If a man is immoral, he must destroy himself (depth)
If a man is immoral, he must destroy himself (depth)
Only by planting good causes can you get good results.

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Unlimited scenery in life, wrapped in straw mats after death.

the most distressing scene in A Dream of Red Mansions is the death of Wang Xifeng.

A broken straw mat and dishevelled hair were dragged a long mark in the vast snow. This is the end of Wang Xifeng.

when she treats other people's lives like rubbish for the sake of money, and even says bluntly, "I never believe in retribution in hell," she probably never thought her ending would be so miserable.

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "if virtue does not match, there must be disasters; virtue is thin and respectable, wisdom is small but great, strength is small but responsibility is heavy, rarely inferior."

the so-called "virtue" here is not a simple moral meaning, but includes morality, wisdom and talent.

A person's moral cultivation, coupled with what he has done, is his virtue.

as the saying goes, "people cannot stand without virtue, and the country will not flourish without virtue." the most terrible thing in the world is not ignorance or poverty, but immorality.

you can be ordinary

but not immoral

Mr. Lin Yutang once wrote in his book: "money can discredit the humble, but embolden the noble."

many people have fantasized about getting rich overnight, but for some people, windfall is sometimes a sudden disaster.

in 2008, Chen, a 25-year-old hit worker, bought two two-color balls at a lottery store and won 10 million yuan.

when the reporter asked him what he most wanted to do after winning the lottery, he said that he would build a "Fucai Road" for his hometown.

"because the road in my hometown is so difficult to walk, it is very inconvenient for villagers to get in and out because they are covered in mud in rainy days and gray in sunny days."

it is a pity that the road was not completed. When the money was really put into the account that day, Chen had forgotten all about building the road.

after getting rich overnight, Chen quickly divorced his wife, then bought a house, bought a car, and then raised a lover. Then he became addicted to gambling and once lost 400000 yuan in cash in one night.

by 2012, Chen was penniless, so he mortgaged his car and house from the bank and applied for a 200000 credit card to maintain his profligacy.

after maliciously overdrawing 190000, he had to hide around and evade his debts because he had no money to pay his debts.

until he was caught by the police in 2013, he had less than 80 yuan left on him and was buying another lottery ticket in a lottery store to try his luck.

from nothing to overnight wealth, and then back to poverty and prison. The drama of life is at a glance.

in the final analysis, it is Chen who is deficient in virtue, lack of ability, and does not have a clear understanding of himself, so that he loses himself in the face of sudden wealth and puts himself on a road of no return.

the ancients said: "if virtue is not worthy of virtue, its calamity will be cool; if it is not, its calamity will be great."

it is not necessarily a blessing to have virtue without talent, but talent without virtue is an absolute disaster.

in history, there has never been a shortage of tragedies caused by moral mismatch.

those who are small in wisdom and seek great things are like Zhao Kuo, who talks on paper.

since childhood, he has been familiar with the military books and talked endlessly about the ways of using soldiers. After he really went to the battlefield, he could only copy the military books without any flexibility. As a result, 400000 of Zhao's army was wiped out and he was also killed by random arrows.

those with small strength and heavy responsibilities, such as King Wu of Qin, win.

I thought to myself that I was born with divine power, brave and aggressive, and competed with others to lift the tripod. As a result, I was so tired that my eyes bled, so that the big tripod got rid of it and broke my shin. He died at the age of 23 and became a laughingstock.

as the saying goes: a man without character is not an adult; a man without virtue is not an instrument.

there may be differences between rich and poor in life, and there is inevitably a difference in talent, but the standards of virtue and upbringing are always the same.

to put it colloquially, you can be ordinary, but you can't be immoral.

your virtue

is your level

Zeng Guofan once said, "We can only rely on virtue and study."

he regards virtue and career as the foundation of life.

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keep a diary on weekdays, reflect on yourself every day, read and practice calligraphy, and cultivate your character.

above officialdom, it is like treading on thin ice, not greedy for money, not greedy for merit, honest and fair, and diligent.

someone once gave him a calligraphy by Wang Xizhi, but after reading it, he returned it in its original seal, saying that he dared not take it rashly.

he has been promoted to nine grades in a row, which, of course, is inseparable from the days when he stayed up late to read official documents without slacking off.

as the saying goes, "Heaven is healthy, the gentleman strives for continuous self-improvement; the terrain Kun, the gentleman carries things with virtue". The real long-term prosperity comes from the accumulation bit by bit.

instead of indulging in the bitter sea of material gain, it is better to calm down and improve your self-cultivation and ability, and time will give you the best return.

this is the reason for planting plane trees and attracting Phoenix.

Laozi said in the Daojing: "the good is like water, and the water is good and beneficial to all things without dispute, and it is better than Tao because of the evil of all."

Water is good at nourishing all things without competing with them, and only stays silently in an environment that people hate, so it is closest to "Tao".

the "Tao" here refers to the supreme virtue and conduct.

when Ye Shengtao became famous and went to teach, the experience column only wrote four words: "Primary School teacher".

Ji Xianlin claimed to be a teacher all his life: "IThe main job is to climb the grid. "

when Yang Jiang refused the publishing house, she only said humorously, "I'm just a drop of water, not soapy water. I can't blow bubbles."

those who really have good morality and self-cultivation tend to know more about low profile and humility.

like a spike of wheat in the field, it always holds its head proudly when it is empty, but bows its head when it is full and ripe.

as the old saying goes, "small victories depend on wisdom, great victories depend on virtue; virtue lies in accumulation, and goodness lies in deeds."

what really determines the level of life is the virtue one adheres to in his day-to-day life.

if virtue does not coordinate, there will be disaster; if virtue needs coordination, it will last for a long time.

those who walk magnanimously on the road of life know how to complement their moral character with their career and life.

they know that a gentleman loves money and takes it wisely; knows how to do good deeds without asking about the future; knows how to be modest and courteous, and has a good beginning and end.

the most important thing is that they never let themselves fall into the cage of desire.

your desires

be worthy of your ability

the writer Zweig has a saying: "all the gifts given by fate have already been secretly priced."

in modern society, everyone wants to go higher, and there is nothing wrong with everyone yearning for a better life and better enjoyment.

all the pursuit of life is our instinctive desire, but the logic of this can not be confused.

you always have to make yourself good before you have the ability and qualification to pursue a better life.

what I fear most is that some people only care about satisfying their desires and forget that the root of life lies in their own virtue.

do not realize that everything has its own cause and effect, and all desires and pleasures beyond their ability will eventually be paid for by themselves.

the anxiety and annoyance of modern people are mostly because desire is not worthy of ability, and ambition cannot keep up with ability.

there is a saying in psychology: when you can't afford something, you measure it by price, but when you really can afford it, you measure it by value.

if you really want something, you might as well turn your desire into motivation and improve your ability before you can turn "want" into "affordability".

otherwise, you will only let yourself sink deeper and deeper in the quagmire of desire.

for example, Li Si in the period of Qin Shihuang harmed many people, including his classmate Han Feizi, for his own future.

the King of Qin's appreciation of Han Feizi made Li Si very jealous, so he tried to frame Han Feizi, and finally forced Han Feizi to kill himself by taking medicine.

after Qin Shihuang died, Li Si conspired to tamper with Qin Shihuang's edict, making Hu Hai emperor.

from then on, the State of Qin was in jeopardy, and Lisi finally ended up plagiarizing his family and halving his family in the city.

when there are only interests and desires in one's heart, and do not pay attention to the cultivation of one's own morality, it has laid the foreshadowing of tragedy.

"Fan four trainings" says: "A hundred gold wealth must be a hundred gold figure, and a thousand wealth must be a thousand gold figure."

the surest way to really want something is to make yourself worthy of it.

instead of just thinking about using your brains to satisfy your over-inflated desires.

just like in the movie Yangtze River No. 7, Zhou Xingchi said, "although we are poor, we do not lie, we do not hit others, we do not take our things, we study hard and be useful to society."

pay attention to yourself when you are unknown, care about the people when you have status, and plant good causes in order to get good results.

born as a human being, you can not be excellent, you can not be outstanding, but you cannot do without conscience and bottom line.


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