In old age, people should hold on to these three things in their hands. If they lose one thing, most of them will be miserable in the evening.
In old age, people should hold on to these three things in their hands. If they lose one thing, most of them will be miserable in the evening.
Don't forget to give yourself some time and live more for yourself.

in life, who doesn't want everything to go smoothly and spend his twilight years in peace?

but life is full of unknowns and waves. If you want to be comfortable and happy in your old age, you must learn to plan ahead and plan early.

the years have suddenly come to an end, and only by clinging to these three things can we avoid the misery of life in our old age!

need a place to rest

in the TV series "settling down", there is a segment that makes people sad and sad.

Uncle Yan and his wife came to Shanghai more than a decade ago. They made a living by selling steamed buns. They were reluctant to eat and wear, and worked hard to save more than NT $3 million.

they hope to give their son a foothold in Shanghai, but they are afraid of putting him under too much pressure, so they plan to buy an apartment for his son with all the money.

after signing the contract, Uncle Yan and his wife dreamed of living in a new house with their son in the future.

I thought I had worked hard for most of my life, but I was finally able to settle down and enjoy my old age.

what is more heart-wrenching is that they were urged to go by their son without even stepping into the door, so they had no choice but to carry their luggage and leave alone.

the old couple, who almost lived on the street, had to live in a small breakfast shop, so angry that they could not stop wiping tears: "A lifetime of money has bought a house, but there is no room for it."

there are many examples like Uncle Yan and his wife in real life.

parents devote their whole lives to their children, fearing that they don't give enough or good enough, but they never think about themselves.

worked hard all his life, and finally failed to keep a place to live.

in the final analysis, the house is the foundation for us to settle down in our old age.

have your own safe residence, so that when you are rejected by your children, you can have a place to live, so that you will not live in a fixed place.

have their own stable residence, after retirement, the fallen leaves return to their roots, feel the quiet life, and enjoy their old age.

all over the world, human feelings are warm and cold, careers are high and low, everything is variable, and life is always a mixed blessing.

therefore, don't easily pin your hopes on anyone or anything.

otherwise, if expectations fail, the huge gap will only make people chill.

the rest of my life is short, so remember to leave yourself a place to settle down at any time, so that you can go through spring, summer, autumn and winter calmly.

have a healthy body

there is a question on Zhihu: what is the most terrible thing to lack in the second half of life?

among them, the answer to the highest praise is only two words: health.

I think so.

with health, you have the opportunity to have other wealth; without health, no matter how much you have, it is just a thing of the past.

but with such a simple truth, how many people wait for their bodies to be spoiled before it is too late to repent.

do you still remember Yan Hongwei, a 33-year-old female doctor in World 2?

had a happy life before being diagnosed with breast cancer.

by virtue of her intelligence, she successfully graduated from her doctorate and became a teacher.

ended a long-distance love run with her husband and decided to live in Shanghai, and the two also had a lovely daughter.

in order to make life more comfortable, Yan Hongwei works very hard, overtime has become a common occurrence, and staying up late has become an indispensable part of life.

thought he had finally come out of his head and was ready for a better life.

but did not think that fate played a big joke on them.

due to long-term overwork and insufficient rest, she became ill from overwork, her health went from bad to worse, and she finally got breast cancer.

the original happy life was broken instantly, and the whole family was plunged into infinite sadness.

and she can only put everything down and lie in the hospital for all kinds of examinations and treatment.

but in the end, she didn't care for her, so she left.

Life has no ifs, only consequences and consequences.

looking back on the first half of my life, how many people feel that life lies in busy struggle because of their youth?

so, he squandered his body, worked overtime and stayed up late. It's as if the body's energy is constant.

when you reach a certain age, you spoil your body, and your health is gone, you suddenly realize:

Health cannot be overdrawn and life cannot be wasted.

as the philosopher Schopenhauer said:

"the biggest mistake that human beings can make is to trade health for other things outside the body."

when you are alive, you can earn money again without money, as long as the house is small and comfortable. But when health is gone, everything is gone.

so don't bet on your health. There's nothing worth fighting for.

it's expensive for the rest of my life. Please be nice to yourself.

give up the bad habit of overdrawing your body. Eat well, sleep well and exercise well.

be open-minded

Art Master Huang Yongyu is known as the "realistic version of the old urchin".

however, he spent the first half of his life in the wind and rain.

when Huang Yongyu was 12 years old, due to the decline of his family, he was forced to leave his hometown and began to wander.

go around a lot, have done all kinds of coolies, just to survivego.

Huang Yongyu, who should have been wasted to bow to fate, lived happily with the cruelty of the years.

once, Bai Yansong came to visit Huang Yongyu. He was smoking a pipe and wearing a beret, and was ordering the red sports car in the courtyard.

Bai Yansong was surprised and said, "Grandpa, are you still playing this when you are old?"

Huang Yongyu glanced white. "I'm not an old man!"

when it comes to life and death, he has long been pessimistic and discussed with his wife: don't leave the ashes after death, pour them into the toilet to flush and go.

Huang Yongyu even had a whim that he wanted to hold a memorial service for himself before he died, for a simple reason: "I want to hear what people say about me while I'm not dead."

Today, the Don is already old after "95", but he still loves life with an optimistic and open-minded attitude.

No wonder even Bai Yansong said bluntly: when you are old, you will be Huang Yongyu.

when people are alive, unpleasant things often happen.

whether life is comfortable or not, it all depends on the state of mind.

A person with an optimistic state of mind has a bright fundus and beautiful scenery everywhere.

and pessimistic and sensitive people will be trapped in trivial quagmire, unable to extricate themselves.

as the saying goes: things change with the heart, circumstances are created by the mind, and troubles are created by the heart.

Life, there are always many ditches to cross; years, there are always many regrets to let go.

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in times of adversity or misfortune, decadence and depression are useless and a waste of time and energy.

if you figure it out, you will find that the day is not as bad as you thought.

even after a storm, there will always be a fine day after the rain.

so, in the second half of life, don't frown, let alone complain.

try, smile calmly and shake hands with life.

always keep an optimistic and open-minded attitude, embrace life more, and regain your enthusiasm.

in this way, we will be able to withstand the hardships of the years and feel the clearness of the world.

Life is not only about the present, but also about the unknown future. if you want to live more and more happily, you must take the road of the present.

years are easy to grow old and fleeting.

in the journey ahead, don't forget to give yourself some time and live more for yourself.

but we should also learn to plan ahead and hold on to these three things in order to avoid a miserable ending.

I believe that after experiencing the various aspects of life, you will eventually live a happy and happy life and everything will go smoothly.

from now on, may everyone stride forward, see all the vicissitudes of the world and enjoy peace and freedom through the twilight dust frost.

encourage each other!