"I would rather be blatantly favored than like."
"I would rather be blatantly favored than like."
You will always be my preference and exception.

you can listen


see a short story on Weibo:

my 8-year-old nephew told me he was in love with a girl.

I asked him, "do you know what love is?"

he said, "I don't like fat ones, but she's fine if she's fat."

you see, even children know:

like is a preference.

Haruki Murakami said:

"biased love is exactly what I love most biased in this unreliable world."


but in a relationship, boys always like to be reasonable and logical.

as for girls, all she wants is favoritism and preference.

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many boys always don't understand that there is a big difference between love and preference.

and girls' sense of security does not come from love, but from preference.


preference is sung by Zhang Yunjing:

I said I wouldn't dodge, and I had to do it;

you have to love whether you listen or not, but try harder to love and make you understand.

preference is sung by TFBOYS:

I just want to spoil you, and I want to share happy things with you;

sad want to give you a shoulder, nervous for a person for the first time.

preference is traceable, and preference is declared to the public.

when it comes to preference, the first thing that flashes through my mind is Luo Jin and Tang Yan.

not long ago, the off-work pictures of the two men were once again put on the hot search, which caused a heated discussion among netizens.

Tang Yan's happiness is visible to the naked eye, which is probably what it looks like to marry love.

Tang Yan likes Disney dolls. Luo Jin specially bought a whole set for her when she went to Hong Kong to shoot a magazine.

on the stage, Tang Yan's shoes loosened. When Luo Jin saw it, he didn't even think of squatting down to help her tie her shoes.

the two work together to hand out candies to the audience during the New year, but Luo Jin secretly hid a few candies for Tang Yan.

as long as Tang Yan has a new work to be released, Luo Jin, who has not logged on to Weibo for a long time, will immediately become a publicity expert.

even if you are busy at work and do not have time to have dinner with Tang Yan and her friends, you will take the time to arrange a place to eat in advance.

will also be a part-time photographer for Tang Yan to shoot the most beautiful and sweetest candy.

Luo Jin practiced to tell us what preference is.

when I remembered that my friend was getting married, I asked her, when did she think it was him?

A friend smiles so much that his love will overflow.

she said:

one night we quarreled, and I said a lot of nasty things, and angrily pushed him out of the room and locked the door.

when I woke up the next day, I thought he must have run out to drown his sorrows with his friends.

with my favorite soup bag and Steamed Jiaozi in my hand.

then he said something that I think is the gentlest thing I've ever heard in my life, and he said,

No matter how much I said yesterday, we quarreled again.

I still love you when I wake up today.

you will always be my preference and exception.

when I used to watch Charlotte annoyance, I especially liked the plot of Charlotte going to Ma Dongmei and eating fennel noodles gravy again.

Charlotte said:

I have stomach trouble in winter, so you warm my stomach by rubbing your hands.

once I fell into a well and knocked my front tooth off.

you just stay with me and eat melon seeds while you accompany me.

in the end, all the melon seeds you took were for me. The first time you cooked for me was fennel noodles gravy.

you say the smell of fennel can make me think more about your goodness when I get tired of you in the future.

Kuang Kuang wrote in "there are Women from time to time": "all my life, I long to be collected, properly placed, and carefully preserved.


Don't startle me, spare me pain, save me from wandering around, save me from having no branches to rely on.

there is only one thing girls want from beginning to end, and that is a lot of preferences.

one day, there will be someone who will carefully read every moments you have posted.

read all your Weibo posts and capture your preferences.

take the trouble to look for information about you, listen to your favorite songs and watch your favorite movies.

sign in the tourist attractions you have been to and taste the delicious food you always yell about.

make up for what he is late for, about your youth.

then gently pat you on the head and say:

Thank you for your hard work in the days without me.

then leave it to me, my most biased child.

, I hope you can meet someone and give you all the preferences and exceptions.