"I'm fine in my hometown." behind the screen scan, I see the truth of every adult struggling.
"I'm fine in my hometown." behind the screen scan, I see the truth of every adult struggling.
Everyone who is drifting in a foreign land can find his own sweet.

recently, "I'm fine in a foreign country" has become a hit. After only a few episodes, it caused a lot of tears.

others say that Beijing drifters, who watched the play for five years, was filled with emotion.

after all, the adult world can be crushed by a straw.

to tell you the truth, uncle didn't believe in evil at first, but as a result, he opened it and found that it was on top.

every migrant worker in a foreign land may be able to find his own shadow in the play:

in order to a few taels of silver, crazy busy, while squeezing into sardines on the subway, while meeting customers brilliantly, even if working late into the night, can only take a taxi home.

workplace volume, emotional crisis, friendship. Countless questions are spread out in front of everyone like a mess.

what's more, when parents from afar call, they have to endure their grievances and comfort them:

it's all right. I'm doing fine.

I have to say that the content of this play is almost distressing.

the difficulties faced by those urban migrant workers are perfectly repeated on the screen.

perhaps, from their stories, we can also find some inspiration and read some truth about life.

about love:

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three values are more important than facial features, and understanding you is more important than loving you

the three young girls in the play are also facing the dilemma of love.

the handsome-looking man who makes fine promises seems to have a puppy boyfriend whom everyone envies, but beneath the surface of happiness, the tide has long been surging.

Xu Yan is the kind of exquisite girl common in moments: when you go to a high-end restaurant to have a meal, you have to feed the camera first, even if you squeeze into the subway, you want to carry a designer bag. However, although she seems to be acting on the surface, she is actually very emotional in her heart.

in order to buy her friend Jingjing a birthday present and thank her for her friendship of delivering meals every day during the isolation period, Xu Yan specially went shopping.

but who knows, the original budget was taken by the little boyfriend to buy a pair of sneakers.

this is not over.

my boyfriend finally bought a famous brand bag to make amends, but he can take a look at it and see that the shopping card is still there. Where is the famous brand bag? it is clearly an A product.

the young couple, who love each other deeply, have a big quarrel every few days.

the triggers for quarrels are all trivial, but when it comes to digging into it, there is a big problem.

Yes, although romance is very important in a relationship, firewood, rice, oil and salt is also an inevitable topic.

the crack between two people is the tear of the difference between the three values. But fortunately, every time they quarreled, they agreed to compromise with each other.

Shen Zichang, dressed in a doll suit, stood downstairs of the company waiting for words to amuse her funnily. Xu Yan also slowly realized that crowding the subway with a brand-name bag could not show his worth, so he was no longer forced to do so.

as the saying goes:

the facial features determine whether you can be together, and the three values determine whether you are likely to go on.

maybe Shen Zichang and Xu Yan fell in love out of simple love, but if they want to go on for a long time, they can't go on without the running-in of each other's values.

after all, the hormones will dissipate, the appearance will decay, and we will get to know each other so that we can grow old together.

Qiao Xichen, another girl, is very different from them.

sometimes seeing her story is like seeing yourself in life--

people in a foreign land, helpless, busy with their work all day, not to mention falling in love, the social circle is so big that they can't even meet a peach blossom.

however, coincidentally, Qiao Xichen's company has a new boss named Jian Yifan.

when Qiao Xichen met each other for the first time, she made a little oolong. She often worried that Jane always disliked herself.

but the development of things, more or less, is somewhat unexpected.

in order to complete the research and development of the company's new products, she seems to work overtime as if desperately. Even if all the colleagues in the company are gone, the light near Qiao Xichen's desk is still on.

her intentions and her responsibility are all in the eyes of Jane.

once, Qiao Xichen was framed, saying that she had lost her quotation, causing the company to lose a big deal.

she thought that after she was framed, she would be forced to resign, but for the sake of justice, Jane always copied to monitor and proved her innocence.

they talk about customers together, change plans together, and run offline stores together. In the process of fighting side by side, their feelings slowly sprout and take root in their hearts.

I often feel that many people tend to lose themselves in love.

but in fact, a good love should be a good love.

you are not my accessory, and I will not give up anything for you, because of this love, we all want to be better people and give each other a better future.

Let's talk about Nanjia. The label of "older leftover woman" on her body can't be more obvious.

although she said she had a successful career, she was already 35 years old when she looked back. Not to mention that the family is in a hurry to get married, they also want to find a partner.

however, Nanjia's character has always been so strong that even if she goes to the dating bureau, she can't hold back her bad temper and even threaten each other-

"do you know what a minor injury is?" "I have practiced Muay Thai for five years, and people in the northeast don't like to hear beeps."

having been alone for so many years, Nanjia has long been used to using armor to protect herself.

butThis is not to say that there is no softness in the heart of a strong woman with an iron wall.

by chance, Nan Jia met Ouyang. Needless to say, the other person seems out of tune, and he is ten years younger than himself, but when he starts talking, he really gets along well.

maybe it was driven by hormones, and the two had sex with each other.

but when she woke up, Nan Jia wanted to pull back into her armor, but Ouyang pressed step by step and slowly broke through her psychological line of defense.

I always want to build a wall in my heart and hide in fear to resist the betrayal and injury that may happen.

however, when we shut the pain out of the wall, we also keep true love out of the wall.

to know, the rest of life is not long, love and hate is precious, encounter, please cherish.

about friendship:

Happiness can be doubled, but sorrow can always be halved

most of the time, the collapse of adults begins with no one to talk to.

I believe many people have had a similar experience:

in the dead of night, I often can't sleep over and over again. If I want to talk to someone, I can open my cell phone address book and turn it over and over again, but I can't find any friends I can contact.

Yes, everyone envies the immortal friendship, but there is very little they can have.

it is probably because of this that the friendship of girls is particularly touching.

Zhou Yutong plays Qiao Xichen, life is always in trouble.

just paid the rent for half a year in one breath, but the landlord rushed to the door to evict people. When asked, the black-hearted intermediary ran away with the money, but she had no money and no place, so she had to deal with the landlord alone.

the two nearly clashed, but fortunately, her good friend Jingjing rushed over in the first place, helped her quarrel in front of her, and accompanied her to the police station to deal with the dispute.

at this end, the twists and turns in renting have just been settled, and at the other end, the problem of work has come again.

Qiao Xichen had an accident with the project at hand, and the truck carrying the goods overturned, but the next day was offline, and she said she couldn't give up anything.

the young girl's house went to various stores to transfer goods, and then took a trolley squatting at the curb to take a taxi, but the mobile phone was stupefied to more than 300.

at this time, Nanjia Road, who was suffering from gastroenteritis, passed and was surprised to drive her back to the company in person.

there is a scene in the play that makes people look particularly heart-piercing--

Nanjia, who has always been strong, went to the hospital for a medical examination, only to find that she was suffering from cervical cancer.

however, her parents are not around, she can only fall into the sea of panic, the whole person becomes helpless.

but fortunately, at this time, Jingjing pulled her up from the sea like driftwood.

whether it is to do an examination, or to see a doctor or take medicine, Jingjing is always by her side and takes good care of her.

the two sisters often collapsed and cried bitterly, but fortunately, they finally ushered in the dawn of recovery.

Yes, in the adult world, there is never the word "easy", there are always countless grievances and helplessness.

I have to sigh that it is really too precious to have such immortal friendship.

when thieves break into the house, no matter how late or how far they stay, they will come and huddle in the same bed with you and comfort you: "Don't be afraid, I'm here."

when you move to your new house, they will also accompany you to party. A few people laugh and make trouble, and their loneliness is dispelled.

even if the road ahead is bumpy, with such friends around, you will feel particularly warm.

about family affection:

every house is brightly lit, and there is always one of the warmest

there is a question on Zhihu, which is very popular: "what is the most collapsing moment when you work alone in a big city?"

there is a reply below:

"A person is thousands of miles away from home, out of the subway entrance, ten thousand lights are bright, but no one lights up for you, and after a whole day's tiredness, no one irons it for you."

Yes, alone in a foreign land, everyone is stronger than imagined, but also more vulnerable than imagined.

We think we can be on our own, but we always break our defenses when we are homesick.

but fortunately, although thousands of miles away, the lamp in the home will always be on for us.

remembered that there was a clip in the play, which impressed my uncle very much--

one night, Qiao Xichen worked late at the warehouse in order to be busy with his work.

A person has thousands of troops, and she has long been used to it and is ready to stay up all night.

but who knows, my mother was worried about her and called her.

at first, she was comforting with kind words: "I'm fine, don't worry."

as a result, I talked so much that my emotions suddenly flooded, and I had no choice but to put up with crying.

but the people who love us most can still tell something is wrong through the mobile phone screen.

my mother was distressed at first: "remember to take a serious taxi when you go back, and don't be reluctant to carpool money."

after hanging up the phone, I still couldn't rest assured. I thought about it and sent a red packet.There are three words written: taxi fare.

to tell you the truth, when I saw the screen lit up, my uncle's nose couldn't help being sore.

parents may not say anything sweet, but they hide their love in every "Don't stay up late and go to bed early" advice, in a meal, a vegetable, a meal, and in every cup of hot water poured when you are ill.

not long ago, I worked overtime all day until late at night, and I was impetuous every day.

even if my parents called by video, they didn't say anything nice.

one day, I suddenly received a package.

it contains a variety of things, including sealed stewed duck, a large proportion of sesame powder, and even several boxes of instant noodle buckets.

was surprised when he received my father's Wechat.

it turned out that it was the material sent by the unit when he was working the night shift, but he almost didn't want to eat it and packed it to me intact.

finally, he added: if you are in trouble, find your father!

on the outside, we may be the screws in the workplace, always feeling that we can withstand all the wind and rain alone.

in the eyes of parents, no matter how old the child is, he will always be a child who will never grow up. He can act coquettish unscrupulously, or he can take off his disguise and pour out his grievances calmly.

they are the people who love us most in the world, so please cherish them.

Yes, living in a foreign land, who is not working hard for a few taels of silver?

We go round and round like a top all day, even when we are on the verge of collapse, we can only gnash our teeth, wipe away tears, and say firmly: I'm fine. I'm fine.

but where is it all right?

the grievances of adults accumulate quietly.

but fortunately, no matter whether it is happy or sad, tired or angry, there is always a group of people we love and love us who give us support behind us and prevent us from falling into the endless dark abyss.

the protagonist in the play is no longer a dummy just for acting, but you, me and him who can be seen everywhere in life.

whether it is Qiao Xichen who crawls around in the workplace,

strong appearance

but longing for the warm Nanjia

, or a promise to rely on spoil and pride,



Jingjing, who is forced to smile in life


they all have a vivid background, and they are flesh and blood souls.

I have to say that in recent years, there have been too many TV dramas about realistic themes.

however, the results are often not satisfactory.

the lines are getting more and more grandiose, the plot is getting better and better, and the dramatic effect of grabbing the horse is there, as if there is a word engraved on his face: false!

everyone has experienced real life, and it takes a lot of work to get a good picture of real life.

"I'm fine in a foreign country"

, it is very valuable.

you can see that the bloody reality of life is analyzed incisively and vividly by it, and what the people do in the play is almost distressing, just like it happened around us.

in fact, this is also the first time that Fang Matt Culture has served as the production and production of a TV series.

whether it is pre-development, theme creation, script polishing, or team preparation, shooting, production, and marketing, they are all rooted in the real life of young people and strive to paint a true picture of young people's urban life in a foreign land.

No wonder this drama has become the dark horse of domestic dramas in the summer. It helped Hunan Satellite TV win the first place in the ratings of the six networks at the same time.

even Zhihu and Douban, who have always been picky, scored high scores of 9.2 and 8.4 respectively.

it can be said, "I am fine in a foreign land", which describes the loneliness and understanding of the urban life of young people in a foreign land.

maybe when we are drifting in a foreign land, we are often forced to hide our grievances and face the ups and downs.

but uncle also hopes that everyone drifting in a foreign land can find their own sweet in the cold city.