If everyone does not talk about human affairs, there is nothing in the world.
If everyone does not talk about human affairs, there is nothing in the world.
Be merry in time, just be idle people.

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there are books

someone once joked: "if a man lives in the world, he lives in things."

there are tens of millions of people and thousands of things in the world.

there are people who "care about family affairs, state affairs, world affairs and everything", others "put an end to the affairs of kings and win fame before and after death", and others "see all things rise and fall in the world, never rich and poor."

but no matter how many things are going on in ancient and modern times, in the end, they are all in the middle of jokes.

Life is often unsatisfactory, so you might as well smile.

in fact, many seemingly troublesome things in life depend on how you look at them.

when the mood is simple, life is simple.

learn to be an "idle man" and you will find that the world is far better than we thought.

Liugen Qingjing prescription is Tao

retrogression is actually forward

this poem comes from "transplanting Yangge" written by an eminent monk in the post-Liang period of the five dynasties.

the eminent monk comes from a peasant family. although he is short, he is very strong and is very good at transplanting rice seedlings.

one day, he planted rice seedlings in the field.

inadvertently, he found that it was his step-by-step retreat that led to the progress of the seedlings.

then, he suddenly realized: "retrogression, it is forward!"

sometimes, retrogression is not self-indulgence, but moving forward in a different direction.

Zhang Zhidong, a famous minister in the late Qing Dynasty, was thin and short. When he took over as governor of Huguang, a local painter painted a watercolor painting of "three short anecdotes".

these three dwarfs are Zhang Zhidong and his two subordinates.

painting is finished, the painter openly hangs it on his own exhibition in order to amass popularity.

when people heard this, they all came to see the art exhibition, hoping to see Zhang Zhidong's "beautiful appearance".

this painting does its best to make Zhang Zhidong, who is not handsome, even more ugly.

even the subordinates couldn't bear to watch it, and they all demanded that the painter be arrested.

but Zhang Zhidong chose to take a step back: he actually bought the painting out of his own pocket.

the painter who despised him was admired by this move. From then on, he was respectful to him, and no more defamation came out.

Zhang Zhidong defused the slander of others by retreating into progress. It is admirable that he is so wise.

but in the earthly world, how many people really understand the wisdom of "retreat"?

there is a saying in Cai Gentan:

"how can you be happy if you don't take a step back in the world, such as a moth throwing a candle and a sheep touching the vassal?"

it takes courage to go further and wisdom to take a step back.

road is still the road. To take a step back is not to muddle along, but to leave more space for life.

the vast sea of people, personnel ups and downs, retreat into progress, is the road.

the wind sends the sound of water to the pillow

Moon moving mountain shadow to the window

during the Song Dynasty, a monk came to Dalongshan to ask Master Hongji about Zen.

the monk asked:

"what is subtle Zen?


Master Hongji replied, "the wind sends the sound of water to the pillow, and the moon moves the shadow of the mountain to the window."

the sound of the water caressed the riverside again and again with the wind, and the shadow of the mountains was slowly moved to the window by the moon.

this is not only the environment of spiritual practice, but also the mood of spiritual practice.

there are words in Tan Jing:

"it is not Zen on the outside, but there is no chaos on the inside."

spiritual practice is about cultivating the mind. To cultivate the mind, you must first meditate.

when you are calm, you are idle, and when you are idle, you are divine. Only in this way can you not be disturbed by external things.

Zeng Guofan was very impatient when he was young, and every time he encountered an emergency, he was like an ant on a hot pan.

in order to get rid of this problem, he once asked Tang Jian, a famous Neo-Confucianism minister, for advice. Tang Jian gave him the word "Jing".

from then on, Zeng Guofan sat quietly for a while every day to think about what had happened.

especially when you encounter an important choice, you often sit in a quiet room and think it over and weigh it carefully before making a decision.

sometimes in order to make the atmosphere quieter, he will light a piece of incense to calm himself down.

whenever there is such a situation, no matter how big the family is, it will not disturb him.

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many of Zeng Guofan's experiences and methods of life, scholarship and politics are gained from this "meditation."

even he himself said:

"the mind can be quiet, but there is nothing wrong with all the changes."

silence is silent, but it is very powerful.

the hustle and bustle of the world, how impetuous, if you want a pure land, it is better to meditate.

because a quiet life will not escape the troubles of the world, but is willing to enjoy inner happiness.

in this way, I have nothing to do with my leisure, sit and lie down with my heart, and enjoy a period of fun in a light meal.

come quietly and go quietly, just like clouds and running water, naturally pure.

get drunk today

tomorrow's worries come tomorrow

in the Tang Dynasty, where the imperial examinations were popular, countless talented people dreamed of getting to the top of the imperial examinations, but some always failed.

Luo Yin is one of them.

he took part in the imperial examination at the age of 27 and failed more than ten times in a row.

however, he did not worry about this. While other candidates were worried about the failure of the imperial examination, he raised his glass and sang songs:

what you get is to sing and lose, and to worry and hate is also leisurely. If you get drunk today, worry about tomorrow and worry about tomorrow.

singing and dancing soothes Luo Yin's sadness, gives him the courage to fight again and again, and leaves the world with an attitude of having fun in time and living in the present.

23-year-old Yuan Mei stood out early in the imperial examination, in one fell swoop high school Jinshi, entered the Imperial Academy, Ren Shu Jishi.

the young man joined the government and made brilliant achievements, but when his official career was successful, he resigned and returned to his hometown on the pretext of "Ding worry about waiting for his mother."

Yuan Mei resigned because he saw that many officials were "nothing but Taiwan sentry, welcome, and slaves for senior officials." this is completely different from his longing for a life where "the scenery is so enjoyable, no matter how many stems are white."

Yuan Mei, who resigned from office, began to take care of her own garden, which was originally the garden of Cao Xueqin's grandfather Cao Yin, the predecessor of the Grand View Garden in A Dream of Red Mansions, which was bought by Yuan Mei and renamed "Suiyuan".

Suiyuan has since become Yuan Mei's spiritual harbor.

but when the garden was finished, he decided to tear down the wall around the garden and hang a couplet at the gate:

send cranes to look for mountain birds and let anyone come to see the 04:00 flowers.

in addition, Yuan Mei has a fondness for delicious food. After the completion of the park, Wang Xiaoyu, a famous chef in Nanjing, volunteered to enter the park and became Yuan Mei's private chef.

since then, with the name of the park in the south of the Yangtze River, up to poets and poets, and down to the common people in the city, they are all proud of "having entered the garden with food".

the carefree life in Suiyuan has fulfilled Yuan Mei's long-cherished wish. He lives like a landscape painting every day:

"every morning, the nectar in the flowers, fragrance gives birth to the viscera, cool the heart and spleen, claiming that there is a feeling of elation between the chest and diaphragm."

Ouyang Xiu said, "it takes a young man to have fun. Look at the loser before you respect him."

having fun in time is not indulgence, but an attitude of living in the present and the most basic respect for years.

in order to be happy and timely, how can you wait for Laiz?

the future is not long, why don't we grasp the present and not waste this life.

Don't talk about human affairs to everyone

means people who have nothing to do with anything in the world

when the poet du Xunhe lived in seclusion in Jiuhua Mountain,

often sit with monks and talk about Zen.

these two poems were written by him when he saw a monk meditating.

when he saw the monks meditating like dead wood, they were not at all burdened by external objects, as if they were "people with no trouble" outside the world.

many things in the world come from the mouths of many people.

sometimes, your complaints about life will only make you farther and farther away from the world.

after losing her son, Mrs. Xianglin, written by Lu Xun, said to everyone, "I am so stupid, really."... "

those who speak right and wrong must be right and wrong, and only by dealing with themselves calmly can they not be disturbed by right and wrong.

the great poet Liu Yuxi was demoted,

the place is remote and uninhabited, except for a river at the gate

keep company with water.

but Liu Yuxi ignored it, looked at the boundless river and gladly wrote two lines of poetry:

facing the big river and watching the white sail, I was arguing with the state.

when the county magistrate heard this, he was very unhappy, so he arranged Liu Yuxi from the south to the north of the city. This residence is even worse, not only the room is small, the original river has also become a small river.

however, Liu Yuxi was not angry. Looking at the spring in his eyes, he wrote:

weeping willow Qingqing river, people in Liyang heart in Beijing.

when the county magistrate heard this, he became angry and found a worse house for Liu Yuxi. The house is so small that it can only fit in a bed, a chair and a desk.

but Liu Yuxi still had no waves in his heart, but wrote down calmly:

"if the mountain is not high, it will be named if there is an immortal." The water is not deep, but if there is a dragon, it will be a spirit. "

the pen falls and the ink stops, and the "shabby inscription" becomes. Liu Yuxi asks people to engrave this article on a stone tablet and stand in front of the door to express his indifference.

Wang Zengqi wrote in the vegetation of the World:

"all things in the world have feelings, and it is rare to be at ease."

A person's calm and open-minded are often reflected in the most depressed time. People who are calm and open-minded see everything the most, see the lightest, and see the least.

Life is no more than a hundred years. It is better to be open-minded and relaxed than to live a melancholy life.

from then on, the full moon is poetry, the lack of moon is wine; looking up is spring, bow is autumn. Wouldn't you be happy?

Life is like a flying boat. When you set out, rivers and seas are the rest of your life.

We tend to confine ourselves to trifles and lose the vastness we should have.

in life, when we encounter something difficult, we might as well stop or take a step back and think about it. You may find that "there seems to be no road, but there is another village around the corner."

at work, when too much pressure sweeps in, don't be impetuous and anxious, learn to calm your heart down.

as the saying goes: if you set your mind, you will be satisfied with everything. Only when we are in a good mood can we start better.

in the process of interacting with family and friends, don't worry too much about gains and losses, more understanding and tolerance, less blame and complaining. If you have measurement, you can prosper.

as the ancients said, "if you are less than one hundred years old, you often have a thousand years of worry."

if you want to break free from this shackle, you must understand:

take the retreat as the advance, meditation is not ancient and modern. Be merry in time, just be idle people.

in the midst of great waves, I am neither happy nor afraid.

that's fine.