It is no accident that we meet in this life.
It is no accident that we meet in this life.
All the encounters in this life are by no means accidental.

all encounters in the world have a reason.

time goes by, winter meets spring;

the earth keeps spinning, and the night meets the day;

Life keeps growing, and people meet the world.

in this life, everything is an experience, no matter what you meet, it has the meaning of their appearance.

it is no accident that we meet in this life

there is a pole between heaven and earth that there is cause on one end and fruit on the other, and all encounters in the world are a kind of cause and effect.

those who bully you come because of your weakness, those who fail you because of your credulity, those who appreciate you because of your ability, and those who help you because of your character.

if you meet the right person, take one more walk together; if you are the wrong person, you will break up at the next intersection.

meet each other by fate and leave by fate.

one year old, one year old heart, half a lifetime, half the world.

time is a passer-by, owned and lost; life is a funnel, full and empty.

Today's good luck is our yesterday's effort; today's life is our yesterday's choice.

A person's maturity is not in appearance or age, but in knowing cause and effect, learning not to argue, and knowing to go with fate.

Don't back down when you encounter difficulties, because this is a necessary hurdle on the way to growth, and only when you get through it can you see the rainbow.

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Don't take it seriously when you are in trouble, because if you don't have a life where everything goes well, you can enjoy life by being bearish.

once read a sentence on the Internet:

"only later did I know that I could work hard on many things, but not when I met. We meet for a reason, either as a gift or as a lesson. "

it is true.

all the encounters in this life are by no means accidental.

if you are, you will meet

some people say that the social relations of adults are all tailor-made.

the world is an energy conservation field. People with similar souls are always attracted to each other.

during the period of Boya and Zhong Zi, the mountains and rivers became bosom friends.

Liu Yuxi, a writer, "there are great scholars in talking and laughing, but there is no Bai Ding in communication."

King Wen of Zhou and Jiang Taigong "take the bait" because they share the same ambition.

as the saying goes, "A good friend never gets tired of falling in love, and a bosom friend can speculate."

the same ideal pursuit, will let each other have endless topics to talk about, endless discussion of life.

as the old saying goes, "birds of a feather flock together."

people in the world have different life types and different circles.

the bird does not understand the joy of swimming in the water, and it is difficult for the fish to understand the bird's sense of soaring.

quiet people feel that extroverts are noisy.

selfish people think it foolish to be willing to help others.

the journey of life, each has its own preferences, each has its own field, people in different circles go their own ways, and different paths lead to different destinations.

there are all kinds of people in the world, and those who can get along with you for a long time must be people who can share the same frequency with you in some way.

because if the pace of the two people in the same line is always inconsistent, it will be difficult to walk out of the same length of road at the same time.

all the encounters in the world are a kind of attraction. You will meet what kind of person you are.

everything you meet is fate

Zhang ailing said:

"in thousands of years, in the boundless wilderness of time, neither earlier nor a bit too late, I happened to catch up, and there was nothing else to say but to ask softly, 'Hey, are you here, too?' "

Destiny is a wonderful thing. No matter you come by earlier or later, you won't miss the people and things we meet.

some people come into our lives to teach us to grow up, and some things happen to us to help us transform.

MiyazakiHayao said in Hal's Mobile Castle:

"No matter who meets, knows and defends each other in the vast sea of people, it will not be plain sailing."

there are thousands of people in the world, all of whom are different.

some people treat you well, others treat you badly.

those who like you bring you warmth; those who hurt you bring you experience.

those who treat you sincerely make you realize that the world is worth it; those who break your heart show you that people's intentions are evil.

in the world, the most rare thing is fate, and the most difficult thing is fate.

all encounters are reunited after a long separation, and all misses are doomed.

meet the right person at the right time; the right opportunity, the right thing.

some people say that people will pass by 29.28 million people in their lifetime, say hello to 39778 people, become familiar with 3619 people, and be close to 275 people.

but eventually, most people will disappear into the crowd.

so let bygones be bygones, don't struggle, those who miss, learn to let go.

everything you meet is fate.

predestined to meet, even if there is no result, but also life.

Let nature take its course, meet and be safe

Buddha said: "the fate comes and goes, and the deep margin cherishes it."

there are thousands of people in the world, some people make you meet late, some people make you angry, some people are lucky, some people are unlucky, some people laugh, some people cry.

nine times out of ten, life is not satisfactory, whether the days are still good, or the wind and clouds are surging, all in the change of state of mind.

MiyazakiJun said: "what you meet is providence, and what you have is luck."

Life is a continuous encounter, unpredictable and unchangeable.

but because of these encounters, the fireworks in the world are overflowing with warmth.

May we be calm, indifferent, let nature take its course and meet each other for the rest of our lives.