​ is really important to be with good people.
​ is really important to be with good people.
May you be a better person for the rest of your life.

be with progressive people

when I first started learning yoga, I always liked to practice with people who were very motivated.

for example, many people are chatting and playing with their mobile phones in place before class, but they have already started warm-up exercises, and I follow them.

for example, they will try their best to try the movements that teachers ask to do in class, and I will try them slowly.

for example, after class, they will also consult the teacher, some specific action details, I stood aside and learned a lot.

most of the time, people influence each other.

if the people around you can be lazy and perfunctory, then you will become like this.

there is a saying:

"with hard-working people,

you are not lazy.

you won't be active with people who procrastinate.


maybe, when you are with motivated people, you will have some pressure, and even you have to challenge and surpass yourself constantly.

but you should always know that only when there is pressure, there is motivation. If you relax easily, it will be difficult to make progress and promotion.

with optimistic people

every time I talk to her, she always complains about not going well at work, family disharmony, even bad weather, and even all kinds of bad luck.

but after a long time, I found that her negative energy not only did not decrease at all, but also made me become full of negative energy before I knew it.

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in life:

A person who accidentally steps on a puddle and complains all day will not be very lucky.

A person who misses the last night bus and laughs that it is a rare experience is usually not too unlucky.

everything has two sides.

also lost five yuan, encountered a rainy day, accidentally fell, pessimists will tell you that they have bad luck again,

but optimists will tell you that this is a piece of cake, and even find out where you are lucky.

with optimistic people, your life will be illuminated by the sun every day, and they will bring you more positive energy.

but with pessimistic people, your life is covered with gloom every day, and they will only make you gradually lose your sense of happiness.

be with good people

sometimes, when you are with good people, even if there are great conflicts and contradictions, you will never be maliciously attacked or retaliated.

but with evil people, even if there is a little disagreement with each other, it will be infinitely magnified and make you restless.

there is such a story.

A man quarreled with his neighbor over a trifle.

one day, the man met a fairy. The fairy took him aside and said to him:

"you can say whatever you want, and I'll give it to you, but no matter what you wish for, your neighbor will get double."

after hearing this, the man couldn't help thinking to himself:

"if I want a house, my neighbor will get two. If I want 100 million, my neighbor will get 200 million." How can it go on like this? how can he be better off than me? "

so he finally made a wish to the immortal: "I want you to blind one of my eyes!"

between people, they are all mutual.

when you are with a well-intentioned person, at least your nature will not go bad, and you can slowly learn to understand and forgive.

but when you are with a person with a bad heart, it is easy to entangle each other, do not let go of each other, and eventually hurt each other.

in fact, it really matters what kind of person you spend time with.

because the people around you will always exert an imperceptible influence on you, and they will continue to change you for worse or better over time.

when you are with enterprising people, you will not be lazy and will strive for a better yourself.

when you are with optimistic people, you will rarely be pessimistic, and your attitude will get better and better.

when you are with good people, you will not become evil, but will only make your heart softer and more loving.

sometimes, what a person looks like can be seen from the people who are closest to him, the closest to him, and even the people who spend a lot of time with him.

there is a saying: "those who are close to red are red, those who are close to ink are black."

there must be some similarity between a group of people before they come together.

even if they are different, they will assimilate and influence each other because they have been together for a long time.

what kind of person you want to be, try to get close to such a person, and try to make yourself like this first.

you always have to believe:

Butterflies attract butterflies, but flies attract flies.

excellent people are always attracted to each other, and mediocre people are always attracted to each other.

May you be a better person for the rest of your life.