If you really love someone, you will want to meet.
If you really love someone, you will want to meet.
Love across the mountains and seas, mountains and seas can be flat.

I went back to my hometown two days ago and saw this scene at the high-speed railway station:

at the crowded exit, there stood a boy with flowers in his hand, with expectation all over his face.

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A girl dragging a suitcase rushed towards him, half walking and half running, and the two men hugged him in their arms.

then, the boy held the suitcase in one hand and the girl in the other, and the two left talking and laughing.

looking at the happy appearance of their backs, I can't help feeling that it is really a happy thing to see the person I like.

I don't know what kind of story this little couple has. It may be a long-distance relationship, or it may only be a brief separation, but the joy of reunion is oncoming and touching.

this is the way to really love someone, across thousands of rivers and mountains, the way is crowded, and you can't wait to meet.

whether they are young boys and girls, or mature and stable adults, they are all the same in front of love.

when I was a student, I liked a person. I didn't sleep at recess, but I also wanted to chat for a few minutes.

when you grow up, when you love someone, you have to take the time to meet each other even if you are busy with each other.

because no matter how many words you say "I miss you" across the screen, it's not worth a solid hug when you meet.

because many things can only be said face to face, and many things can only be done face to face.

when you love someone, think of someone, miss someone, no matter how difficult it is, you will be desperate to see him.

living in this fast-paced era, seriously, everyone is very busy.

he has his career, you have your future, he needs to travel frequently to run clients, and you can work overtime for several weeks for a project.

you all work hard and hard, whether it's for the future of both of you, or to be better yourself, you all bite your teeth and don't let yourself stop.

and those limited free time, you just want to leave each other.

it may be a few days off after a long rest, so you can put off all your work for a while and travel together.

may be a short date in a weekend, just enough for you to watch a movie, have a meal, have a chat, and then end in a hurry.

the time to meet may be very short, but there are many words to say; the time together is so short that there is no time to finish what you want to do.

but what does it matter?

the fact that I meet you is happy enough in itself.

like the classic line in "the Little Prince":

"if you say you come at four o'clock in the afternoon, from 03:00, I begin to feel very happy. As time approaches, I feel happier and happier."

meeting a loved one is the happiest thing in the world.

it is an unparalleled pleasure to see the well-dressed and impatient mood in front of you, the joy of meeting and the only happiness left in the world, and looking forward to the next meeting after meeting.

I heard a song called "running to you", which is about a long-distance lover.

the lyrics are beautiful and moving:

"want to get on that flight; want to run to you; want to sing love songs for you. Want to become a heart and live in your body.

Kiss you, eyes and arms; hug, waist and body; melt, blood and thoughts. To be one with you. "

when two people can't see each other, yearning spreads like substance.

want to hold hands, want to hug, want to kiss, want to sing love songs to you face to face, want to run to you desperately.

this kind of passionate emotion is called missing, missing you and loving you.

I think that if missing has a voice, it must be an unusually loud sentence: "I want to see you".

is not the kind of yearning that I casually say, but the eagerness to run to see you the moment I say this sentence.

it is said that "distance produces beauty", but when it comes to the depths of love, who doesn't want to be with their loved ones all the time?

when you really love someone, you can't help but want to see him.

when you really miss someone, you can't help but go to him.

in the past, carriage, horse and mail were very slow, so it was difficult to see a person, and it was necessary to cross thousands of rivers and mountains.

but now if you want to meet, you can take a taxi near the road, take a high-speed rail at a distance, and take a plane at a distance.

you can meet no matter what you want.

like this paragraph very much:

"I have seen the spring breeze ten miles, I have seen the Summer Solstice has not arrived, I have tried the light of autumn, and I have loved the warm sun in winter, all of them can't stand the sentence: I want to see you.

if you want to be alone, don't wait, please go to see him non-stop, even if the mountains and rivers are blocked, even if full of thorns.

because: love across the mountains and seas, mountains and seas can be flat.

, good night.