If a couple wins more than three of the five signs before divorce, it will be very difficult for the marriage to continue.
If a couple wins more than three of the five signs before divorce, it will be very difficult for the marriage to continue.
There are no shortcuts to marriage, so you have to manage it more carefully.

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in the vast world of mortals, we are always eager to meet someone.

I hope TA can say, "Don't startle me, spare me pain, save me from wandering around, and spare me from having no branches to rely on."

it's just that the word "fate" is deep and shallow.

even if many people enter into marriage, they can't change the direction and outcome of happiness.

Nietzsche said:

"Marriage is like a long-term conversation. When you decide to get married, you have to consider whether you can talk and laugh until the end."

although the fate is scattered, there is providence, but a relationship from sweet to broken, in fact, there are signs a lot of times.

just like in the relationship between husband and wife, once these five signs appear, it is very difficult for the marriage to continue.

separate beds, or even separate beds

what is husband and wife?

husband and wife have been on the same ferry for a hundred years and sleeping together for a thousand years.

can sleep in the same bed, hug and sleep, the relationship can be more and more sweet.

otherwise, the marriage will die if the bed is separated for a long time.

it's like someone said:

"once a couple sleeps in separate rooms, it's hard to get back to the same bed."

most of the time, couples who sleep in separate beds or even separate rooms are really divided.

without the love between the ears and temples before going to bed, without a good morning when you wake up, the feelings will be weaker and weaker until you get used to it, until you are separated.

speak ill of each other and fight with each other

A relationship, how to judge that it has already broken up?

A clip from the movie Marriage Story gives us the best answer:

they tell each other about each other's advantages, words are full of praise and appreciation, everything is the traces of their love.

but after a change of camera, the two decided to divorce.

in order to fight for their own interests, they hired lawyers and did not hesitate to face each other in court.

when mediation failed, the two men directly tore their faces and began to resent each other.

Charlie even pointed at his wife and cursed, "I wish you would die!"

sad and heartbreaking.

as the saying goes, a good word warms you in three winters, but a bad word hurts you in June.

in the life of husband and wife, what they fear most is to say bad words to each other.

and the heart is broken, it's hard to fix it.

No longer have the desire to communicate

he Jing said this paragraph in "late Night Canteen":

"in a relationship, the most important thing is not appearance, nor bread, nor even loyalty, but sharing."

between husband and wife, communication is the most important.

there is always something to say to each other and something to share, which is the manifestation of the long-term vitality of marriage.

otherwise, the doors of each other's hearts will no longer be open, and the couple will become strangers living under the same roof.

for a long time, marriage life is like a pool of stagnant water, can no longer stimulate the waves of love blossoming.

some people say:

"the moment many marriages die is precisely the moment when couples have nothing to talk about."

in a marriage, the more silent two people are, the more estranged they become.

ignore giving, do not understand

once read such a sentence:

"what is a man's greatest tenderness?

I know what you've suffered for me, silly girl. "

in this way, we can work together for a lifetime.

on the other hand, if one party only knows how to take and only thinks about himself, then the relationship is doomed to not last.

because, in the world of marriage, it is difficult to support a single wood.

No longer trust, mutual suspicion

some people say:

"in a relationship, trust is the most important thing to maintain a good relationship."

the reason why many couples fall apart is largely due to mistrust.

once suspicion occurs, those who suspect are uncomfortable, and those who are suspected are even more uncomfortable.

over time, the original frank relationship also becomes more and more defensive against each other, more and more tired.

Ibsen said:

"Marriage is a great test of life. Indeed, it is easy to find a good lover, but it is difficult to live a good life. After all, once suspicion arises, it is always you who cannot get out."

people, do not hesitate to break up; the heart is not true but cold.

the more you guard against each other, the bigger the gap between the two hearts is, and when it is too big to repair, the marriage between two people will come to an end.

after all, if the heart is far away, the love will fade away.

I remember this passage in "in the mood for Love":

"I never thought that marriage was so complicated. I thought it would be fine for one person to do well, but it is not enough for two people to be together."

there are no shortcuts to marriage, so you have to work harder.

Learn to understand each other and cherish each other, so that the relationship can go in a happier direction.

, may you and I always go hand in hand with our loved ones and achieve each other in this materialistic world.

after the wind and rain, it is always sunny.

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