"if you can't love someone, just say goodbye."
"if you can't love someone, just say goodbye."
Thank you for coming. I don't regret that I was in love.

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at the beginning of the movie bucket list, there is a narration:

"there are different answers to the meaning of life. Some people say that it depends on what he left behind, some believe that it can be measured by faith, some think that it should be judged by love, and others say that life is meaningless. And what about me?

I believe you can measure yourself by the people associated with you, and those people, too, rely on you to measure themselves. "

A person is destined to leave something behind when he meets another person and goes through a journey.

No matter what we have or lose, no matter how deep the wound is, we will eventually heal, and we will eventually find the meaning that everyone has been here.

and all the unwillingness, unwillingness and reluctance to give up after separation will precipitate into an experience in the past.

with it, it is easier for us to become proficient in the ability to love and be loved in the days to come.

two days ago, I discussed the concept of "blackening under the light" with my friends.

when people stand under the lamp, it is dark, and it is the same in life, and it is more difficult to see what happens to them.

I think of a lot of things I've received and what it looks like behind this.

I remember a girl who told me that she wanted to be what that person liked.

but finally found out that the other party does not like quiet and introverted, just does not like her as a person.

I remember a boy who told me that after graduation, he went to his girlfriend's city without hesitation and regarded the life he expected as his motivation.

do not know since when, the other party's plans for the future, no longer have their own name.

A sister who also remembered her working relationship said that her eight-year relationship was not defeated by the distance of foreign love, nor by the lack of money in her youth, but fell apart after both sides had gained a firm foothold in society.

there is no real empathy in this world, but there is no one's own figure in other people's stories.

in this era when we often have to face farewell, we, who are not good at farewell, can only feel heartbreak and disappointment when farewell comes.

feel that life is dark, feel that being put down is not worth it, that there will be no future in the future.

others only hear that you meet and separate, like a book hastily turned a page, but do not know how many twists and turns and ups and downs.

is good and not good, because it is profound, so it is rare, and because it is profound, it is unforgettable.

one year I went to a strange city and followed the navigation and couldn't find my destination.

it clearly shows that high-rise buildings are nearby, but the low-walled tile houses around them are out of tune.

later discovered that it was precisely because I was surrounded by low-walled tile houses that I could not see the high-rise buildings around me.

maybe we can't avoid going through several times of "blackening under the light" in our lives.

when you get out of the darkness, you will find that looking up, the light has never disappeared.

that silly girl changes himself to cater to the girl she likes and will no longer try to please anyone.

she believes that people who really like her must like her for who she is.

to love someone is not only to accept each other's strengths, but also to have the strength to tolerate each other's shortcomings.

the boy who was expelled from the game, frustrated, chose to revive his strength, work hard and live a good life, and then he encountered a relationship that went both ways.

he became more and more convinced that a good relationship does not depend on one person's unilateral efforts.

each other clearly believes that two people's lives will be more hopeful than one, and that's what it means to be together.

and the sister who finally didn't get married after eight years of long-distance running said that many things in this world cannot be achieved by waiting. Marriage needs much more firmness and perseverance than falling in love.

good things take a long time, and only by waving goodbye to the wrong ones can you meet the right one earlier.

one day we will all understand: "some people are here to love you, some people are here to teach you."

maybe the person you once loved did not accompany you to the end, but even if he left halfway, he must have left something behind.

it may be the wisdom of how to love a person, the strength to stick to the original intention, or the strength to reshape your strength and believe that you deserve to be loved.

as for the relationship between the end of the show, I think, if it is too difficult to live up to this life, then it is good to experience it without losing to each other.

"No one in the world can stay with another person forever. no matter how long people get together, the final outcome is parting, either death or life."

this sentence, the more people you meet, the more things you experience, the more you will experience.

so now I gradually let it go.

in those fleeting times, loss is another kind of possession.

We have lost the opportunity to grow old with this person, but with what this person has taught us, we continue to move on to a better life.

so, for those who are certain that they will not come back, the best thing we can do is to accept it.

accept the end of this relationship, accept everything we have worked hard for a satisfactory result, but also accept yourself who is still willing to revive even after being injured.

, thank you for coming. I don't regret that I was in love.

you don't have to come back, and I won't look back. In the days when I'm no longer with you, I hope you take care of each other.

the lights are dim, the day is dawn, the past is old, and the future is still long. It's a good and long life, and we all deserve it.

good night and sweet dreams.



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