If you don't agree with each other, you will never be the same person.
If you don't agree with each other, you will never be the same person.
With different values, they are doomed to be strangers and go their separate ways.

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Laozi Daojing



as the old saying goes:

"the sergeant hears the way, walks it diligently; the sergeant hears it, if he survives; the corporal laughs when he hears it."

therefore, if the three values are different, people will be in different levels and have different attitudes towards all things.

birds of a feather flock together. The three values will have a great force in the process of people's communication.

two people with the same values can collide with unexpected sparks in an occasional communication, and even the pace will be the same with the increase of time together.

such a relationship is like making a cup of tea. The longer the time goes on, the more mellow the tea tastes, and the deeper the relationship between two people will be.

on the contrary, two people with different values may feel good at first glance, and then get along with each other relatively speechless.

tired of this relationship, such two people will never be the same!

the three values are not in harmony, so there is no need to argue

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some people say: "the way of saints, for the sake of do not fight."

people at different levels get along with each other, often high-level people will not easily argue with each other, nor will they care about the gains and losses, because they are well aware of the principle of "casting pearls before swine".

two people who are not at the same level, because it is pointless to argue about something, after all, if they are at different levels, their own understanding will be different.

one day, when Fu Bi was out, a man suddenly stopped him and said provocative words, asking Fu Bi to answer a question of his own. Fu Bi agreed to each other's request without anger or anger.

the other party asked, "what would you do if someone humiliated and abused you in public?"

Fu Bi replied, "I'll pretend I didn't hear it."

the other side did not expect that Fu Bi would answer in this way. in the face of this answer, the other side showed a look of disdain, ridiculed Fu Bi on the spot and finally strode away.

when Fu Bi's subordinates saw this, they couldn't help asking, "this man is so rude and rude to you, why don't you fight back?"

Fu Bi smiled calmly and replied, "the other side is flamboyant and frivolous. if you argue with the other side, it will only lead to more arguments, even if I win in the end, what's the point?"

he who is good does not argue, but he who argues is not good.

Raptors do not fight with evil snakes, and male lions do not compete with mad dogs for food.

arguing with people who do not agree with the three values is like a scholar who meets a soldier.

sometimes, giving a step is not only an open-minded mind, but also a kind of wisdom of life.

three values do not agree with each other, and they do not conspire with each other

Zhuangzi said: "well frogs cannot speak to the sea, and summer worms cannot speak to ice."

the communication between people is actually not a simple thing, it is not easy to achieve mutual understanding and understanding, and it is "difficult for two people with very different ideas to get along with each other."

the world is so big that everything has its own characteristics, let alone people.

everyone has their own set of criteria for judging others, and there are always a lot of times when they don't like it.

to deal with everything we don't like, all we have to do is to stay away, we don't have to tolerate everything, and we don't have to turn all the people we meet into our friends.

there are too many stories in history that parted ways because of the discord between the three values, of which the most classic is the story of Cao Cao and Chen Gong.

it can be said that these two men are both enemies and friends. With the help of Chen Gong many times, Cao Cao grew up step by step, but Chen Gong also caused a lot of trouble for Cao Cao.

at that time, after Cao Cao's plan failed, he began to flee and stayed at Lu Boshe's house. Lu Boshe took them in and personally went to the West Village to buy good wine to entertain them.

during this period, Cao Cao heard the sound of sharpening a knife in the back hall of the house and suspected that the Lv Boshe family were going to give themselves up, so they killed all the Lv family.

when the two arrived in the back hall, they found that the Lv family sharpened their knives just to kill pigs and entertain them, so they had no choice but to flee in a hurry.

on the way, she met Lu Boshe, who bought wine in the West Village, only because Cao Cao was afraid of exposing things, and Lu Boshe was killed as a result.

Chen Gong looked at Cao Cao's treatment of Lu Boshe's family and asked why, but Cao Cao said, "I would rather I fail the world than the people of the world fail me!"

because Chen Gong admired Cao Cao's loyalty, he chose to plan things with each other.

now that she has experienced the murder of Lu Boshe, Chen Gong cannot agree with Cao Cao's concept of behavior.

if the Tao is different, we will not conspire with each other. Chen Gong then parted ways with Cao Cao.

everyone will meet a lot of people in his life, but not all of them can become like-minded and like-minded friends.

are different, so there is no need for forced integration. The three values are different, so there is no need to force them.

the best relationship is if you don't get tired of getting along.

with the continuous growth of age, people experience more and more things, and many ways to get along with each other are gradually understood.

whether it is friendship or love, not tired to get along with each other is the best relationship.

just like Zhou Youguang, a famous linguist in China, he and his wife Zhang Yunhe share the same values.

in a relationship, two people are in step and together.Get along with each other will often take the initiative to create romance, so that each other can always feel each other's love.

No matter what happens in the marriage, it is impossible to separate the two people. This is probably the relationship in which they are not tired together.

A really good relationship cannot be separated and cannot be separated. It always appears in time when each other needs it, so that there is an answer to everything.

there is not only a lot of love in life, but also a lot of tacit understanding in literature, there are always endless topics together, and we have really achieved each other's achievements!

Please cherish those who can talk to each other. A good relationship is not easy to come by. Meeting such a person is really the greatest luck in life!

Life is short, so why put yourself in an inappropriate circle of relationships?

it is better to slowly find friends who are like-minded and like-minded with their own values, so that they can live a more wanton life.

you can talk about everything only if you don't speculate in half a sentence and have the same values.

Life is so short that we don't have to please anyone.

with different values, they are doomed to be strangers and go their separate ways.

all long-term and beautiful relationships in the world are based on the comfort of people.

only when the three values are the same can we become the same person.