In the last jump of the Tokyo Olympic Games, the whole world cried: goodbye, Qiu Ma.
In the last jump of the Tokyo Olympic Games, the whole world cried: goodbye, Qiu Ma.
The flowing gymnastics superstar, the iron Chusoweigina.

on the evening of July 25, 46-year-old Chusowejina, a veteran of the eighth Olympic Games, once again stood on the gymnastics field of the Olympic Games.

run-up, take-off, turn, landing.

14.166, ranked 14th in gymnastics vault and missed the final.

"this is the last jump of my gymnastics career. "

turned around, Chusovigina left the field and burst into tears in the coach's arms.

behind her, the whole world is applauding and cheering.

she is a legendary athlete, a great mother and an immortal soldier.

No wonder the whole network is brushing: Qiu Ma, don't cry, the moment you stood on the field, you already won.

before the age of 27,

she fights for her country

if genius had a name, Oksana Chusovigina would be one of them.

at the age of 6, Chusoweigina was led into the gymnastics class by her brother, where she spent her childhood.

while other girls are naively playing with dolls, she secretly hides her tears in sweat and spins and jumps on the uneven bars and balance beam day after day.

Xingguang lived up to the passers-by, and soon Chusoweigina waited for the opportunity to show her outstanding gymnastics talent.

by the age of 16, she could represent the former Soviet Union in the 1991 US World Championships and won the women's team and floor exercise world championships.

"when I stood on the podium of the World Championships and listened to the national anthem, I realized at that moment that this was what I wanted to do. "

Olympic champion Zhang Jike once said that there are many professions that make money, but only athletes can raise the national flag and sing the national anthem.

watching the national flag flying over the stadium, Chusovinna decided to fight for her country from now on.

A year later, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Uzbekistan, her birthplace, declared its independence.

from that day on, she supported the gymnastics facade of Uzbekistan on her own.

1996, Atlanta Olympic Games, 10th all-around individual

2001, Ghent World Gymnastics Championships, silver medal in vault

2002, Busan Asian Games, vault, floor exercise gold medal, individual all-around, balance beam silver medal

2003, Anaheim World Gymnastics Championships, vault gold medal

2005, Melbourne World Gymnastics Championships, silver medal in vault


from 1993 to 2006, Chusovigina won 70 medals for Uzbekistan.

this requires not only absolute talent, but also enough effort.

you should know that Uzbekistan's national strength is limited and its training environment is backward.

you can imagine the hardships and efforts that need to be paid behind in order to soar into the sky under such a background.

but as long as the country needs it, Chusovigina is duty-bound.

in the gymnastics arena in those years, people can always see a stubborn girl with resolute eyes and eyebrows.

she is as light as a swallow, like a silver bullet, whoosh across the line of sight and freeze perfectly after landing.

Chusoweigina left three gymnastic movements in the International Gymnastics Federation under her own name, and asked the motherland to issue stamps for her.

if the story ends here, it will be the life of an excellent athlete: the chosen daughter who shines brilliantly all the way in the sports world, full of glory and a glorious curtain call.

it is a pity that fate is not satisfied with Chusoweigina's excellence, which makes her a legend.

at the 2002 Busan Asian Games, she received a call from death.

before the age of 37,

she fights for her son

"Alisher coughed up blood and couldn't stop like a fountain." "

the call was from her mother. Alisher, who was coughing up blood in her mouth, was Chusovinna's son who had just turned three years old.

Chusovigina, who is always cold and determined on the field, panicked for the first time.

she was heartbroken and burst into tears, constantly praying that her son would be safe.

Unfortunately, little Alisher was eventually diagnosed with leukemia.


is equivalent to a foot in the devil's door, and you are worried about your life at any time.

Chusoweigina was heartbroken, and before she could stop crying, she began to sell her family property to her son for medical treatment.

she and her husband sold their house and parents' house cheaply, but these are a drop in the bucket compared with the high medical expenses.

chemotherapy is like a gold grotto, leaving her desperate.

what is even more helpless is that backward Uzbekistan does not have a qualified treatment environment at all.

the infusion bottle can only be hung on the head of the mop, cockroaches crawl in droves on the blood transfusion table, and the needle of the syringe will be boiled and used repeatedly.

in desperation, Chusovigina wrote to UzbekistanStan's gymnastics association, and the government called for help.

she prayed to the gymnastics association of her country to give herself all the money she had won two gold medals and one silver medal at the Asian Games.

such a request, which seems perfectly normal to anyone, was rejected by the Gymnastics Association.

that's right.

A warrior who fought for his country for more than ten years was mercilessly abandoned by the country when his son was about to die of illness.

in times of despair, the German gymnastics club extended a helping hand to Chusovigina.

they sent Alisher to Germany for professional treatment and even paid an one-time medical fee of 120000 euros.

"120000 euros, I know I can't finish the game even if I die.

but I will do whatever I can to save my son. "

in this way, in order to "return the favor", Chusovigina decided to join the German national team and play for it.

as soon as this decision was made, it immediately drew abuse from the Uzbek people--

"you traitor! "

"unexpectedly betray the country for money! "

even the coach who has worked with her for 20 years turned against her for this.

but Chusovigina doesn't care so much.

in front of her son's life, country, ideal, glory, these beautiful things are extravagant hopes for her.

"I can't sit under a mop and watch my son die. "

burdened with reproach, she wiped away her tears, turned resolutely and walked into the field.

at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Chusowejina successfully won a silver medal in the vault.

the heroic mother won the first Olympic medal for German gymnastics in 62 years.

also because of this game, Chusoweigina's story of "competing for her son" is widely known.

many Chinese spectators applauded and moved this great athlete and affectionately called her Qiu Ma.

when her son wanted to exchange money for his life, Chusovigina traded his life for money.

if you earn one more medal, you can win more money and pull your son back one more point from death.

so, in addition to her good vault, she also worked hard on the balance beam, uneven bars, floor exercises and other events.

in order to win the game, she also followed the death moves that other young players dared not try.

you must be able to see Qiu Ma in world-class events, large and small.

with a wound on his body and a smile on his face, he fell and got up for the first time, never shouting pain or tiredness.

Chusoweigina, always like an arrow ready to go, is always ready to leave the string.

it is very difficult to snatch a son from death.

but in any case, she could not let her son see a tearful mother.

fate is capricious, life is cruel, but only maternal love is eternal.

"my son is my whole life, and I will stick to it as long as he is still sick. "

No one can defeat a hard-core mother who fights for her son.

and with such a warrior mother who never gives up, how can her son give up easily?

Alisher, who has been terminally ill for 10 years, miraculously overcame the disease.

death threw in the towel in front of the mother and son.

this time,

she fights for herself

competitive sports are cruel, and gymnastics is particularly cruel.

at the age of 18 or 19, his career has come to an end.

it was not easy for her son to be cured, and people thought that forty-year-old Chusovigina could finally retire with honor.

as a result, when I looked up, the female soldier, still dressed in a robe, reappeared at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

she said, "this time, I'm fighting for myself. "

Gymnastics, once let this unknown little girl soar into the sky, into a world champion.

Gymnastics also allowed this desperate mother to snatch her son's life from death.

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before you know it, gymnastics has long been integrated into this woman's soul:

when I was young, I trained, competed, and only wanted to pursue results;

when my son is sick, I can only rely on competition to make money to cure my son.

but now, I can finally enjoy the game and play for myself.

Chusoweigina wants to use her persistence to change the upper limit of the professional life span of female gymnasts.

in the twinkling of an eye, the opponent around her has already been replaced by a girl who is more than 20 years younger than her.

but when facing the camera, Chusovigina is as confident and domineering as she was then.

"I don't have any pressure. Those young players need to worry because I have a lot of experience." "

to her, age is just a vague number.

the clearest number in her mind is the number on her sportswear.

at the 2016 Rio Olympics, the 41-year-oldChusovigina jumped and made the famous "death jump" in the vaulting horse competition.

this "death Jump", those contestants who are younger and physically stronger than her, no one dares to challenge.

Cecena, a famous American, even complained, "I don't want to die in this." "

Unfortunately, after standing up for a blog, Chusovinna still failed.

but her Olympic spirit, which strives forever, has deeply shocked audiences all over the world.

Byers, the winner of the Black Pearl, said with great admiration, "she is so great that if I were her, I would never hold on until now." "

Yes, he is still active in gymnastics in his 40s.

successively sent away Khorkina, Lu Li, Liu Xuan, Liujin, Cheng Fei, Simon Byers. These gymnastic queens.

the flowing gymnastics superstar, the iron Chusoweigina.

the imperfect curtain call of the Tokyo Olympic Games made many people regret for her.

but Chusovigina said, "I am very lucky to be here, finish the race and not get hurt." "

although fate was particularly mean to her, she was calm after she had washed away all her lead.

"is this really it? The reporter couldn't help asking her.

Chusoweigina laughed. "it's really gone." "

after retiring, she will continue her dream of staying on the gymnastics field as a coach.

I believe that in the future, we will see the gymnasts trained by her continue to shine in the gymnastics world.

the Tokyo Olympic Games are not over.

for Chusovigina, a female warrior, everything is just beginning.