In addition to cuddling, the one who is willing to let you touch these three places is true love.
In addition to cuddling, the one who is willing to let you touch these three places is true love.
May the person around you have only you with all his heart.

above the point

like to read before going to bed



how many blacklists have said good night to each other?

many people struggle in the sea of feelings, just because of each other's distant love, a little bit of love.

consume each other, but are not sure whether he has given himself true feelings, whether it is worth his moths to fight the fire.

in fact, except for some affectionate actions, he really loves you only if he is willing to let you touch these three places.

Mobile phone

it's not that easy to fall in love because everyone has his cell phone.

some people even say pessimistically that no woman can smile from her partner's mobile phone.

the cause of Luo Zhixiang's affair, which was full of ups and downs, was that Zhou Yangqing occasionally flipped through his mobile phone.

when two people are in love, Luo Zhixiang said affectionately:

"when two people are together, the most important thing is trust, so don't look at each other's cell phones."

this fraud has been going on for many years. Accidentally open the phone, see countless ambiguous news at that moment, Zhou Yangqing understand that all this is a cover.

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in fact, there are not so many "secrets" between partners.

people who really love you will carefully take care of the trust between two people, not hiding, generous.

I love you deeply and openly.


some people say that the moment a man turns in his salary card is the best way to express his love.

in the variety show "Dad is back", du Jiang's doting behavior on Huo Siyan made many female audiences envy and lamented that this was the perfect marriage model.

Huo Siyan even said when attending Happy Camp:

"du Jiang never says' you spend my money'in front of me, because he knows that the words'my money 'are wrong!"

indeed, where a man's heart is, his money is.

in the TV series "Let's get married", there is an impressive scene that warms people's hearts.

"this is me, all I have, all I have, belongs to you." Let's get married



all mine is yours, and you are mine.

because of love, because of trust, I will leave everything to you to arrange.

in the past

once saw a set of data on the Internet, saying that the probability of breaking up and getting back together is 82%.

so many people will say that "ex" is an extremely lethal creature, especially "first love".

once he comes back, there is bound to be a "bloody rain" of seizing love.

many men miss her at the best age, and they can't forget her for a long time.

even if you start a new relationship, you will keep the former warmth in your heart silently.

so, if your partner is willing to confess his past to you, he is to tell you frankly: the past is in the past, and you are my only present.

Grandpa Beihai, an Internet celebrity, once said:

"the encounter between people has long been written in secret, and I look around and see each other again, just for better separation."

after all, only when we bid farewell to the past cleanly can we happily welcome the future.

May the person around you only have you with all his heart. In this life, there are no more secrets from you.

through the connection between two people, you can see whether that person is the one or not.

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