could feel the trench air of the house.

the Chinese-style gatehouse and the European-style exterior wall are the "mash-up" style designed by the uncle himself.

there is an elegant reception area on the first floor, the cabinet is full of books, and the partition screen is full of my collection of porcelain.

the ceramic tile specially selected the high-grade big flower green marble, which is enough to see how much effort I put into it.

the aisle on the second floor, at first glance, thought it had entered the presidential suite of a star hotel.

there is a set of exquisite craftsmanship and atmosphere of American style furniture, in addition, it is a dazzling array of individual furnishings.

there are European restaurants, American guest bedrooms, Chinese teahouses and calligraphy rooms for granddaughters, all of which are made of fine chicken wing wood.

the terrace on the top floor is equipped with antique wooden corridors and is surrounded by electric gauze curtains to insulate the scene.

the uncle kept talking to the camera, on the contrary, the more the two bloggers visited, the more poor they were.

but between words, it is not offensive at all.

I don't have the superiority of driving a Mercedes-Benz or a Land Rover and living in a small golden house and a big house.

what makes him really happy is that after Amoy found a good heart, he decorated his home with a sense of self-satisfaction and fulfillment.

even if some people blurt out the price of my collection several times out of curiosity, I just wave my hand and say nothing about it:

"not much money, just right."

netizens who have seen these two videos said with a smile that my uncle is "close to 100 million people".

but wealth does not fall from the sky.

I once choked up when I recalled the days when I left home and bid farewell to my parents' struggle alone.

after graduating from junior high school, he went to Heilongjiang at the age of 16 and later married a local wife for more than ten years.

I went back to Beijing alone at the age of 30 and pulled the child alone.

Life is hard enough to scrub garbage, dung and sand.

in his wordsHe said, "I've done enough of the most tiring work in the world."

from the bottom of the valley to the peak, the valuable thing is that the surge in wealth did not obliterate my empathy.

he still lives alone in the 27-flat hutong house, sitting at the door smoking a pack of cigarettes for more than ten yuan, and seeing the sanitation workers go to deliver a few bottles of water, respect every industry from the bottom of his heart, and live a thorough life.

A few days ago, another uncle at the exit of Beijing South Railway Station.

he had disputes and conflicts with a middle-aged man because of leaning against the railing.

after the quarrel, he was arrogant and slapped the man in the face, insulting him again and again:

"if you come to Beijing from outside, you are the grandson!" You're a great-grandson! You remember! "

there are also online celebrities who signed in at the Italian restaurant at the Bulgari Hotel in Shanghai.

when the camera was shooting, there was a big brother kicking slippers in a vest and underpants, and he was furious:

"Oh, you can get your vest and underpants, too. I think you have to give free orders to other guests in the restaurant."

when the water is deep, it slows down, and when a man is expensive, he speaks late.

after several comparisons, the verdict was decided.

A sense of superiority, like underwear, can be found more or less by mortals.

can be exquisite and can be shown to people close to it, but it is deliberately exposed in public and low immediately.


@ Brother Family

once gave me an example of being the receptionist of a five-star hotel.

there were many guests in the hotel that day. After a busy afternoon, there were only two left.

one is a very plainly dressed old man, quietly waiting for check-in, smiling and politely answering questions.

when I checked his reservation information, I knew that this inconspicuous old man was the chairman of a group.

the chairman of a group unexpectedly queued himself and did not ask for a deluxe suite.

and behind the old man is a middle-aged young boss.

A man wears a huge gold chain around his neck and a large LV logo belt that can be seen 5 meters away.

went to the front desk, and before he could speak, he slapped his GUCCI wallet on the stage and opened his voice: "do it for me!"

I am a member!


it really responds to what the host Meng Fei said: "all the sense of superiority does not come from appearance, figure, knowledge, family, wealth, status, achievement and power, but from lack of insight and compassion."

people who are really self-restrained never write a sense of superiority on their faces.


@ Li Yong

, told a story about their boss.

"the day I went out to run errands with my boss, when we got to the section of Heavenly Road, he slowed down and looked around at something.

when I was wondering, he stopped the car, got out of the car, opened the trunk, took out a large bag of mineral water bottles, then went to a mother-in-law who picked up garbage and handed her the big bag of bottles.

I was stunned: our boss was worth hundreds of millions, and I didn't expect him to do such a thing. "

what really shines on a person is not linked to banknotes.

is kindness, upbringing, tolerance, self-cultivation that has seen the world, and compassion.

just like what the hutong uncle said when he introduced his favorite wall-hanging arowana:

"it is said that this fish means more than wealth, but in fact, I don't think so.

I think it represents gentleness and harmony. "

when the peacock opens the screen, it also shows its buttocks.

Rich and expensive, sometimes the difference is not money.