In addition to having sex, if a man tells you these three privacy, it proves that you are very important to him!
In addition to having sex, if a man tells you these three privacy, it proves that you are very important to him!
The right feelings, must be kind to!

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in this world, people all have their weaknesses, and no matter how strong a man is, there are times when he is fragile.

in a relationship, if a man has anything in his heart, he is willing to talk to a woman, and those who are happy and sad are willing to share it with a woman, which can only show that this woman is irreplaceable in his heart!

A man seldom shows his fragility. Once he has no reservations about you, it can only show that he really has you in his heart.

especially the following three privacy, the man has no scruples to tell you that you must keep his secret.

Real family situation

some men, especially those with a mediocre background, mostly whitewash or shut up when they mention their families.

but there are some men who are willing to tell you everything about the original appearance of his family, including the ups and downs he has experienced.

he will not hide it from you because of his face, nor will he be embarrassed to speak up because of his poor family conditions.

such a man is sincere to you and sincere to you, and he is willing to do his best to give you happiness!

if you meet a man who is willing to confess his family to you and who is willing to confess his vulnerability to you, you must know how to cherish it.

amount of deposits in your pocket

some men, who really care about a woman, don't mind telling her how much money they have.

some people say: man, where is the money, where is the heart.

money is very important to each and every one of us. A man is willing to give money to a woman for safekeeping because he trusts her and is willing to walk with her for a lifetime.

at this time, do not squander a man's hard-earned money, it is not easy to make money, give you trust, do not be ashamed of this trust.

when men and women start dating until they get married, they are bound to face a lot of problems.

only by being diligent and frugal can we gain a harmonious and stable relationship, and only by avoiding waste can men appreciate it from the bottom of their hearts.

my past experience

like a person, will make a wooden person become talkative, will make an untalkative person become talkative.

when two people are usually together, they seem to have endless topics to talk about, and sometimes he will tell you everything about a man's past.

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in fact, isn't this a sincere attitude?

the subconscious wants you to know that it is a pity for him that you have not been involved in all his past experiences.

he wants you to know about his past, understand who he is, and experience his future together.

A man who mentions the past to you, don't always get bored or reject him, care about a person, and will be willing to share what he has with her.

cherish the person who takes the initiative to chat with you. It is not easy for a man to open his mouth. If he does not regard you as important, he will not show himself so much.

true feelings encounter is lucky, miss is a lifetime, the right feelings, must be kind to!