"it doesn't matter if you don't get married all your life."
"it doesn't matter if you don't get married all your life."
We should not only have time to look back, but also have deep feelings to share our heads.

there was a hot topic on Weibo a while ago:

"I asked my mother, is it okay not to get married?"

"Mom said that if there were fireworks outside, the smell of food in the neighborhood would overflow.

A family travels hand in hand in the street, as long as you can refrain from crying. "

I thought everyone would feel the loneliness of being single and the desolation of his old age, so he longed for marriage.

but I never thought that the most liked answer in the comment area was as follows:

"that thousand yuan fireworks have no reason to poke into the center, want to buy, but some people say that you do not know how to save.

just got home from work, the shoes have not been changed, but someone told you to hurry up to cook, the child is hungry.

it's not easy for the weekend to read a novel quietly.

however, some people say that it is a fine weekend and they want to take the children out to play.

if this is the case with married life, can you stop crying? "

in fact, no matter how you choose the multiple choice question of life, there will be regrets.

what we can do is to choose the one we like best and want the most, so as to reduce our regrets.

so, just figure out whether to get married or not.

if you want to get married, may you meet someone and marry love soon.

someone on the Internet was urged to get married, and then left a message to Zheng Yuanjie under Grandpa Zheng Yuanjie's Douyin, saying:

Grandpa Zheng, I don't want to get married. "

Grandpa Zheng replied:

"it's your right."

Yes, whether we get married or not, this is our personal choice.

not an obligation that must be fulfilled in life.

Life is not an examination paper, and marriage is not the only answer.

if one day, you want to get married.

it is because you meet someone who calms you down, treats you, loves you, and is really worthy of your lifelong commitment.

not because of other people's urging, or because of age.

then hurriedly choose a person and get married casually in order to make do with the rest of his life.

making do with two people is far more terrible than the loneliness of one person.

not long ago, a girl asked her mother:

"if I really can't meet the person I like, will you, like other parents, arrange a blind date for me? do I have to get married?"

her mother's answer made countless netizens cry:

"if you are not now single and happy after you get married.

then there's no need to get married for anyone's eyes. We won't force you.

Life is your own, and it is most important that you be happy. "

as the saying goes, men are afraid of entering the wrong profession and women are afraid of marrying the wrong man.

my whole life is so long that instead of meeting the wrong person, I am in a panic in trivial disputes and quarrels.

it is better to be alone and beautiful alone.

inner abundance and freedom are more important than anything else.

the famous lyricist Lin Xi once said:

"A lot of people marry just to find someone to watch a movie with.

not someone who can share the experience of watching a movie together.

if it's just to find a partner, I don't want to get married.

I can go to the movies by myself. "

if we lower the standard of choosing a mate because we are lonely, it will be very difficult for us to attract people who are really suitable for us.

even Xiao S reminds unmarried women not to be brainwashed when they talk about marriage in the program.

or find someone to marry if you are forced to do so.

she said:

"Marriage is not a joke. I'd rather be lonely than find one randomly." It's okay to be lonely once in a while, but getting married is a terrible thing. "

I know that everyone will look forward to and look forward to marriage life more or less.

the family is full of children and grandchildren, and the whole family is happy. This is also the family life and perfection that people have pursued through the ages.

but marriage is not the ultimate goal of life.

apart from marriage, there are many choices and ways to live in life.

if two people really love each other, their feelings can stand the test, whether they get married or not will be just as happy.

but if you don't go to each other, even if you get married, marriage is just a piece of paper.

can not guarantee a lifetime, but will become the yoke of feelings.

so, don't worry, don't panic, don't worry, don't make do with it.

live slowly, wait slowly, fall in love slowly.

used to be in a place, scrolling a character like this all the year round:

"Marriage is not necessarily happy, being single is not necessarily unhappy."

We were born as one person, and we can't leave at the same time.

Love is a spiritual luxury, even without it. "

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A person's life will inevitably be lonely and desolate.

joys and sorrows are not shared, smiles and tears are not hugged.

but only through these loneliness and hardship, waiting for the right person to appear.

only then do you have the courage and courage to open your hands to him, hold him in your arms and welcome his arrival.

loneliness is actually the best value-added period for a person.

if you really adapt and get used to living alone.

even if you can't wait for that personYou can live with thousands of troops by yourself.

of course, then again, I hope everyone will be lucky enough to find a loved one and taste the sweetness of love and marriage.

, for the rest of my life, we should not only have time to look back, but also have deep feelings to share our heads.