"I would like a slower relationship."
"I would like a slower relationship."
Time will make love more complete.

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read a lovely and gentle little story:

there are 400 million roses in my yard. I sit at the door with a book every morning.

all the passers-by praise my roses, and some want to fold one or two, but I ignore them all.

until the day you came, you smiled and narrowed into a crescent moon and asked me what book I was reading.

I knew that these 400 million roses are all yours.

in fact, there is no shortage of love in this world, what is rare is understanding.

everyone comes for roses, but you come for me.

it is impossible for any relationship to be stable and long-term on the spur of the moment or external attractiveness. The person who really stays is because he came for you, and then he never thought of leaving.

because believe, so wait, because understand, so look forward to.

when I was in high school, I liked the saying, "the white head is as new, the cover is as good as ever".

means that some people spend their whole lives together, but when they are gray-haired, they still never really know each other and are as strange as newlyweds.

and some people may only meet by chance, but they feel like old friends who have known each other for many years.

the relationship when you grow up is often not as pure as it was when you were a child.

We know each other for various reasons, but we don't have much time to get to know each other.

sometimes when I'm in a bad mood, I hope to have someone who can understand me, but there are only a few thousands of friends on Wechat who can say something about themselves.

A lot of people are fine, a lot of people are busy, they don't know you, and they don't want to know you.

and those who will pay attention to you will become more precious and worth cherishing.

among the emotional confides encountered in recent years, the lack of a long relationship and the lack of sense of security accounted for a large proportion.

especially because the two people who talk to each other every day, many of them end up being the ones who don't delete or contact each other on Wechat.

every time I see such a story, I think of the famous movie "Love in" trilogy.

it's about an American boy who meets a French girl. They fall in love at first sight, and then they love each other deeply for many years.

the picture of the movie is also very simple, that is, the two of them have been talking.

is very beautiful, but the camera is always on the couple. Those buildings, sunset, gentle wind, are the foil.

when they are in their twenties and twenties, they talk about war, religion and death, in thirty-four or five, they think about what true love is, and when they are forty-three or four, they quarrel over the trifles of life.

novelty has been happening between two people, because the understanding of it is constantly being deepened.

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so you see, if you want to be real in love and life, you have to land in the end.

No matter how cute the emojis on Wechat are, they can't give you the heartbeat and joy when you hold hands. Good morning and good night, you always have to sit face to face together to know if two people have something in common.

get to know each other slowly, get to know it longer. Time will make love more complete.

long Dani has a habit of asking everyone to have dinner every time she finishes her work with a partner or team.

she said:

"only when we drink and eat hot pot face to face can we really understand what is going on with 'people'. There is no one or two words between people, which can be done by doing one or two PPT. "

her remark quite touched me.

the pace of life is getting faster and faster, and we are exposed to more and more information, but when we stop, we will find that we know less and less about the people around us.

think about the people you know very well. when was the last time you drank and talked together?

relationships are sustained by time, and people's hearts are warm by understanding. Only in this way can we be sure that you and I are not the trees that always pass by, but the ones who really share our hearts with each other.

the background of life is loneliness, the gray and white of loneliness is the red line implicated by those subtle relationships.

the warm moments in life that seem ordinary and connect with others actually hide a great sense of happiness.

, seriously love the world and the people around you who are always with you.

as Haizi said:

"if you come to earth, you should see the sun, walk in the street with your sweetheart, get to know her, and know the sun."

May you, too, slow down your life and get to know the people you care about. May you spend the rest of your life.