If you have something in mind, you will not be confused. If you have nothing to do, your heart will not be empty.
If you have something in mind, you will not be confused. If you have nothing to do, your heart will not be empty.
The best state of mind for a person is to let nature take its course.

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Heart Zen


there is a saying:

"things change with the heart, circumstances are created by the heart, and troubles arise from the heart."


whether what people see is good or bad has a lot to do with their mood.

therefore, the joys and sorrows, ups and downs of one's life are all tied to the heart.

if the heart is at peace, there is nothing difficult to get through.

Don't get upset before you can get things done

when we walk on the road of life, we will always be affected by some people.

as Bai Yansong said:

"sometimes we live very tired, not because life is too mean, but because we are too easily infected by the atmosphere of the outside world and influenced by the emotions of others."

and those who can really achieve great things, in any case, will not let others disturb their own hearts.

have seen such a story:

there is a very famous chess player who has never lost go with the people around him.

one day, in the chess hall, a guest came in with a game of chess and asked him, "look how many pieces there are here."

the chess player looked at it and found that it was a foregone conclusion, but it was hard to see how many.

he said, "there are 361 go, 180 sunspots and 181 albinos. It should be 361."

No, the guest took out his pocket, took out a piece of white, and said, "you're wrong. It's 360. Everyone says you're good, and that's all it looks like today."

the people around him were so angry that they accused the guest of finding fault on purpose.

but the chess player did not mind saying, "it seems that my ability is not enough. I will practice more in the future."

the guest left triumphantly.

after the event, others asked the chess player why he was not angry and did not excuse himself.

the chess player said, "knowing that he is vexatious, why care about him? it disturbs his heart and spoils his mood!"

Hawthorne said: "all accidents in the world are deliberately arranged by God."

in life, we often encounter some bad people or bad things.

if you care too much, you will disturb your heart and ruin your mood.

Don't care about it so that you won't be distracted.

when you live a lifetime, you still have to be steady. When you encounter something, you must keep calm before you can do it well.

if you have nothing to do, you can live a good life

some people say with emotion that life is 24 hours and 24 hours, and the days are day after day, year after year.

indeed, life is about living over and over again.

but whether you are happy or not depends on your heart.

the heart is not bored, no matter how boring life is, you can still live a good life.

after the death of her husband and daughter, Yang Jiang did not get depressed and lead a hasty life.

she said, "Qian Zhongshu has escaped, and I want to escape, too, but I can't escape. I have to stay in the world and clean up the scene and do my duty."

in the next twenty years, she never bored herself.

she sorted out Qian Zhongshu's previous manuscripts, published a collection of Qian Zhongshu manuscripts, and set up a study incentive fund to help children from poor families with good grades.

this move shocked the whole education community.

when she was 92 years old, she wrote "the three of us" to commemorate all the past of her family of three.

she said: "I have never wasted my years, because the three of us."

there is a saying: "the greatest danger in life is an empty mind."

people with empty hearts will find something to fill it, and it is easy to go astray.

when people are idle, they have more troubles.

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if your heart is empty, it is easy to be delusional; if your heart is not empty, you will live a solid life.

in a calm life, do what you want to do to make your life fuller and your spirit fuller.

in this way, our life will be better and better.

Life is short, let nature take its course

there is no dress rehearsal in life, it is broadcast live every day.


the only thing we can control is our hearts.

there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius: "if you come, you will be at ease."

Su Shi's life was very bumpy, and several times officialdom was demoted for various reasons.

every time he is demoted, he is not impetuous, pessimistic and depressed, but very optimistic.

was demoted to a barren place, he reclaimed a wasteland with his own hands and farmed the fields to support himself and his family.

to build water conservancy and open schools for the local area, and lead a very full life.

in their spare time, about three or two friends drink and enjoy themselves; when they are depressed, they recite poems to express their emotions.

this kind of life is not depressed, but a little more leisurely.

inOnce, when playing with friends, people who forgot to bring umbrellas were drenched in the rain and were very embarrassed.

while Su Shi sighed: "my peers are all embarrassed, but I don't feel it alone."

the mood is different, the feeling is also different.

when he is frustrated, he does not complain about life, but goes with it. Such an open-minded and cheerful way makes future generations marvel.

Yes, in this world, there are many wonderful, but also a lot of helplessness.

how are you smug? What if you're frustrated?

A person's whole life is nothing but a process.

whether we live happily or not depends on our hearts.

the heart is uneasy, no matter how good the day is, it is not happy; peace of mind, everything is going well, and people are happier.

therefore, life is better to let nature take its course and be at peace with the situation.

living as freely as clouds and free and easy as running water, that is the life we really want.

in life, all experiences are one heart.

if that heart can live a stable life, it will have no regrets.

but it's not easy to settle down.

when you have something to do, you need wisdom to keep your heart at ease; when you have nothing to do, you need to be optimistic.

as Yu Dan said:

"to be strong inside, one of the prerequisites is to look at the gains and losses of things outside the body.

people who worry about gain and loss will not have an open mind, will not have a calm state of mind, and will not be really brave. "

A person's best state of mind is to let nature take its course.

that kind of life is the most comfortable and happy.

May you and I have an indifferent heart in this life.