"I will support you all my life, but I love my wife."
"I will support you all my life, but I love my wife."
Thank you for being my father.

I didn't look alike when I was a child.

unlike father, not like mother, unlike aunt, not like uncle.

so much so that when friends saw the picture, they all said, "Uncle and aunt, this is a monkey."

is really black and ugly, like a monkey, anyway, my grandmother doesn't like me.

of course, my grandmother doesn't like me, not only because I am ugly, but also because of my father Lao Wu.

speaking, Lao Wu's fate is a little miserable.

my grandmother had three sons before she gave birth to Lao Wu.

so when I was pregnant with Lao Wu, I prayed that there was a girl in her belly every day, but there was another boy.

Grandma is so disappointed.

then I gave birth to my fifth child without giving up, and finally got my aunt.

in this way, Lao Wu became the most unfavored child in the family, even with me at Grandma's.

maybe it's guilt. Lao Wu is always trying to tease me.

when I was a child, he always said that I was bought by him for 250 eggs, because I was nothing like him.

I really believed it.

so the dream of the friends around me is to be a scientist and singer, my dream is to find my biological parents.

because I want to ask them face to face, why did they sell me for 250 eggs?

when I finally grew up and gradually realized that 250 was swearing, I got even with Lao Wu.

Lao Wu smiled and said, when did I say, do you have any proof?

I'm telling you, my baby girl, she won't change her money. How is it possible to get 250 eggs?

I am powerless to refute.

as a matter of fact, in Lao Wu's place, I really don't change my money. Even if I had a brother in my family when I was in junior high school.

the day my brother and mother came back from the hospital, Lao Wu went to buy a set of semi-classical Chinese historical records and the whole family bucket of KFC.

it was the first time in my life to eat KFC. I was so excited that there was no need to lose.

Lao Wu held me as I was eating chicken legs, pointed to the baby in my mother's arms and said, this is your brother.

Don't worry, with him, what I love most is you. After your quarrel, Dad will always be on your side.

I'm a little confused.

As a matter of fact, he and his mother are more partial to me.

Lao Wu always said, my sister is a girl, my mother is a goddess, and we are men. We should give way to them and protect them forever.

look at this ideological consciousness. If men all over the world think so, where will there be any resentful women, all of them are fairies.

my old Wu is not saying it casually. He has been carrying out this sentence with his younger brother.

before I went to high school, I never did housework because of Lao Wu's doting.

once my mother asked me to choose coriander.

I promised and said, OK, no problem, look at me. I took parsley to the living room and worked while watching TV.

when I went to my mother with the fruits of my work, my mother almost beat me.

I threw away all the leaves of parsley, leaving only the stalks in the basin. I asked with a puzzled look on my face, isn't that how it is done?

Lao Wu is giggling. My girl won't. I just want her to do nothing. In this way, she will be happy to get married later.

my mother said, you think all the men in the world are like you, she can't do anything, and the days to bear hardships will be there.

this made Lao Wu a little sad. He said, "it's all right. I'll keep her for the rest of my life."

Lao Wu may really be ready to support me for the rest of his life. Anyway, he won't allow me to go out of town.

the university entrance examination is only allowed in Changchun.

but I was rebellious at that time, and there was a distance in the girl's heart, so I said very seriously at the dinner table, I want to go to the south, I want to see the outside world.

Lao Wu became very popular at once.

he said, what if you go so far away, what if you talk about a boyfriend out of town?

what if you marry far away and others bully you. You should die of this heart.

my mother said beside me, are you thinking too far?

Lao Wu glared at her and said, how far is it? Where is it far? That's what I thought when she was born.

Don't marry far away, don't marry far away.

I was frightened by Lao Wu's posture.

just as I was about to retort, Lao Wu suddenly softened down and said, Wu Jiajing, I'm telling you, if you go so far, in case your mother and I have anything to do one day, when you get back, you may not even see your mother and me for the last time.

Lao Wu's move was so powerful that it touched my weakness and I gave in.

I stayed in Changchun to go to college.

is the age when I like to play. On weekends, I am so busy having dinner and singing with my friends that I don't want to go home at all.

and as long as he hasn't come home for more than three weeks, Lao Wu will call and say, "your wings are hard, right? do you still have a home?"

at that time, I felt that Lao Wu had more control, which annoyed him.

once I had a quarrel with him about this. After the quarrel, Lao Wu said sadly, "your mother is worried that you are being cheated alone. Every week, your mother will come back and take it easy."

my mother is laughing at him. Don't worry about yourself. Don't involve me. I feel at ease about my daughter.

Lao Wu probably didn't expect my mother to dismantle the platform like this and turned away a little sheepishly.

before I went to college, Lao Wu always worried about my puppy love.

actually secretly liked one or two boys.

It wasn't until the year I graduated from college that I had my first real boyfriend.

but Lao Wu Heng is not satisfied with it. He said that his education is not high enough. What if he can't earn money in the future?


is not good-looking, the child will be very ugly. Split it up.

my mother laughed at him. You think your daughter is so beautiful.

Lao Wu said, of course, my wife comes first and my daughter comes second.

my mother laughs like a flower, and Lao Wu is invincible when she talks about love.

I can't help it, so I have to date my boyfriend secretly.

later, when my boyfriend came every day, Lao Wu probably saw that he was kind to me, and slowly he didn't say anything more.

but my mother later said, in fact, your father was very contradictory at that time, worried that stopping you would make you miss out on happiness.

and worry that you will pay foolishly and be entrusted with no one else. Often wake up in the middle of the night.

my nose is a little sore when I hear this.

during that time, Lao Wu lost 400000 because he invested in a friend's project.

plus the family has just built a factory, so I don't have much money on hand.

When I talked to my boyfriend about getting married in private, I told him all this frankly.

but unexpectedly, after hearing this, my boyfriend said, "then the bride price when we get married is for us, right?"

your family won't stay and pay off the debt, will you?

that's selling your daughter.

I was dumbfounded and immediately broke up in a fit of anger.

I went home crying that day.

Lao Wu saw that something was wrong with me and chased me and asked what was going on.

I have been unable to hide things since I was a child. As soon as I was pressed by him, I told the truth.

after hearing this, Lao Wu almost went to get even with his ex-boyfriend with an iron bar, and was finally stopped by my mother.

on that day, Lao Wu drank drunken wine and tears whirled in his eyes. He kept saying, "how can the baby I put in the palm of my hand be so bullied by others?"

I feel sorry for such Lao Wu.

so when my current boyfriend came to admit his mistake and wanted to get back together, I firmly refused.

when Lao Wu knew about it, he began to worry again. He was afraid that my marriage would be ruined because of him.

Lao Wu said that what you like is the most important, and it is up to you to live with him in the future.

if you like him, we will be nice to him, so good that he is embarrassed to bully you.

he added, "go and tell him that I will definitely leave the bride price to you two. Although the business fails, I will keep your dowry money."

Why don't you talk to him again?

I'm going to cry.

I fell in love, causing Lao Wu to suffer so many grievances and worry so much. I'm not getting back together.

after being lovelorn for a year, I met Zhao Lang.

We went to high school together, and we are also close to each other. It's only a ten-minute drive.

Lao Wu bought a case of beer and food after he knew that Zhao Lang and I were in love.

my mother asked him why he suddenly wanted to drink today.

Lao Wu said, there is no reason to drink.

in fact, my mother and I both know that Lao Wu is upset.

he began to struggle again, for fear that I was entrusted with someone else.

I comforted him and said, Dad, it's okay. Oh, I'm so close to his house.

if Zhao Lang bullies me, you and my mother can save me in ten minutes.

you miss me. I can come back at any time.

my mother was amused by me nearby, but Lao Wu said with a look of disgust, "you'd better not come back. I finally married you out, and you often bring someone back for dinner, so I won't pay for it."

but as Lao Wu spoke, his eyes were clearly red.

fatherly love is similar all over the world, but the only difference is the way of expression.

in fact, Lao Wu is a very emotional person.

He kept crying when his aunt's cousin got married.

all his relatives laugh at him. You can cry like this. What can you do when you marry your daughter?

Lao Wu cried and said, "I'm not going to my girl's wedding."

I'm going to set off firecrackers at home to celebrate and finally send this annoying spirit away.

everyone laughed along.

I laughed, too. In fact, I felt very uncomfortable.

I don't know how frustrated my old Wu was on my wedding day.

I can't see him crying.

he is different from other people's father. He is a crying father.

but he is very stubborn in front of me.

when I have trouble at work, he will send me all kinds of chicken soup every day.

he left all the words that cared about and comforted me to my mother.

he also found all kinds of jokes and jokes on the Internet and asked my mother to tell me until he amused me.

so from small to big, whenever I encounter any problems, I know that there is a strong backing behind me. I never know what loneliness is.


Lao Wu grew up with me in his unique way.

in a flash, I am 25 years old. Lao Wu and my mother have been married for 26 years.

On his wedding anniversary, he posted a circle of friends showing his love.

he said: we have known each other for 30 years, and we have spent 26 years together through ups and downs.

you have changed from a flower-like girl to what you are now.

No matter what happens in the future, you are in my heartIt is the most beautiful Xi Shi. Honey, thanks for your hard work.

also specially matched a picture of his wall dong my mother.

my brother and I laughed at him in the family group. Dad, you started sprinkling dog food again.

isn't it everyday for him to reply to us?

I laughed loudly at this sentence.

Lao Wu is right. This is the daily life of him and my mother.

his daily life with my mother is to sprinkle dog food in front of me and my brother.

for a while, he suddenly changed my mother's remarks to his wife, and forced my mother to change his notes to her husband.

that's not enough. I have to get them a couple's avatar.

my brother and I can't laugh or cry.

since the day she married Lao Wu, my mother has been treated like a princess and doesn't have to worry about big or small things.

by the way, she has never cut her own nails. Lao Wu cuts her nails. Once I said, ah, cut it out for me by the way.

Lao Wu, go back to me. That's your husband's business. I only serve my wife.

"didn't you say you would support me for the rest of my life?"

"Yes, but I love my wife.


well, I can't refute it.

when our family of four went out, Lao Wu and my mother always held hands, and my brother and I followed.

sometimes when I look at their backs, I feel that the years are quiet and the world is beautiful.

actually, I should thank Lao Wu.

not because he is my father, not because he raised me, but because he set an example and told me and my brother what a good man, a harmonious and happy family is like.

so even if we knew that the marriage was rough, my brother and I would not be afraid.

because I have seen him and my mother fall in love, I know that there is really a hand in this world and grow old together.

when I was a child, I didn't understand why some girls wanted to marry their fathers when they grew up.

now I know, because in this world, there may never be another man who is so kind to us.

it's a pity that old Wu Mingcao has an owner, but I can't pry it yet.

Thank you for being my father, Lao Wu.