In your whole life, there will always be someone to cross you.
In your whole life, there will always be someone to cross you.
May you have wind, sail, sea, poetry, dream and distance to accompany you.


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Buddha said: "in this life, there are always people crossing you."

some people love you and put you first, while others hurt you and make you feel aggrieved.

all the thoughts are caused, and what you receive at the moment is the result.

"crossing" is to meet, to experience, to accompany, to miss, to be warm and strong.

joys and sorrows, love and hatred.

No matter who you meet, it's the right person in your life.

all have a reason, all have a mission, it is no accident, this person will teach you something.

someone will ferry you and teach you warmth and kindness

there is such a story.

an old monk dozed off in the temple. He seemed to be asleep, but he didn't seem to be asleep.

A pilgrim came in and wanted to talk to the old monk, but he saw the valuable antique vase in the temple.

immediately, seeing the money, he crept over and was about to leave with the vase in his arms.

just as the pilgrim was about to go out, the old monk suddenly said:

"donor, you can take the vase with you, but there are many steps on the road. Remember to watch your step and be careful not to fall."

the pilgrim was so surprised that he came to his senses at a loss, put the vase back in place and left shamefully.

A few years later, the pilgrim made a fortune in business and specially offered a generous gift to the temple to thank the old monk.

the old monk said, "I haven't done anything, so why be grateful?"

the pilgrim said, "if I had taken the vase, I would have become a thief and had a stain all my life."

will go the wrong way. It was you who reminded me in time to drive out the evil thoughts in my heart. "

the old monk said, "I was just afraid that if you walked in a hurry on the road, you would fall down and didn't help you."

pilgrims were greatly moved when they heard this. They not only helped the old monk repair the temple, but also donated a lot of food to the surrounding villagers, becoming a great benevolent person praised and respected by the local people.

there is a saying in Daojing:

"you are born to be a human being, you should cultivate yourself, you should cross people, and you are like water, living in evil and doing good, especially nothing."

the highest state of being a man is to cross others and yourself.

A person does not know how to be gentle to others until he has been treated gently.

in this world, there is no encounter for no reason, no cherish without fate.

you want to thank those in your life who are kind to you and help you;

Thank you for those who give you a hand when you are at a low ebb and guide you when you are confused.

it is these people who make up 1.1 drops of warmth in your life,

it is these warmth that keep you away from the haze and make you a kind, positive person.

someone will cross you and give you whipping and strength

the movie "living in Kyoto" tells the story of Kanai Jiangdong, the heroine living in Tokyo, who resigned and went on a healing trip to Kyoto, where her uncle lives for a few days.

one day, my uncle asked Canai to repair a broken old dish, and the shopkeeper told Canai about the golden repair process of the utensils.

Golden repair, a traditional way of repairing works of art by using gold to restore damaged objects.

in the face of imperfections, do not cover up, do not pretend, calmly accept, meticulous repair, is a kind of "golden and beautiful".

the original incomplete part will not damage the charm of the object itself, but the cracks repaired by gold repair will have a lot of artistic bonus.

Canai, who heard this explanation, was suddenly relieved.

she freed herself from the frustration of losing her job and decided to face the unknown life more positively.

from an unblemished artifact to a broken ground, and then reborn in Nirvana in the ruins, this is the life of an artifact.

Why not every ordinary person's life?

people always lust for good looks, and we hate those imperfections.

for example: failed exams, breakup lovers, disconnected friends, wasted time.

what's more, he was addicted to injury and never recovered.

do not realize that perfection can only be an ideal, not a kind of existence.

there is no perfect life in this world, let alone a calm life.

as Tagore said, "only through hell-like training can you have the power to create heaven."

there are some trials and unpleasantness in life, but they actually come to cross you.

they teach you to face unhappiness and accept imperfections;

they whip you to hold on to malice and smile, heal the pain and start again.

fragments can be repaired with gold powder, and beautiful roses can bloom in the dust.

whether it is a gift or disaster, the haze dissipates and turns the incomplete into amazing, which is the best kind treatment for a person.

the first thing to do is to cross one's own heart.

I have seen such a passage:

the person who bothers you is here to help you; the person who makes you miserable is here to ferry you.

the people you resent are the dignitaries of your life, and the people you hate help you grow.

they are all different sides of yourself, another side of yourself.

ferry people first cross their own, cross their hearts first, if the sky does not cross, people need to cross on their own.

there is a story about a young man carrying aHeavy package, trek across mountains and rivers to find the boundless master.

the moment he saw the master, he cried bitterly: "Master, I am so miserable." My foot is worn out and my hand is hurt.

the journey made me so tired that I was not happy at all. "

Master Infinity pointed to his backpack and asked, "what is that?"

the young man replied, "this is my pain, crying and trouble all the way."

Master Infinity took the young man to cross the river by boat. When he got ashore, he asked him to carry the boat and go on his way.

the young man was surprised and said, "it's too heavy. What am I doing with it?"

the master smiled and said, "Yes, we need to cross the river by boat.

but when you cross the river, you need to put it down and go on your way, otherwise it will only become more and more painful.


loneliness, disasters and tears in life will make life more and more wonderful, but if you don't let go, it's a burden.

what we are taught in life is not time, but experience.

Baiwei tastes all over, naturally look down, look down on the state of the world, look down on the world.

Wise men gain experience and cultivate themselves; fools struggle and consume themselves.

learn to let go of pessimism, learn to dispel suffering, and only then can you cross others, yourself, and your heart.

the sea of life, all the way forward, complex and changeable, the end is unknown.

for better or worse, the people and things you encounter are here to ferry you, and the help of a good wind or a storm is temporary.

No one will spend your life, and in the end, you can only be the one at the helm.

only if you hold on to yourself and hold the oars, will the boat come ashore.

, may you come ashore with wind, sail, sea, poetry, dream and distance.

good night, sweet dreams.