Improve yourself (this article is priceless)
Improve yourself (this article is priceless)
From today on, focus on your own growth and constantly improve yourself.

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Wang Xiaobo said:

"of all the people in the world, the one I most want to promote is myself."

on the road of life, self-improvement is more important than anything else.

the greatest maturity of a person is to never forget to improve himself.

improve your skills

Zhihu blogger

@ Li Ku Li

talked about a personal experience.

at the age of 25, Li Kuli joined Baidu at the T4 level.

at Baidu, he met the architect Brother Jiu, who was at the T9 level at Baidu.

because of brother Jiu's words, Li Ku Li's career has been completely changed.

Brother Ku asked him, "if you spend five years studying the database, can you become an expert in this field?" Li Ku Li said, "I think so."

Brother Jiu continued to say:

"you can become an expert in a certain field at the age of 30 five years later. Why not do it?"

look around how many 30-year-olds have accomplished nothing, and at that time you were already a database expert. "

Li Ku Li woke up like a dream and suddenly established the direction of life.

so he began to delve into the database and constantly improve his professional skills.

the conquest of a knowledge point is to study all kinds of data in addition to completing the daily work every day.

it is normal to take time to study at the company during the day and go home in the evening to do it every day until two or three o'clock in the morning.

later, he left Beijing and returned to Xi'an for development. with his strong professional skills, he successfully got the offer of Huawei with little effort, and the treatment was even better than that in Beijing.

now, Li Kuli has settled in Xi'an and bought an RV. The most important thing is that he is always full of confidence in his professional ability.

some people say that there are two ways to make yourself irreplaceable:

one is to do something that others cannot or do not want to do;

one is to be on top of what everyone can do.

in this day and age, there has never been a stable job, only stable skills.

when you have irreplaceable abilities, you have the right to take the initiative to choose.

improve your thinking

Einstein said, "you can't solve the problem at the same level of thinking that creates it."

in short, if you want to solve a problem, you have to upgrade your thinking.

whether in life or at work, it is not difficult to find that some good people win not in their ability, but in their way of thinking.

the way you think, you make choices; the choices you make, in turn, determine your life.

writer Li Gang said a very interesting thing.

A few years ago, his wife wanted to buy a school district house.

the two sat down and found that the money they had saved over the years could not even make a down payment.

so Li Gang was a little discouraged and said, forget it, wait until you have saved enough money in a few years.

as a result, my lover insisted on buying it, and he wouldn't stop if he didn't buy it, so the two men cobbled together and finally put together the down payment.

as a result, just two years later, the price of the house I bought directly doubled.

Li Gang happily patted his thigh: "fortunately I bought it!"

when he recovered from his joy, Li Gang found that buying a house just confirmed the difference between the thinking of the "poor" and the "rich".

the thinking of ordinary people is to do as much as they want, and wait until they can afford it until they can afford it.

the thinking of the rich is whether there is room for appreciation in the house they buy, and if so, how to solve the problem if there is not enough money.

some people say that the difference in the level of thinking is the difference in height, and the difference in height brings about an omni-directional difference.

your way of thinking determines your height in life.

raising the level of thinking is always your top priority.

when you reach a certain level of thinking, you can see what others can't see and earn money that others can't earn.

therefore, you will have a different life.

improve self-cultivation

once read such a story.

A man went to dinner. after dinner, he found that he had no money with him, so he said to the boss, "Boss, I forgot to bring the money today and send it another day."

when the boss heard this, he repeatedly replied, "it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter."

then the boss respectfully invited the guest out of the store.

this scene happened to be seen by a scoundrel. the scoundrel went in for dinner. after he had had enough to drink and eat, he came to the boss and said, "Boss, I forgot to bring the money today and send it another day."

as he was walking towards the door, he was held back by the boss, claiming that he would take off his clothes if he didn't pay.

the scoundrel was very unconvinced and asked the boss, "Why can't I, but that guy can get credit?"

the shopkeeper looked at him from beginning to end and replied:

"people eat vegetables, find chopsticks on the table, drink wine in a gentle manner, and finish.After that, he took out a handkerchief to wipe his mouth. He looked like a cultured man. How could such a person owe money?

and when you gobble it up and become addicted to eating, you step on a bench and drink wine directly to your mouth. When you finish eating, you wipe your sleeve. You are obviously a scoundrel who wants to eat a bully meal. How can I let you go? "

your self-cultivation is hidden in your temperament, speech and manners.

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to be a cultured person, no matter where you walk, you will feel like a spring breeze and respected by others.

raise awareness

there is a question on Zhihu: "what is a truly enlightened person like?"

the following answers are varied, all of which make sense:

"I begin to understand that things are changeable, and all people ask for in this life is God's reward for food."

"instead of treating a person from the bottom of his heart, he knows how to hold back."

"doing things less rashly, cherishing health more and more, and learning to judge and weigh."

in my opinion, the best enlightenment for a person is to know what to do at the right age.

when he was studying, he knew that the most important thing for him now was to work hard, acquire knowledge, and learn his major well.

after working, he knows that he should work hard and use his time as much as possible to improve himself.

after starting a family, he understood the responsibility on his shoulders, worked hard to make money, and ensured a stable life for his family.

A conscious person can always choose the right thing at the right age.

and try to do these things to the extreme, such people will not be so bad.

improve execution

once saw such a sentence: "Plan is the premise of action, implementation is the true meaning of action."

much of the success in the world often comes from strong execution, while failure comes from serious procrastination and hesitation.

there was a girl whose original dream was to be a singer. after hitting a brick wall everywhere, she decided to give up her dream of becoming a singer.

go back to the clothing business.

my cousin, who is in the clothing business in Xi'an, said to the girl, "the market in Xi'an is quite good. Would you like to come and have a look?"

on the first day of arriving in Xi'an, the girl rented the facade and decided to transfer from Beijing to Xi'an.

after hard work, the girl finally opened seven stores in Xi'an, with a turnover of more than 400000 a day.

in the twinkling of an eye, in 2011, people began to shop online, and brick-and-mortar stores suffered a lot.

then, the girl decided to close all the shops in Xi'an, take her family and go to Guangzhou to do clothing e-commerce.

the business in Guangzhou has just picked up, the goods brought by the live broadcast have become popular again, and the girls have moved from Guangzhou to Hangzhou without hesitation.

at this point in the story, many people may have guessed that this girl is the "carrying queen" Weiya.

from Beijing to Xi'an, from Xi'an to Guangzhou, and then from Guangzhou to Hangzhou, selling houses and shops, dragging families and families, Weiya showed great executive ability.

there are too many people in life who are dissatisfied with the status quo and want to make changes.

in the end, it is just a giant in thought and a dwarf in action, that is, lack of execution.

you should always remember that thinking can only move yourself, and action can move others.

if you want to lose weight, keep your mouth shut and spread your legs immediately.

if you want to master new skills, find a teacher and materials immediately and start learning.

if you want to jump out of your comfort zone, immediately force yourself to do things that make you feel painful and uncomfortable.

only when you act, will you be able to embrace the life you want.

where you spend your time, your achievements will be there.

if you spend your time on yourself and keep improving yourself, you will become better and better.

when the plane shows up, you will hold on to it instead of watching it slip away.

and every opportunity you seize can be the key to changing your destiny.

from today on, focus on your own growth and constantly improve yourself.

when you continue to improve yourself and become stronger, everything else will follow.

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