I really want to be loved firmly.
I really want to be loved firmly.
Love is a choice, and love is necessary to you.

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in a relationship, in fact, many girls are like this:

expect to be firmly loved by a person.

he makes you understand that you are not dispensable, but unique and irreplaceable.

some time ago, Zhang Jie wished Xie Na her birthday on Weibo: sharing the dubbing clips of us playing together, every moment with you is so happy! Happy birthday, Na. Oh, love you.

in the video, there is a marriage proposal scene from Friends. Zhang Jie in the dubbing says, "you have made me more happy than I can imagine." he asked Nana if she would marry him, and Nana cried and said yes.

recall that Xie Na also posted a handwritten message card by Zhang Jie a few days ago.

Xie Na wrote on Weibo: I didn't sleep well when I coughed last night. I got up this morning to see a handwritten message card from Brother Jay and a bag of cough medicine. I felt much better instantly. Thank you for your warm company.

full of Zhang Jie's thoughtfulness and love for Xie Na.

their love was not favored at the beginning, because at that time, many people thought that they were in love with brothers and sisters, which was very different, and Xie Na was more famous than Zhang Jie.

Xie Na is lively and cheerful, but Zhang Jie is introverted and silent.

but under these doubts, he still survived and used his actions to prove his firm love for Xie Na.

Xie Na is careless and often forgets things and mobile phone passwords, so Zhang Jie changes their mobile phone passwords to the same one.

when she was pregnant, Zhang Jie quit a lot of jobs to accompany her and accompany her to give birth.

when she is in the month, Zhang Jie will accompany her to eat fat and say "I love you" to her every day.

Nana is usually careless and strong in character, because Zhang Jie's love has also become soft.

they have been married for ten years now.

these practical actions have already broken the doubts of outsiders.

although Zhang Jie is younger than Xie Na, but with a firm love in his heart, he allows himself to mature quickly and become a haven for Xie Na and a source of happiness for her.

only firm love can make people overcome all difficulties.

as Leong Jingru sang in the song: "Love really needs courage to face gossip."

to be a firm preference is the highest level of love.

when choosing one of the two

Don't pick me

"I don't want hasty love and casual love, I just want to be firmly chosen to be your exception and preference."

there was a reader who shared her experience.

she is 31 years old this year, and then her family introduced her to a blind date.

then she met someone who liked it and looked each other in the eye, so she got together naturally.

although girls are more satisfied with all aspects of boys' conditions, boys and their parents are dissatisfied with girls.

for example, I think she is too small to have children in the future.

I feel that her career is unstable and her family conditions are average.

and every time a girl goes to his parents' house for dinner, his parents will judge her.

the boy didn't speak for her once.

two months later, the boy suddenly said that he would break up with the girl because his parents had found him a better person and were more satisfied in all aspects.

after hearing this, she was very angry on the spot.

I am the only one for you, and you are my candidate.

she said, "Don't choose me when you choose one of the two. I won't be your second choice. Don't choose me when you have no choice. I won't make your last choice."

it turns out that it is really obvious whether it is firm or not.

when a person loves you, he thinks you are all good;

but when a person doesn't love you, he will leave you as soon as he meets someone better than you.

what a girl is most proud of is not how many suitors she has, but that she can be firmly chosen by a person and never give up no matter how long she gets along.

like is to choose

and love must be you

although Aze doesn't say too many beautiful words, he is a little straight, but his love for virtue and goodness is very firm and persistent, without reservation and without hesitation.

although virtue is not good-looking, he thinks she is beautiful in Aze's eyes and in his heart, and he will firmly praise her for her beauty.

he loves her seriously and wholeheartedly.

she is his preference and exception.

being loved firmly makes one feel sense of security and confident.

Love is a choice, but love is a must.

the love between Yang Jiang and Qian Zhongshu is also very moving.

they have known each other for more than 60 years, walked from youth to white, experienced ups and downs, and accompanied each other for a lifetime.

when they first met, Qian Zhongshu said, "I'm not engaged," and Yang Jiang replied, "I don't have a boyfriend either."

once in a letter, Yang Jiang wrote only one word: "pussy", and Qian Zhongshu also answered one word: "you".

there is a deeper meaning behind this. "pussy" is: Yang Jiang wants to ask Qian Zhongshu how many people she has in mind.

"you" is, Qian Zhongshu said that you are the only one in my heart.

Qian Zhongshu and Yang Jiang said, "before I met you, I never thoughtGet married. After meeting you, I didn't think about getting married with anyone else. "

he loved her and did it.

once Yang Jiang accompanied Qian Zhongshu to study in Oxford. At that time, Yang Jiang was not used to foreign life.

Qian Zhongshu can't cook, but in order to ease Yang Jiang's pain, he boiled egg bread, heated milk and made black tea.

Yang Jiang said while eating: "this is the most delicious breakfast I have ever had!" Qian Zhongshu looked at her with great enjoyment.

this breakfast has been made for decades.

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Qian Zhongshu had the only fight in his life because he saw Yang Jiang being wronged.

Qian Zhongshu once summed up his love with Yang Jiang in a sentence: "it is unique that it combines the incompatible three: wife, lover and friend."

this is enough to prove the depth of love.

I love you more than myself.

Life is short. I hope we can all meet such a person: his unswerving love to be the surprise he is looking forward to.

there will always be such a person who will let you know that you are not his choice after weighing the pros and cons, but the determination to do it knowing that it cannot be done.

, may there be one person, there is no one else, and you are everywhere.

how lucky it is in life to be favored by one person and share it for the rest of his life.