If you don't go through one thing, you don't know a person.
If you don't go through one thing, you don't know a person.
Life is like a play, you should not only know people, but also understand and open up.

Laozi Daojing

it is said in Daojing:

"when the road is abandoned, there is benevolence and righteousness; when wisdom comes out, there is great hypocrisy; when there is discord among the six relatives, there is filial piety."

the more extreme the environment, the more authentic character can be tested.

ups and downs, and then know the cold and warm of the world; share joys and sorrows, and then understand the truth and value.

as the old saying goes, "the wind knows the strong grass, and the board is knowledgeable and sincere."

some things are known only through experience, and some people are understood only when they encounter them.

time knows people, but it is hard to know them.

Zhuangzi said: "mortals are at risk in the mountains and rivers, and it is difficult to know the sky."

Zhuangzi tells us: the human heart is complex, and human nature is difficult to guess.

Bai Juyi also wrote: "it takes three days to burn the jade, but it takes seven years to identify the materials."

the precious jade in stone can withstand the baptism of fire; the good wood in wood can stand the erosion of years.

True feelings do not fade with time or diminish points because of adversity.

Fan Zhongyan was demoted in his later years.

when he was about to leave, the Manchu students and officials avoided, and no one came to see him off.

there is only one official named Wang Qian, who is at home to recuperate.

when I heard that Fan Zhongyan was leaving, he dragged his sick body and took good wine to bid him farewell.

someone asked him, "when people are cool, why take it seriously?"

Wang said, "even if Lord Fan is in trouble, he is still the one I admire!"

as the saying goes, "if nothing happens, we don't know who is near and who is far away; if a person is not good, I don't know who is strong and who is weak."

time, like water, can wash away hypocrisy; hardship, like a needle, can break the heart.

those who add icing on the cake should beware, and those who give charcoal in the snow should cherish it.

when you are rich, don't forget your bosom friend when you are poor; when you are poor, don't go to your friend when you are rich.

time can know people, adversity can know their hearts, and those who can stand the test are the right ones.

know people and compare your heart to heart

it is said in the Book of morality: "he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise."

Laozi tells us that those who know others are wise, and those who know themselves are wise.

to know a person, we should not only know the face, but also know the heart.

if you treat others as brothers, they will regard you as their confidant.

Mencius once said, "the value of acquaintance lies in knowing each other, and in knowing each other."

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in Yuan Shao Camp, several boxes of letters that Cao Jun secretly communicated with Yuan Shao were found.

some people advised Cao Cao that traitors must be severely punished.

Cao Cao said, "Yuan Shao is so powerful that I am not sure that I will win, let alone others."

so all the letters were burned to ashes in public.

when people are alive, they all have selfish thoughts. It's good to know, and there's nothing wrong with it.

the rest of your life is not long. Leave time to those who are kind to you. Don't get entangled with people who are not worth it.

to forgive others is to let go of yourself. Only when you know how to forgive can you change your heart with your heart.

if you don't go through one thing, you don't know anyone.

the more you experience, the more you will find that the world is cool and social reality.

there is no need to be cynical. Time will tell who is worth it.

Life is like a play, you should not only know people, but also understand and open up.

others can be hypocritical, they can be sincere, keep company with goodness, and not be homologous with hypocrisy.