If there are these signs in the family, there must be a large number of talents and blessed children!
If there are these signs in the family, there must be a large number of talents and blessed children!
Family style is always the best family treasure.


there is a saying in Yi Zhuan: "the family that accumulates the good must have Yu Qing, and the family that accumulates the bad will have the aftermath."

the behavior of everyone in the family will affect the whole family.

in a person's good deeds, the blessings of his children and grandchildren are often hidden.

in the world of cause and effect, good is rewarded with good, and evil with evil. It is not that the time has not yet come.

if the following signs appear in a family, talents are doomed to emerge in large numbers, and their children are blessed to prosper!

there are good people in the family, and blessings come from them

Life is like a battlefield, no one is intact.

Xiao Gang said, "A good mind will be immortal."

kindness is the best armor to withstand storms, and good deeds are the best way to get blessings.

when there are good people in the family, good fortune comes.

Kou Hong in Journey to the West is a great benevolent man. Because he always likes to do good on weekdays, everyone calls him a "good man".

when the four Tang monks, masters and disciples, passed by to sleep at his house, he was overjoyed because he had always had the wish of a Buddhist monk, who had 9996 before that.

the gifts received from the good deeds of benevolent people affect the whole family and make their children rich and rich.

if a person does good deeds, he will never be the only one who will benefit. Blessings will spread to the whole family.

Fang Xiaoru said: "those who do good to others are morally successful, and those who have a good heart are better at home, and are happy for the children and grandchildren of those who do good."

those who have good thoughts, good intentions, and good deeds will be followed by blessings.

the hearts of the people are mutual, and those who help others must be helped.

A family has a filial son and a prosperous family

Lin Zexu said, "it is no good offering to God if you are unfilial to your parents."

to burn incense and pray for blessings, it is better to be filial to your parents. "filial piety comes first". To do a hundred good deeds is better than to pour a bowl of water for your parents at home.

there are gods in the first three feet, and those who pay attention to filial piety to their parents will be blessed. Shun is a good example.

Shun, whose family is poor and has experienced ups and downs, can become one of the "three emperors and five emperors", which is inseparable from his "filial piety".

because he still adhered to filial piety to his parents who abused and harmed him, he was famous and praised, which made him recommended when Emperor Yao asked Siyue for his successor.

later, Yao married his two daughters to Shun and wanted to examine his character and ability.

he let them live in harmony with the whole family and deal with other things with both IQ and EQ, which can be said to be passed with full marks.

because of filial piety, he had both virtue, wisdom and talent, and even Mencius highly respected Shun's filial piety and made the world look like Shun.

if Shun lost his filial piety, this story would be gone. The Historical Records says: "the world is enlightened and virtuous, all from Yu Shun."

the perfect virtue of man begins not only with Shun, but also with filial piety.

filial piety will go smoothly, and when children and grandchildren see it, they will also be filial to themselves and handed down from generation to generation, so that their families and industries will prosper.

A virtuous family will last forever

if a man is not virtuous, there will be disaster.

A child seat will deform and collapse when it is forcibly sat on by an adult.

A person who takes something that does not belong to him will pay the price sooner or later.

as the saying goes, "a gentleman loves money and takes it wisely." he will do whatever it takes to get something that does not belong to him, and he will return it sooner or later.

all we have at the moment is our own blessings, the "things" that are imperceptibly pressed on us, and can only be carried by virtue.

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in life, because of the competitive mentality, many children always ask their parents for brand-name shoes, brand-name clothes, and expensive mobile phones. They have not yet started to work, but want the highest configuration in all aspects of life.

do not realize that if virtue does not match, there will be aftermath.

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "Heaven is healthy, the gentleman strives for continuous self-improvement; the terrain Kun, the gentleman carries things with virtue."

A man is blessed if he is virtuous.

if there are virtuous people in a family, the family and their descendants will pay attention to virtue imperceptibly, and the fine family style will last forever, and the family will prosper forever.

the contribution lies in the present age, and the benefit lies in a thousand years

the blessings produced by good people, filial sons and virtuous people in the family will benefit from generation to generation.

if a family shows the above three signs, we must cherish them, let them be passed on from generation to generation, and let the family prosper.

Family style is always the best family treasure.

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