It turns out that easygoing is a kind of ability.
It turns out that easygoing is a kind of ability.
Happiness begins with easygoing, happiness comes from serenity.

in the Book of morality, it is said: "the husband only does not argue, so there is no special."

easygoing people are like water, seemingly soft, but in fact they are infinitely powerful. they can not only contain all things in the world, but also change their own destiny.

people, the same is true, too tough sooner or later will lead to disaster, only easy-going, can go further and further on the road of life.

easygoing is not without principle, but a kind of wisdom

Mencius said, "A gentleman is better than being kind to others."

easygoing, not submissive, not the so-called good old man, but an excellent quality of being kind and helpful to others.

Granny Liu in A Dream of Red Mansions is typical of being smart and easygoing. She knows very well that she is only a poor relative of Jia Fu, so she speaks carefully and pays attention step by step.

Wang Xifeng and Yuanyang deliberately played tricks on her to curry favor with Jia's mother. It was only after the incident that they apologized to her. Grandma Liu smiled and said:

"there's nothing to be upset about for the old lady to be happy, but let me know in advance next time."

when I came to Jia Fu for the second time, I wanted to tell you a joke about stealing firewood in winter, but when Jia Fu caught fire, she immediately changed the subject.

Granny Liu's easygoing wit made everyone dislike her at first, and then gradually accepted her.

even the mean Wang Xifeng finally trusted her and entrusted her with her daughter Qiao Jie.

as the saying goes, "shrewdness is not as good as kindness, honesty is better than honesty, strength is not as good as kindness."

easy-going people are extremely intelligent, the eyes can see the world, and the soul can spy on the heart.

they have the wisdom of "rare confusion", look for fun and opportunities in the miserable life, and have far-sighted thoughts and realms.

easygoing, is a great ability

as the ancients said, "nothing in the world is difficult, and he who has a will will achieve it; nothing in the world is easy, and he who has persistence gets it."

ambition and perseverance are both great abilities, while easygoing is an undervalued ability.

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during the period of the three Kingdoms, talents emerged in large numbers, but Liu Bei, who came from a grassroots background, was able to break through the siege and become a winner in life, largely because of his easygoing quality.

Liu Bei leads the people, but he never boasts his identity. He is low-key and humble. He is willing to live down and is popular with the people. Many people follow him in life and death.

in order to seek talents, he gave up his dignity, took care of the cottage three times, and finally got the talent Zhuge Liang.

he can not only know people, but also use people, so Zhuge Liang gave him wholeheartedly to be grateful for the kindness he had met until his death.

easygoing is not only a rare accomplishment, but also a great ability.

in life, we often underestimate the power of being easygoing, thinking that only by being strong can we win the hearts of the people and only by being hard can we conquer others.

do you know that only when you let go of arrogance and complacency, be kind and easy-going, can you win the respect and admiration of others.

easygoing people are blessed wherever they go

Zuo Zhuan says: "there is no way for misfortune and happiness, but only when people call."

disasters and blessings are not predestined, but come from yourself. All the blessings in the world are accumulated by your kindness and hard work.

Zeng Guofan, praised by later generations as "the first perfect man in ancient and modern times", his life is full of happiness in the eyes of others.

in fact, when Zeng Guofan first entered officialdom, Zeng Guofan collided with others many times. it was only after being reminded by others that Zeng Guofan began to reflect on himself and improve his temper.

after the change, Zeng Guofan was very popular, and the official movement also prospered all the way.

as the saying goes, "Blessed are those who are easy-going."

if an easygoing person is kind and kind to others, God will repay him with more blessings; if he is mean to others, God will take away his blessings.

in this life, happiness begins with easygoing, and happiness comes from serenity.

easygoing, such a simple word, but covers the highest level of self-cultivation.

We often say that harmony is the most precious and easygoing ability in one's life.