If the pattern is bigger, life will go smoothly.
If the pattern is bigger, life will go smoothly.
Feelings are only a part of life, and they will no longer be entangled with painstaking trifles.

what exactly is the big pattern

pattern is the breadth and vastness of one's spiritual world.

refers to a person's far-sighted vision, magnanimity and mind, and a sense of mission and responsibility that can take into account the interests of the public.

can have the courage and wisdom that ordinary people do not have, can gladly accept the best gifts in life, but also accept the worst arrangements in life, and never complain about the attitude towards life.

there is a proverb that is particularly vivid: no matter how big a pancake is, it is not as big as the pot in which it is burned.

you can make a cake, but no matter how big the cake is, it will be limited by that pot.

the future we hope for is just like this big cake. Whether we can make a satisfactory "big cake" depends entirely on the "pot" in which it is branded.

at work, people with a large pattern know how to ignore their personal emotions, look at the whole thing from a higher standpoint, and devote more energy to improving their ability and performance.

if the pattern becomes bigger, life will go smoothly

all our pain is not the pain itself, but the inability to see through, understand and explain the problems of life.

to sum up, even if the pattern is not enough, most of your pain comes from it.

our Chinese characters skillfully embody such a truth:

A person standing on a mountain is looking at the magnificence of the stars, the vastness of heaven and earth, and a long-term vision, so he is a "fairy".

A man standing in the valley is committed to the bottom of the valley, his eyes are trivial, and his vision is narrow and limited, so he is a "vulgar" person.

to be a man, as long as you have a certain pattern, you should first "see yourself" and understand your strengths and weaknesses.

then "see heaven and earth", see clearly the vastness of heaven and earth, their own small, will be able to live a small life.

pattern often determines how high we can see and how far we can go.

change yourself and improve the pattern

raise the height of the target

A person's goal is to live a different life, whether it is trivial or starry.

when setting a goal, set the maximum value that can be achieved.

never limit your goal to a present, small world, but dare to embrace a broader, higher world.

increase the breadth of knowledge

want to improve your knowledge, read more, ask for advice from excellent people, and talk to people with depth.

with more knowledge and knowledge reserves, we can naturally talk eloquently.

enhance the depth of cognition

shallow people are more terrible than ignorant people.

if you want to increase your depth, you should not only see more, but also think from multiple angles.

the same phenomenon is seen by others as lively on the surface, and you can see the problems reflected behind it.

learn to think dialectically and not explain everything with simple right and wrong.

ask a few more questions about why, and you will always see the nature of the problem, establish a sound cognitive system of thinking, and know how to solve the problem.

people who really have a pattern are often those who can see both the trees and the forest.

know how to move on

on the road of life, the best way is to look forward.

if one is always addicted to the past, he is doomed not to go far away.

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you can sail a boat as much as you have in mind, and you can write out the outcome as much as you have in mind.