If your mindset is right, you won't be tired.
If your mindset is right, you won't be tired.
When you are too tired, lighten the burden on your mind first. \ n​

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A hundred years of Solitude says:

"We are tired, but we can't stop; we suffer, but we can't avoid it."

it is obvious that everyone is good for the good, but for some reason, he is always easily overwhelmed by the exhaustion of life.

tired from work, tired from work, tired during the day and tired at night, past experiences, present trivialities, and uncertain future all become burdens.

this is not physical fatigue, but mental tiredness.

people who are busy need to calm down

the trivial life has always been busy, just thinking about it, there is a lot of nameless fire in my mind.

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I saw a blogger who washed and brushed his mobile phone after work every day, while filling in a work daily.

staring at the computer screen, dragging the mouse next to the progress bar, chattering about the troubles of the day with friends and watching small videos, most of the night has passed.

he was very upset when he saw the unwashed clothes on the sofa and the rubbish that should be dumped in the corner.

Water and electricity bills should be paid again, the mortgage hasn't been paid yet, and I haven't called my parents for months.

before he went to bed, he felt that his mind was full of things and was about to blow up.

in fact, although he works hard, he is not as good as 996. He lives at home alone and leads a relatively free life.

all tiredness is due to too much worry and too much noise in my heart.

everyone wants to live, and no one has less business. If you are not bored and busy, it is all because of peace of mind.

writer Ai Xiaoyang had a headache by his children for some time.

make trouble at home, don't do your homework well, and even the simplest questions are wrong.

suddenly sent the game equipment bill, so that she was at a loss.

the brand-new household clothes have been put on the ink spot.

she inevitably feels powerless from morning till night. At this time, she puts on her headphones and plays some soothing music.

there was no murmur in her ear and she was immersed in her own world. Her mood immediately calmed down, and the chores and noise dissipated together.

occasionally she would go around to relax and see an art exhibition, and once she was quiet, she would feel a lot more relaxed.

things don't decrease out of thin air, but when the mood is stable, what can be solved, what can be solved, and what can't be solved, let it go quietly, and no matter how difficult it is, it is just as big as a sesame seed.

Caigen Tan says:

"years are long, but busy people promote themselves; romances and snowy moons are idle, but those who disturb themselves are redundant."

, this is not a nuisance. At best, it is normal. If you disturb your mind, you have to suffer all the time.

calm down and don't be in a hurry.

when you can calm down and get involved, you won't be too tired no matter how many things are involved.

people in a hurry need to slow down

I often have the illusion that people around me are better off than themselves.

I tried my best to catch up. I was so anxious that I was exhausted physically and mentally.

talk show actor Li Xueqin, who was severely depressed, panicked when she closed her eyes.

I have been the first since I was a child. I forced myself to do well in the exam, and I didn't even dare to drop a pen at school.

after entering Peking University, she saw that all the students next to her were working hard, so she felt even more unsure, so she had to continue to work hard.

tension and anxiety continue to consume her, and she seems to be powerless to fight back.

she was anxious to get a scholarship to Peking University and went to graduate school in the United States, but she had already reached the brink of collapse and didn't even want to see anyone.

the heart walks too fast, the legs walk too fast, the soul finally can not keep up.

the vast sea of people, it is inevitable to see people who are better than themselves, and it is also an upward instinct to go higher.

but when you are in a hurry and want to go quickly, remind yourself to slow down.

while recording the Power of Walking, Li Xueqin endured exposure to the sun, fever, altitude sickness, and pain during menstruation. She cried for so many times when she was fragile.

she walked silently and seldom spoke to anyone, but during this time, she began to think:

"I used to think people could do it, so why can't I?" But now, if other people can, I may not be able to do so. "

No longer impatient, she will laugh at herself when she falls into the river.

Cross-border talk show, seriously nibbled at the whole book, watching the previous program, but also leisurely on the stage to say:

"I'm definitely going to be eliminated this time."

slowly, she dawdled all the way to the talk show finals, performing in variety shows and arranging sketches, and she became a person in the spotlight.

some people say that she is bereaved. In fact, it is in a high state of tension that she is not overwhelmed by the tiredness of her heart.

the increasingly fierce competition, fast-paced life, desperately squeezing the space in our hearts, we even forget that we can slow down.

Jin Yong also said: "my temper is very slow, there is no hurry, everything is done slowly, and finally everything is done."

it's not that bad in general, just most of them.

it's not a bad thing to slow down, it makes you more stable, maybe faster.

when you really slow down, no matter how far the journey is, you won't be exhausted.

people with a bitter heart need to have some fun

there are people who are suffering all the time, and there are a lot of people with bitter hearts.

No one can escape from difficulties, but don't hurt your heart.

the chrysanthemums in "installing the platform" are always throwing pots and bowls, shouting abuse, and never asking them to say a word to their families.

dislike his own father, and try his best to get rid of his stepmother and stepsister.

every time I lose my temper, I run away from home.

seems to show off every day, but in fact she lives more tired than anyone else. Knowing clearly that he was wrong, he dared not say it when he was distressed by his father. When he learned that his stepmother had left, he could not bear to speak harshly.

she always thinks that her own mother left her when she was a child, and she didn't have the ability to be a father, nor did she accompany her attentively.

he looks average, and the man he likes runs away all night to leave her.

she never had her own happiness, and until the end, she still felt the most aggrieved.

there is a passage in Zhu Guangqian's "fluctuation":

"if you think of yourself as great, you should treat troubles with disdain, and if you regard yourself as small, you should have unworthy treatment of troubles.

I advise you to play more tennis, play the piano more, plant more flowers, and move more bricks to make tiles. "

not all sufferings have to be suffered.

there is an aunt in the neighborhood who is in her seventies

A few decades ago, her husband cheated on her, and she raised her child by herself. now the child is far away and never comes home all the year round.

No one comes to see her during the holidays, and she has every right to complain.

but she didn't. Now my aunt plays everywhere every day, and she goes there by herself on a nearby bus. It is also convenient to go to the province far away and hug with the old sisters in the courtyard.

I bought a mahjong table and gathered some friends to play every day. When no one was there, I would watch TV and go to the supermarket to do some shopping.

do what you want to do, don't pretend to be upset, and be comfortable every second.

she often jokes:

"there is no need to save money for anyone now. I spent what I earned when I was young."

I feel too bitter and tired, so I think about it from a different point of view, find something happy to do, figure it out, and my life will be smooth.

whatever the situation, you have the right to choose to smile.

there are countless paths in life, and you always have a way to choose the one that is happier.

when the heart is filled with happiness, there is no place to put pain, and without the suffering, the heart will not be tired.

there are countless kinds of tiredness, such as the loss of energy in family chores, the anxiety of long-term tension, and the pains of struggling in suffering.

No matter what kind of tiredness, in the final analysis, it is the wrong mentality.

just like Bai Luomei:

if you look at everything in the mortal world with peace of mind, it will be simple and clear.

if you look at the world with a complex state of mind, you will be fascinated by the world.

when the days are too tired, lighten the burden on your mind first.

you don't have to take everything seriously, calm down, slow down, be happy, and life will be fine.

, take the right attitude and live an easy life.