Idle people worry, lazy people get sick, busy people.
Idle people worry, lazy people get sick, busy people.
The fastest way to get rid of a person is to keep him idle all the time.

it is said in Caigen Tan: if life is too idle, don't try to steal it.

I think so.

people, it is a blessing to be idle, but a disaster to be idle.

if the machinery is idle for a long time, it is easy to rust and damage.

the same is true of life. If it has been abandoned for a long time, people will be abandoned.

as the Internet says, the quickest way to get rid of a person is to keep him idle.

when one is idle, one loses motivation, and it is easy to breed bad habits and laziness, which is enough to destroy a normal person.

there are many worries for idle people

as the saying goes: there are many idle people, but a hundred busy people can solve a thousand worries.

busyness makes us feel like we are really alive, while too much leisure can easily lead us into boundless anxiety and panic.

the most painful thing in the world is not the endless work, but the feeling of loss, fear and helplessness that has been idle for too long.

as Roman Roland said:

once people are too idle and have nothing to do, they are prone to wishful thinking, self-pity, and worry about gain and loss.

in a bad mood, he lost his good temper.

once people are too idle and confused, they are easy to be content with the status quo, do not want to make progress, and become lazy.

I got rid of my bad habits and lost my good habits.

as the saying goes, "if there is nothing, there will be trouble". Many troubles and pains in life are due to being too idle!

as Mr. Yang Jiang said:

"your biggest problem at the moment is to think too much and do too little."

the more idle a person is, the more sorrowful he is; the more idle he is, the lazier he is.

once laziness becomes a nature, it will seriously harm our bodies and lives.

lazy people are often ill

if leisure is a torment to the mind, then laziness is a loss to the body.

once people become lazy, many problems will come to them.

it is not difficult to find that those who are lazy tend to be listless and depressed.

because they have become accustomed to a comfortable life, both physically and mentally have been decadent for too long.

like flowers in a greenhouse, no matter how brilliant they are, they can't stand the slightest wind and rain.

and the grass in the field, the greater the wind and rain, the more vigorous it grows.

once a person is too lazy, he is not far from being abandoned.

there was a young man who was spoiled from an early age and became lazy when he grew up.

after his parents died, he could not even take care of himself and finally starved to death at home.

the villagers said that the young man's parents loved him so much that they never let him work.

"when he was 8 years old, his parents carried him with a burden when they went out to prevent him from walking."

"he sometimes tries to work, and when his parents see it, they say," go and play. Don't get tired. "

growing up in such an environment, young people have long been addicted to a comfortable life and would rather starve to death than do any work.

therefore, people cannot be idle or lazy.

Life is ruined when you are idle and lazy.

as the saying goes, "things go to the extreme". People who do nothing for a long time not only do not get the kind of ease they think they do, but will fall into deep fear and confusion.

if you live, you should give yourself something to do.

spend time in valuable places, add fuel to life, recharge life, life will be more meaningful.

most of the people who are really happy are "busy people".

busy people are happy

Carnegie, a famous American master of interpersonal relations, said:

"keep busy, it's the cheapest medicine in the world."

it is true.

busy is the cure for everything.

Mr. Fang Cheng, a famous cartoonist, was still very strong at the age of 89.

when someone asked him for advice on how to maintain good health, Mr. Fang only said one word: "busy."

later, he made another self-portrait of himself with the inscription:

"Life has always been very common, painting and writing articles by bike. Health depends on one word: busy. "

busyness is the best health care agent in life.

if you have something to do every day, you will have a taste of life, and doing nothing will only lead to trouble.

only when people are busy will they not leave gaps in their troubles.

only by learning to enrich yourself in busyness can life be meaningful.

both life and life are fleeting for everyone.

although we can't extend the length of life, we can broaden its width with busyness.

as director Takeshi Kitano said:

"although it is hard, I will still choose that kind of hot life."

Reading, writing, planting flowers, raising birds, sports, fishing.

all the things that keep you busy will eventually cure your life.

Mr. Shen Congwen said:

"what I fear most in my life is leisure, which will lose the meaning of life."

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the more idle people are, the lazier they are; the lazier they are, the more likely they are to be decadent.

keep yourself busy, you can have a goal and direction in life, and you can have a good life.

the rest of my life is not long, arrange your own time and live a wonderful day in order to live up to this life.

I wish you can grasp the rhythm of life and live a colorful life.