It is better to be silent than to talk too much
It is better to be silent than to talk too much
Learning to shut up is also a life practice.

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Lu Xun once said: "only silence is the highest contempt."

We always talk about how to speak, but forget that silence is also a power.

as the saying goes: the depth of the water does not speak, the man does not speak.

people who are really good are not those who have learned to be eloquent, but who have learned to keep their mouths shut.

Don't talk, don't talk

in the words of Confucius, it is said: "A gentleman speaks with his deeds, and a villain with his tongue."

means that people who are really good are used to solving problems with actions, while bluff people always argue about winning or losing in words.

in life, being able to speak may be a clever skill, but not speaking is a wise choice.

writer Li Shanglong once shared such a story:

once he went on a business trip by plane, but his flight was cancelled because of the weather.

after hearing the news, the passengers argued with the staff one after another, and Li Shanglong also followed the crowd, arguing and swearing at the airport for a while.

soon Li Shanglong realized that this argument would not solve the problem, so he stopped talking and quickly rescheduled the nearest flight.

and when those who persistently reasoned with the staff and talked about right and wrong flocked to the change office, the tickets for that day were already gone.

blushing to argue with others about right and wrong in words is the most worthwhile thing to lose, and those who try to persuade others only with their mouth can only come back in vain.

in many cases, it is better to be silent than to be sharp-tongued, and to change yourself rather than persuade others.

in a moment of rapidity, even if he can win, he will lose in the end.

people who live a thorough life never pay attention to their mouths.

there was a 25-year-old female doctor from Cambridge who broadcast her study live online, which attracted 2 million onlookers and became popular all over the Internet.

in fact, the female doctor never said a word on the live broadcast, but quietly focused on her study.

but there are still many netizens infected by her, will follow her live broadcast every day, study hard together.

it is never nice words that can really infect others and achieve themselves.

compared with those who are eloquent and eloquent, people who know how to speak with caution and silence are often more reliable and rarer.

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the truth of life is that it is better to say more than not to say anything.

must speak, tell the truth

Wang Xiaobo once said: "to think seriously and to distinguish right from wrong in good faith can probably be regarded as kind."

telling the truth is actually a kind of underestimated kindness.

sweet words often come casually, not necessarily from the heart, but the thoughtful truth is mostly with sincerity.

those who are really strong will not only prefer kind words, but are afraid of hearing the truth.

Yangcheng Evening News once published such a short story:

there is a young man who is obsessed with poetry creation and wants to be a poet. So when he attended the party of the poetry critic Mrs. Stein, he took out his proud work and asked Mrs. Stein to comment.

Young people look forward to being praised for their proud works.

but Mrs. Stein did not show mercy, saying bluntly that he had no talent for poetry and advised him to choose a career that was more suitable for him as soon as possible.

although the young man was hit, he went back and reflected that there was nothing wrong with Mrs. Stein's words.

after constant exploration, he decided to become a painter. This young man was later the world-famous Picasso.

Picasso, who became famous, recalled the story of Mrs. Stein and said: had it not been for Mrs. Stein, I might have been obsessed with the poet's dream and missed out on the art of painting.

although good words are good to hear, they are not necessarily good for each other. Very often, you don't have to try your best to say a lot of good words. A true word that is not against your will is the best response to each other.

We always think that everyone likes to hear praise and kind words, but forget that no one likes cheating and lies.

as the saying goes: good words are easy to say, but truth is rare.

words full of flattery and pandering are not as sincere as a thoughtful truth.

A lie is pleasing to the ear, but the truth is clear to the heart.

you don't have to say more, don't speak casually, it's good if you don't disobey your heart.

it's hard to tell the truth, tell jokes

Goethe once said: "there is some inconvenient element in everyone's nature, and if it is made public, it will certainly offend others."

Life is not easy. Everyone has his own secrets. Telling the truth is not about exposing his own scars to others and revealing other people's privacy.

if it is out of line to tell some truth, we can tell jokes appropriately.

some time ago, a Jia Ling responded to the topic that the audience had been urged to marry and went on a hot search.

it turns out that after Jia Ling's first film "Hello, Li Huanying" became popular, she took the film creators for a roadshow at the Chengdu cinema.

in the fan meeting, a Chengdu mother stood up and asked Jia Ling:

Let me gossip. You see, we are all about the same age. I have two children. How about you, Jia Ling?

Jia Ling did not show her face in the face of such an outspoken and embarrassing question.It was difficult, and there was no dissatisfaction, but replied with a laugh:

"then you have two children, so give me one!"

Jia Ling's playful answer not only instantly resolved the embarrassment, but also caused the whole audience to laugh, and netizens also liked Jia Ling's witty answer one after another.

the really comfortable way of speaking is not to focus on your own expression, let alone please others, but on the basis of heart-to-heart comparison, words do not make you uncomfortable, words do not embarrass others.

A measured joke is as valuable as a truth that does not go against one's heart.

very often, problems that can't be explained clearly can be solved by a simple joke.

this is because a decent joke often hides a person's sense of propriety and empathy.

can tell jokes, not to talk about other people's privacy, not to be mean to others as fun, but to be cautious, thoughtful, and communicate with others in a pleasant way.

just the right thing to say is advanced EQ.

Cai Kangyong once said, "you are what you say."

how a person speaks often reflects his conduct in dealing with the world.

although some people don't talk much and often like to be silent, they treat people sincerely and speak comfortably, and they often get along with such people without words.

in many cases, more words are not as good as fewer words, and less words are not as good as words.

to learn to shut up is also a life practice.

, may you have no right or wrong in your eyes, have a measured exit, and be a well-known yardstick.