In a good mood, start by letting yourself go.
In a good mood, start by letting yourself go.
One must never let his mood get sick.

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people live a lifetime, life is comfortable or not, in fact, it all depends on their own state of mind.

once your heart is soft, everything will be all right;

when the mind is clear, the situation will be better.

if your heart is happy, your life will be happy.

if you can settle down, you can be complete and at ease in this numerous world of mortals.

therefore, people must not let their mood get sick.

less, more contented

in life, there are more than half of the troubles, all because of discontent.

complaining about their work status is becoming more and more unhappy when they learn about other people's promotions and raises.

seeing a gift from someone else's boyfriend, he turned his head and disliked his husband's stinginess, feeling depressed.

envy others' lucky opportunities, immediately bemoan their own fate, depressed in the heart …...

unconsciously, he fell into what the philosopher Russell called "not looking for happiness in one's own possessions, but seeking pain in the possessions of others".

do not know: people are not satisfied, often encounter disasters and sorrows.

the more you compare, the more likely you are to be dissatisfied; the more greedy you are, the more likely you are to have regrets.

like Zhou Yu in the Romance of the three Kingdoms, he was originally a very talented general, but he had no choice but to be narrow-minded and always like to compete with each other.

although he had become the governor of the State of Wu, he still competed vigorously with Zhuge Liang for victory and defeat, and was finally angry to death on the battlefield. He was only 36 years old and regretted all his life.

an insatiable life is a disaster!

once people are held hostage by their own desires and greed, it is difficult to get free.

Life can be more enjoyable only if you calm down, look down on everything, don't worry about what you can't get, and don't worry about what you've lost.

less, contentment can be more; contentment, happiness can always accompany.

as Li Yinhe once said, "enjoy what you have and don't envy what you don't have. Only in this way can you keep a happy mood."

therefore, the only thing we have to do is to do our best and listen to our destiny.

when you can put aside your obsession and change your discontented state of mind, you will find that happiness can be very simple!

think about happiness, not pain.

I have heard such a passage:

"putting a piece of sugar in clear water will not be too sweet, but a spoonful of vinegar will be very sour; you will not be too happy to find money, but you will be annoyed when you lose it; you can't be happy for a happy event for a whole year, but you can be depressed for life because of a trauma."

in life, there are always some people who can't let go, and there are always some things that they can't let go.

as a result, there is resentment, love parting, can not ask …...

but in fact, many things, a lot of things are arranged in the dark.

it's like a handful of sand. The tighter you hold it, the more tired you will feel.

if you think too much, you are most likely to tire yourself and hurt others.

like neighbor Sister Zhang, she is too sensitive and is always depressed because of trifles.

even if there is a quarrel next door, she will struggle for a long time, is it because of herself?

after a long time, the mood can not be relieved, and even the body will suffer.

go to the hospital for an examination. After the doctor understands the situation, he advises her to think about everything. If she doesn't let go of herself, her illness will get worse sooner or later.

since then, Sister Zhang began to slowly adjust her state of mind, no longer let the past hinder her own pace, nor let others control her mood.

she herself said, "Life is only 30,000 days. I always like to struggle with things that should not have been relieved before, and that's why I got sick. It's really not worth it!"

Life is a passer-by, so there is no need for thousands of knots.

Let bygones be bygones, let bygones be bygones and welcome its arrival.

only when you have a big heart, things will be small; only when you have an open mind, will life go smoothly.

I remember a saying that goes like this: "Life has advance and retreat, and you can't lose anything."

I think so.

there are thousands of floating worlds, and it is better to let go of it than to struggle with it.

No worries, no grievances, no entanglements, no dealings, just fine.

when you are in a good mood, everything goes well

all one's life is the mood.

although it is not the whole of life, it can control the whole of life.

A good mood can build a happy life, while a bad mood can destroy a happy life.

therefore, it is most important to keep a good mood at all times.

No matter how hard life is, no matter how difficult or unsuccessful life is, don't let your mood suffer.

there is such a story:

A man was depressed all day, so he ran to the Zen master and asked, "Master, how can I set my heart free?"

the Zen master did not speak, but left him here to learn for himself.

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three days later, the Zen master asked him, "what have you learned?" The man shook his head blankly.

then the Zen master hit him hard on the palm with the ruler.

the next day, the Zen master came and asked him, "what have you learned this time?" The man still shook his head.

so the Zen master slapped him on the palm again.

when the Zen master drew out the ruler again on the third day, the man withdrew his hand.

the Zen master said, "you have finally realized that pain can be refused."

indeed, everything in the world that can hurt you is allowed by yourself.

if you can tell yourself all the time, keep an open mind and look down on others, there will be no pain and entanglement.

therefore, for the rest of your life, don't be full of hostility and don't frown. When you learn to smile at life, life will get better day by day.

, may you and I see the world with a clear heart, live with joy and love with an ordinary heart in the coming days.


, never let the mood get sick (classic).

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