In addition to having sex, men really love you when they do these three things.
In addition to having sex, men really love you when they do these three things.
Loving you will be proved in the rest of my life.

Lin Xi


sometimes when you think about it, many people think too much about the feelings of adults.

in fact, apart from some extreme people, most real and sincere relationships are nothing more than attraction, attraction, care, doting, and companionship.

of course, unlike the pure love of youth, adults are bound to have further emotional considerations when they are in a strong relationship.

I have never objected to the importance of sex in relationships. In fact, most long-lasting and stable relationships are inseparable from the progression of this relationship.

however, if only because of this factor, love is definitely far from enough.

in a really good love, having a relationship is only one of the ways to heat up the relationship, not all.

in my opinion, in addition to having sex, a man really loves you if he is willing to do these three things for you.

take the initiative to disclose your relationship frankly

I have always felt that the most precious thing about love is its uniqueness and certainty.

now that we have chosen to be together, we should be openly responsible for the relationship and be honest with each other.

some people clearly have a partner, but like to leave a so-called back road for themselves, while talking about love, while implying that they are single, chatting with the opposite sex, and being addicted to ambiguity.

some boys may think it doesn't matter whether they are open or not, but in fact, even if girls don't talk, there will be bad feelings and pressure in their hearts.

if you really like someone, please give her basic respect and honesty and let her know her place in your heart.

in this way, she is not even qualified to be jealous when she meets the so-called "romantic rival".

subconsciously leave all tenderness to you

some people say that what is done subconsciously is the least deceptive.

especially when you fall in love with someone, what you think in your subconscious mind will be expressed through behavior.

once, when a friend shared her love story, she said, I never asked him if he loved me, not because he was not curious, but because he was sure enough.

he will call my name vaguely in his sleep and hold me tight subconsciously;

my ears were uncomfortable and I was afraid of a loud shock. I told him once that he subconsciously covered my ears even if there were children playing with toys on the way.

he cared more about me than himself, but he didn't even realize how much his subconscious love poked me.

there is a saying that "tenderness is only for the one you love". I also want to be kind to him and give him my tenderness all my life.

willing to try and change for you

it is said that habit is natural, but love can make people can't help but give in and change.

Reader Liya is a designer. Her boyfriend was a slovenly IT man before he met her. In Liya's words, "no fool will take a fancy to him."

Liya teased himself by saying that I was too one-sided and that I was the fool.

because the boy not only learned to dress for her and dressed himself up, but also attended a design class and began to study household design.

Are you baffled in your search for the long lasting, unique traditional wedding dresses? There is no collection like ours.

Liya said, in fact, you don't have to do this, but the boy says that he has been lazy because he has not met the person he likes. Now that you are here, I hope to greet him with a new look.

it's not that I don't have my own principles, but if my change is closer to what you like in a good direction, I'm willing to try.

perhaps, the best tenderness is that I love you and the person you expect me to be, so I am willing to try to get better and grow old with you.

therefore, there is no objection to the importance of desire in love, but the coat of poetry is equally important.

Love is the subject of a lifetime, and it takes time and tenderness to understand. And you are the love of your life and all the motivation and expectations for the rest of your life.

loving you will be proved in the rest of my life.