If I don't love you deeply, men won't contact you at this time.
If I don't love you deeply, men won't contact you at this time.
The subtleties are most affectionate.

all say: "how long a relationship can last, there can be a sign at the end."

Yes, you can't hide if you love someone, even if you don't.

when someone loves you, as long as you take a small step, the other person will come to you and finish the remaining 99 steps.

the person who doesn't love you will not take a step forward even if you take 99 steps alone.

some women are always fascinated by the sweet words of men and are inseparable from love, but they do not know whether they love or not, which can be seen from these three details.

do not love you deeply, men will not take the initiative to contact you at these three times.

when you are lonely and helpless

there is a popular video on Douyin:

the man complained and asked the girl, "Why do women always ask men to reply to messages in time? when you need me, I have to be there?"

the girl cried and said, "because if you miss the time when I need you most, it will be meaningless for you to show up again."

Yes, for women, the best love is not how much to give, but when to give.

my college classmate Xiaowen and her boyfriend have been in love for 4 years, and they have reached the age of talking about marriage in a twinkling of an eye, but most of the people around them are not optimistic about them.

the reason still falls on those nuances.

Xiaowen works in an Internet company. She often works overtime until more than 11:00 in the evening, but her boyfriend doesn't care. She comes home every day and opens the door to hear her boyfriend snoring.

there was another rainstorm, my boyfriend's cell phone was turned off, and Xiaowen almost had a car accident.

because of such trifles, the two quarreled many times, and each time Xiaowen asked, "Why are you not by my side when I am most helpless?"

the boyfriend replied perfunctorily, never changing.

Venus once said:

"if a man feels sorry for you to squeeze the bus, complains that you don't eat on time, keeps reminding you to drink less and hurt your health, tells you to be safe when you get home from work on cloudy and rainy days, and sends funny text messages to coax you when you are sick, please ignore him. Then be with the person who can drive you, accompany you when you get sick, eat with you, and pick you up after work. Because we are all too old to listen to love. "

it is better to say "I love you" ten thousand times than to take a down-to-earth action.

Don't easily immerse yourself in the cost-free love words of a man, and don't cry for a man who doesn't love you enough.

in your loneliest time, the man who takes the initiative to contact you and solve the problem for you is worthy of your deep love.

when his heart is tired and confused

there is a classic line in "do you know if it should be green, fat, red and thin":

"to be with others, we ultimately rely on the lowest point of that character."

this sentence is very good.

I think that whether you can marry a person or not is not what he looks like in his prime, but depends on his trough and how a man treats you when he is confused and tired.

one of my colleagues, Xiao Lin, often shares interesting stories between her and her husband after dinner.

once, she mentioned that her husband started his business in his early years, when the two were still boyfriend and girlfriend, the company was in danger, the capital chain was about to break, the company was in jeopardy, and she was still taking doctoral exams, and there was a lot of pressure.

at that time, Xiao Lin wanted to give up his PhD and hurried out to work in order to do more for him.

but the boyfriend made a phone call a day, never mentioned his own pressure, and encouraged Xiao Lin not to have a burden and boldly pursue his dreams.

two days before Kobayashi's exam, he specially took time from the company to see Kobayashi and sent a bouquet of flowers.

Kobayashi said that at that time, he decided that he would marry this man in the future, regardless of whether he was admitted to the doctorate or not.

because he thinks about everything for himself when he is too busy to take care of himself.

you see, the man who really loves you is never willing to throw his own pressure on you, but wants to carry more for you.

even if I am in a confused trough, I will take the initiative to contact you and care about you.

as Sanmao said:

"the most beautiful thing in a relationship like love is to add icing on the cake, but the most valuable thing is to help you in time."

A man, when the scenery is boundless, is good to you, that's just the icing on the cake.

on the contrary, when he is confused and depressed, he can still take care of your emotions and think about you all the time.

Women, don't be too moved by those feelings that go well with the wind.

where things go wrong, you can see love.

when you have quarrels and conflicts

the love between Yuan Yongyi and Zhang Zhilin has always been talked about with great interest.

the two have unwittingly been sprinkling dog food for 20 years since they got married in 1992.

once on a program, the host asked, "if you have a fight, who usually bows his head first?"

Zhang Zhilin almost blurted out, "of course it's me. I coaxed her."

Yuan Yongyi said: in fact, the two people are really not models of love. Just like ordinary people, they will quarrel and have a cold war, but Zhang Zhilin is willing to bow his head and coax himself first, so the relationship can go on slowly.

you see, there is no perfect love, but those who love you are willing to shield you from grievances with their flesh.

If a man is willing to take the initiative to bow his head and contact you when you have quarrels and contradictions, he must love you to the bone and really take you to heart.

as Gottman said:

"the key to the success of a relationship is not in a candlelight dinner or on a romantic beach, but in loving your partner more than you care about yourself."

the subtleties are the most affectionate.

the man who loves you will not poke people in the heart when you quarrel.

will not first rely on emotional cold violence to show you the face;

will not get angry and slam the door, leaving you with a broken heart alone.

the so-called love must be:

know how to restrain and be willing to bow.

when you are angry, the man who can contact you first and is willing to put down his face to cheer you up must know how to cherish it.

Su Cen said:

"to maintain a relationship, it is never about making concessions and making do."

if you encounter a non-human being, those small injuries will only make people's hearts wither and decay like withered grass day by day.

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if you meet a man who really knows how to love you, the love shining in those details is enough to withstand the long and trivial life.

Don't force those who are not suitable to stay; for painful love, know how to let go.

spend the road of life hand in hand, with one heart and one mind to the white head.

, good night.