If you are great, you will be blessed.
If you are great, you will be blessed.
If people are in the atmosphere, they can hold the infinitely wide world in their hearts.

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what is atmosphere?

atmosphere is the character of life, the wisdom of dealing with the world, and the realm of life.

the magnificent man knows how to tolerate the faults of others and reflect on his own problems; the magnificent man knows how to face the tribulations of life calmly and have fun from it.

as the old saying goes, "with magnanimity and compatibility, all things will benefit at the same time."

atmosphere often determines a person's life pattern and luck!

atmospheric people treat others leniently, regardless of

Xue Xue once said, "only leniency can tolerate people, and only thickness can carry things."

magnanimous people, generous and open-minded, can put up with what ordinary people cannot bear, and can tolerate what ordinary people cannot tolerate.

in history, the story of pleading for guilt is known to all.

Lin Xiangru returned to Zhao in a perfect way and was dismissed from his post after returning home, which is much higher than Lian.

when Lian Po learned that he was very dissatisfied, he threatened to be as good-looking as Lin Xiang and see who was better.

this word reached Lin Xiangru's ear, and he chose to avoid it. Many of the guests were puzzled, thinking that Lin Xiangru was timid, but then his words impressed everyone.

Lin Xiangru said that the reason why the State of Qin dared not invade was precisely because of me and Lianpo. If we did not agree, would it not give the enemy a chance.

when Lian Po learned of this, he was ashamed, so he took the initiative to come to the door and take the blame.

Lin Xiangru calmly accepted that the two became friends and worked together to make many contributions to the State of Zhao.

Caigen Tan says:

"Zhang Ben, who gives way to the height of one step in life, and retrogression means progress.

it is a blessing to be lenient to others, and to benefit others is the foundation of self-interest. "

in fact, throughout history, many successful people have the ability to turn enemies into friends. They are tolerant, tolerant, and have admirable minds and courage.

atmospheric people gradually develop patterns and knowledge in dealing with people and dealing with others, accumulating blessings for themselves, and the road of life is getting wider and wider!

atmospheric people, free and easy to things, do not sink

Mr. Lin Qingxuan once said:

"there are nine times out of ten unsatisfactory things in life. I often think about one or two, but not eight or nine."

everyone's life can not be plain sailing, if something happens, they will sink into it and will only overwhelm themselves.

you might as well be an atmospheric person, free and easy in your heart, and learn to let it go.

the fate of the poet Su Dongpo is very bumpy. He is down and out all his life, and those twists and turns are hidden in his poems.

but in our impression, Su Dongpo is a full-blown optimist. He can make his life interesting and write the famous sentence that "the taste of the world is Qinghuan".

people often say that a good-looking skin is the same, and one in a million interesting souls. Su Dongpo is the most interesting soul in hundreds of years.

when he is down and out, he can create the delicious Dongpo meat that has spread through the ages.

when he couldn't open the pot at home, he invented a way to "look at the meat to stop his cravings", which made the whole family laugh.

although there are many tribulations and pains in life, he can still live in flowers, stretch his brows and be carefree.

Laozi once said, "misfortune and good fortune depend on each other, and everything is good and bad."

whenever it is the shadow side, the other side is the sun, life, turn a corner, turn out, you will see the bright.

in life, many things are inevitable, if you indulge in them, you will only bring yourself down.

it is better to think from a different angle, have Su Dongpo's open-minded and optimistic, and write a new movement for your life!

atmospheric people are open-minded to themselves, not persistent

it is said in the Book of morality: "he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise."

in fact, the enemy of each of us is not others, but ourselves.

once upon a time, when an old monk came down the stairs, he accidentally stepped on something and made a "bawling" sound. The old monk thought that he must have accidentally stepped on a frog.

at night, the old monk dreamt that countless frogs asked for their lives and broke out in a cold sweat. Early the next morning, he took his disciple to the Buddha to repent.

later, when a disciple was cleaning the yard, he found a crushed eggplant. It turned out that the frog chirping was the crushed eggplant.

the old monk felt relieved when he learned the truth.

in fact, in life, many times we will encounter such a situation, what bothers us is not the outside world, but from our heart.

as said in the Legend of Lu Xiang:

"there is nothing in the world to worry about."

only when you really let yourself go and reflect on yourself, can life be calm and calm.

to be a man, you must be blessed!

Li Siyan:

"Mount Tai does not allow the soil, so it can become large;

rivers and seas do not choose small streams, so they can become deep. "

it is precisely because of the tolerance of all things that there are mountains; the sea accepts all rivers, it has the width of the sea; it nourishes all things, it has the breadth of the land.

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if man is the atmosphere, he can hold the infinite expanse of heaven and earth in his heart.

be magnificent, be tolerant and considerate to others; learn to be open-minded and free and easy about things; be open-minded and not persistent to yourself.

being a man in an atmosphere, warm and considerate, and considerate of others, you can have both sides.

be a man in the atmosphereCalm and calm, do not panic in case of trouble, the future can be bright;

being a man in the atmosphere, he is broad-minded, magnanimous and will be light and healthy.

being a man in the atmosphere is the realm that everyone should pursue. Only when the atmosphere becomes great, the atmosphere can be in an invincible position.

be an atmospheric person for the rest of your life. If you are atmospheric, you will be blessed!