It is often these kinds of women who are willing to be lovers for men.
It is often these kinds of women who are willing to be lovers for men.
People should not only love others, but also love themselves.



the complexity of human nature is that you cannot give a specific definition of human nature.

the same is probably true of women who are willing to be lovers for men.

although some women will go astray, know that their lover is only temporarily confused, and then completely cut off the connection and return to their normal life.

but there are also some women who, after being single, in love and in marriage, will get what they want at the expense of their bodies for a variety of reasons.

Women who put money first

A woman who loves you is willing to marry you and grow old together because of love.

A woman who loves you is willing to marry you and join hands for life, it can be because of money.

when love comes, love is there; if love is not there, the money is still there.

some women, who are vain, lazy and unmotivated, like to get something for nothing and get money by selling their bodies.

in the eyes of such a woman, true feelings are nothing but a moment of excitement, and love and hatred can be ended with a sum of money in the final analysis.

for the sake of money, he is willing to wronge himself and take advantage of destroying other people's marriages to get pleasure.

for the sake of money, you can sell everything for exchange without a bottom line.

A woman will obey and spoil you countless times for the sake of money, and will abandon you because she can't get what she wants from you at once.

A lonely and unloved woman

there is a kind of woman, even if she enters a marriage, has her own small family and lovely children, but she can't stand the loneliness in her heart and become someone else's lover.

in marriage, if a woman has been at odds with her husband for a long time and her life is not satisfactory, she will start to look for the same opposite sex around her or through the Internet because she is not comforted emotionally and physically.

at first, maybe two people just complain about each other's faults and confide in each other about the imperfections of their lives.

once they become acquainted with each other, they let down their guard, have no scruples, and have no psychological and physical restraint and restraint, which will hurt each other's families.

Women's inner loneliness, sometimes, needs men to comfort, especially the men they love deeply.

Women who are lonely and lack of love in their hearts are actually very emotional. As long as they get a little love and care outside of marriage, they will pay it back very seriously.

mistakenly think that this joy and doting is true love, he is the one he missed, and even think that this illusory sense of security is real and can last for a long time.

that's not true, and that's why most lovers can't get together.

when you divorce for the sake of so-called true love and abandon your family and children, it must be the abandonment of your so-called true love.

Marriage requires a lifetime of mutual support, and lovers are just temporary excitement and freshness.

Marriage life, as long as 70 or 80 years, and as short as a few decades, cannot always be vigorous, and those who protect each other attentively can never be too bad.

at any time, the feelings between people will only fade, but will not disappear.

even if your relationship with your husband is no longer the same, at least you have sincerely loved each other.

Don't fade your feelings because of various reasons in life or work, and finally blame it on "he doesn't love me".

the loss of feelings is mostly caused by two people, and not only one person is innocent.

A woman who is dissatisfied with her desires always has a way to satisfy her desires, there are always countless excuses, and being a lover is only the most convenient way among her thousands of choices.

A lover, whether people look at you with tinted glasses or with prejudice, is not just because of you.

more importantly, the marital norms and moral requirements of this society draw a circle in people's minds, but you choose to run out and hide in the circle of other men.

people will eventually return to their families, and the special cases you emulate and worship will not generally happen to you.

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the end of love may not be marriage, but it must not start with a lover.

people love others, but they should love themselves more.