In a stormy life, hold your own umbrella.
In a stormy life, hold your own umbrella.
Unable to control the wind and rain, to control the fate.

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Life is like a reverse journey, often through wind and rain.

if you are timid, no one will be brave for you; if you are weak, no one will be strong for you.

it's a long journey. You always have to go alone, and no one can stay with you forever.

joys and sorrows, pour their own drinks, joys and sorrows, cold and warm self-knowledge.

since I chose to be far away, I held up an umbrella for myself, only paying attention to both wind and rain.

the ancients said: the sky is healthy, and the gentleman strives for continuous self-improvement.

there are always ups and downs in life. Asking for help is a kind of dependence. You can rely on it for a while, but you can't rely on it forever.

if you back up, the mountain will fall; if you rely on people, you will run. The most reliable, only self-improvement.

the householder took shelter from the rain under the eaves, and the Zen master passed by with an umbrella.

the householder said, "Please cross me for a while."

the Zen master said: "I am in the rain, you are under the eaves, you do not need me to cross."

the householder walked out of the eaves and said, "now please cross me for a while."

the Zen master said, "I don't get caught in the rain because I have an umbrella. You get caught in the rain because I don't have an umbrella." The umbrella can ferry you. Don't look for me, please find the umbrella. "

as the saying goes: the Bodhisattva remembers the Bodhisattva with closed palms, it is better to ask for help than to ask for yourself.

invest in Jinshan and Yinshan, it is better to invest in yourself, if you have more skills, you will ask for help less; if you sharpen more, you will have less disaster.

Children without umbrellas must run hard.

when you want to ask for help, you might as well ask yourself if you have tried your best.

learn to hold your own umbrella in order to compete with fate, do not ask for help, and be the most confident talent.

hold your own umbrella and go your own way.

as the old saying goes: there are unexpected events in the sky, misfortunes and good fortune in the day and night.

things change, and you never know which comes first, tomorrow or accident.

unknown risks can come anytime, anywhere.

what we can do now is to make adequate preparations before the risk comes.

only when you have food in your hand can you not panic. All the years are quiet and good, all from the secret preparation in advance.

Don't wait for a storm to build a wall; don't wait for the sea to cross the sea, to build a dike.

there is an old saying: be vigilant, be prepared for thinking, and be prepared for danger.

get an umbrella ready on a sunny day so that you can face it calmly when it rains; if you hoard some materials at ordinary times, you can solve your urgent needs in times of crisis.

an adult must have emergency reserves to give himself and his family more protection and safety.

in the forest without wolves, the deer will lose the ability to run, but one day, when the wolves return, the deer will not have any ability to escape.

in nature, either evolve or become extinct. Being content with the status quo brings nothing but destruction.

there is a long way to go. Only by making plans in advance can you walk more smoothly.

people will always experience hardship in this life, so we should prepare in advance and dare to face it.

go your own way, no one can replace it.

when the storm is over and the wind and waves calm down, you will see a better self.

if you are unable to control the wind and rain, you will control your destiny.

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Life of wind and rain, hold your own umbrella.