In a complex world, be a simple self
In a complex world, be a simple self
May you be able to walk leisurely and leisurely despite the troubles of the world.


the word "simple" shows wisdom and tranquility.

is the purity of clear water to cleanse the heart and the tranquillity of the heart.

in the hustle and bustle of the world, it is better to be a simple self in a complex world.

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Life is simple

Zhou Guoping said:

"all the extraordinary things in the world must return to the ordinary in the end, and their value should be measured by ordinary life. Greatness, splendor and success are nothing. Only by living a really good ordinary life can life be complete."

No one's life is magnificent every day. We are all ordinary people, and it is extraordinary to live a good ordinary day.

Chen Daoming is a lotus flower in the entertainment industry that comes out of the mud without being stained.

because I want to film "Fortress besieged" and meet Qian Zhongshu and his wife, I visited him three times before and after.

he calmly smelled the smell of books in Qian's house, and the only sound in the whole room was the medicine jar for boiling medicine. There are no extra things at home, life is simple, but inner wealth.

No wonder even people like Chen Daoming can't help feeling:

"in front of culture and learning, I think my fame is not even a fart!"

Happiness is often very simple, hidden in ordinary life. The more you want, the more troubles you will have.

when he comes home from a grievance, there is a lamp still waiting for you. At home is a steaming meal cooked by his wife. The son said that he had just bought some seasonal fruit and sent it to him tomorrow, and his mother told him to go home for a light meal at the weekend.

the family sits idle and the lights are amiable. A happy family, peace and happiness.

Life is so simple, but who can say that such a day is not happy?

simple requirements

Mr. Yang Jiang said:

"God will not let all happiness focus on a person, get love may not have money;

having money does not necessarily lead to happiness;

being happy does not necessarily have health; having health does not necessarily get what you want. "

in life, people are often dominated by their own desires, not satisfied with the status quo, not satisfied with the original comfortable and ordinary life, and sometimes forget why they set out because they have been walking for too long.

in the Ming Dynasty, there was a man named Hu Jiushao, whose family was relatively poor and had just taken care of three meals a day, but he was still grateful and would burn incense and worship Buddha every day to thank God for his blessings.

his wife was puzzled: "how can we be blessed when we eat poorly all day long?"

Hu Jiushao said, "We live in a time of peace and prosperity, and there is no disturbance of war. the whole family has clothes and food, and they are all safe and healthy. Isn't that happiness?"

everyone has needs, but when they go too far, they become greedy.

as the saying goes, "wear shoes as big as you have, and boil as much water as you have." Unrealistic fantasy will only lead to disaster.

the demand is simple. A thousand hectares of fertile land is but three meals a day, and ten thousand rooms in Guangsha only sleeps three feet. What else is there to be satisfied with the happiness of running a business every day?

simple mood

there will inevitably be some ups and downs in the road of life, and no one will always be plain sailing. In the face of the same situation, people in different moods gain different things.

people with a simple state of mind take it calmly, and suffering is only the embellishment of life;

A person with a complex mood can be out of breath if he is delusional and trivial.

to put it simply, it is a realm. Life is not easy. Try to make it simple.

No noise, no noise, quietly watch the years; no complaints, no regrets, keep a good watch on yourself.

learn to treat complex life with a simple state of mind, can not think about the past, do not admire the future, live a good life in front of you, so you stand at the height of life.

do not regard things as happy or sorrowful, and calmly look at gains and losses in order to live a free, easy and natural life.

the heart becomes simple, so will the world, and there is only joy left in life.

Conan Doyle said:

"the state of mind is a hundred times better than good medicine. Only the state of mind is the world that allows people to gallop freely. The state of mind can turn hell into heaven, or heaven into hell."

Life is always your own, depending on what kind of state of mind you live. With a simple state of mind in the face of suffering, gently through the years, not stained with wind and dust.

Life is simple, and if you are not hampered by mundane things, you can naturally go far.

the need is simple, not enslaved by greed, and the mind lives freely;

the state of mind is simple, not to be overwhelmed by suffering, life is naturally happy.

all beings suffer, and some people are happy, not because they have more than others, but because they want less than others.

in fact, simplicity is happiness.

in a complicated world, if you keep a simple and innocent heart, you can get very happy and very happy.

be simple, safe and happy in a complex world.

, may you be able to walk leisurely and leisurely despite the troubles of the world.