It is useless for an unkind person to be smart.
It is useless for an unkind person to be smart.
If you are kind, God will bless you.

Laozi Daojing


Luo Guanzhong once said: "after several times of kindness in life, only my minister has made up his mind to be resourceful."

the world pursues interests, but ignores the importance of kindness. As the saying goes, a gentleman carries things with virtue, and morality is as thick as the earth to carry all things.

the smartest person in the world is not how smart or smart he is, but how kind he is.

it is useless to be smart if you are not kind.

character is always the first

there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius: "if you want to do something, you should first be holy."

if you want to achieve success, you must first practice your internal skills and be a man first. Only when people do things well can they do things better.

in dealing with the world, character is always the first.

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the famous crosstalk actor Guo Degang has numerous disciples. A host once asked, "what is the first criterion for recruiting disciples?"

Guo Degang said:

"when I received my disciples in the early years, I would put my talent and ability first to see if I could eat this bowl of rice.

nowadays, it all depends on the character. Ability can be cultivated, but if the character is not good, there is really nothing we can do about it. "

Yes, character can fill the gap in ability, but ability can never fill the gap in character.

although character cannot be seen or touched, it cannot be replaced by anything.

since ancient times, there has been both virtue and talent, and virtue always comes before talent. Those who have talent without virtue are the most dangerous.

how far a person can go does not lie in ability and talent, but in character and virtue.

character is a person's noblest wealth, a person with bad character, no matter how strong the ability is, it is useless to be smart.

the extreme of cleverness is kindness

in the Book of morality, it is said: "Great wisdom if foolish, great cleverness if clumsy."

A kind man, who seems stupid and simple, actually has the highest intelligence.

kind people are not good at calculating their own interests, but are more likely to give way to others.

on one occasion, Emperor Guangwu gave a flock of tribute-paying sheep to officials in the dynasty and asked for one for each.

this gives the officials in charge of dividing the sheep a great headache. Because there is a difference between fat and thin among those sheep, it is not good to divide them into different groups.

many officials are also discussing how to divide them.

some people say that if you kill them all, it will be fine with fat and weight, while others say that it will be fine with size.

argued for a long time, but no conclusion was reached. When Zhen Yu heard this, he felt too humiliated to argue about it.

he said, "divide the sheep, it's such a simple thing, why argue for so long? I'll take it first."

Zhen Yu came forward and took away the thinnest sheep.

when the officials present saw it, they were embarrassed to lead the biggest sheep.

the sheep were quickly divided, and there was no complaint about it.

this story spread to Emperor Guangwu, and Zhen Yu won the reputation of "Dr. thin Sheep".

later, on the recommendation of the courtiers, Zhen Yu was promoted to Prince Shao Fu because of her honesty and modesty.

but in life, many people ignore kindness, only think about interests, and put themselves in an irrevocable place.

you should know that the ultimate way to be smart is not to be penny-pinching and calculating, but to be sincere and kind.

as said in A Dream of Red Mansions, "the machine is too clever, but it misses Qing's life."

most of the time, being smart is mistaken, being a man is too calculated, and often ends badly.

be kind, God must bless

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "in the land of Kun, a gentleman carries things with virtue."

only if you are virtuous can you carry things, but if you are not virtuous, you can't move an inch.

only by doing things kindly can we win the hearts of the people; only by speaking kindly can we warm the hearts of the people, and kindness is the foundation of everything.

only when the land is thick can it bear all things in the world, and only by being kind can it bear the blessing of Hong de.

Qin Mu, who is known as one of the "five tyrants of the Spring and Autumn period", once came across several people eating his own horse together, and others would have been furious.

instead of being angry, Qin Mugong invited them to drink together.

A few years later, Qin Mu Gong was besieged, and when the situation was in danger, a small group of men rushed out of the siege and rescued themselves.

it turned out that these people were the people who killed horses and ate meat at that time, and their lives were saved by a moment of kindness, which Qin Mu Gong could not have imagined.

as the saying goes, "if you are kind, God will bless you."

kind people have help even in times of adversity, and even if they fall into the abyss, there are people who lend a helping hand, and those who make friends are also good friends.

wherever they go, they will be respected and win in the end!

We often say that people are kind, and heaven does not deceive. In fact, what people do is seen by God.

those who calculate everywhere will eventually pay the price for their cleverness.

and kind-hearted people, deeply blessed by God, can eventually reap a happy and successful life!