I miss you very much, but I won't look for you again.
I miss you very much, but I won't look for you again.
May everyone be loved in everything they meet.

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small tea night reading

"it's okay to catch a cold if you're in a better mood."

click on moments in the evening and see that Duoduo has just updated a post.

clicked on a like but showed that the send failed, and then refreshed, the content has been deleted.

I sent her a message asking: "what's the matter?" Are you in a bad mood? "

she showed the input for a long time, but in the end, I only received a sentence: "I still miss him, but I won't look for him anymore."

I just found out that she broke up with her boyfriend who had been together for several years some time ago.

there are no bloody scenes or unbearable plots, Duoduo said:

"maybe it's still not appropriate. We are becoming more and more unhappy together, and we have nothing new to talk about. We can't go on. "

she will find fault with his sloppiness, and he will frown at her nagging.

one is playing games with headphones, the other is tapping the computer in the room, sleeping in a bed back to back, but it's like across the Pacific Ocean.

parting is a calm, rational and necessary decision, but it is a matter of regret to say goodbye to a loved one.

when we grow up, we all like to say, "only children make choices." but the reality is that only children can have both fish and bear paw, and we all have to let reason suppress our feelings in order to make decisions that are right in the long run.

as Zhang Xiaoxian said, "sometimes you miss someone very much, but you don't call him." Call him, I don't know what to say, it's better not to call

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there are some things that cannot be forced.

some people decide to let go and get used to being apart.

the flower shop is closed, and the flowers will continue to bloom.

think of a sentence: "people should love themselves." But we always trade ourselves for something worldly. "

for the sake of a low salary and two-point first-line habits, he has been sitting in a job that he does not like so much for many years;

for the sake of an invisible future and the lives of at least two people, we will endure every inexplicable contradiction and dispute;

in order to have something that I don't know what the meaning is, I say things against my will at a dinner that I can't talk about. After the show is over, I walk into the night, and the figure of a frustrated adult has become the norm for many days.

it's always a difficult choice to change and give up, even if we know it's right.

this is especially true in relationships. Many people have told me that although TA is not good, we have been together for so many years after all.

the more noisy the world is and the more impetuous the people are, the more we should calm down and think about what we want.

what kind of person you should be with, what kind of life you want to live, who you want to be in the future, you need to go left or right now.

people should learn to grow up, and in the process of growing up, they should understand that everything needs a sense of proportion, and take a long-term view to consider the judgment of right and wrong.

some people appear in your life, it's just a sneeze, and it's over.

A rainy day is always sunny. You don't have to miss a passing cloud. You always have your sun.

Lin Yutang said:

"it's better to give up wisely than to stick to it blindly. If you can get better with a breeze, it's okay to catch a cold."

there are always endless difficulties and problems in life, but at every intersection, we have to choose the way of life that can make us really happy.

go to the breeze and think about what kind of road you want to take, what kind of people you want to love, and what kind of life you want to live.

those who give up will no longer be in touch; if they let go of their lives, they will stop thinking about the past, and if they let go of themselves, they will collect them alone and move on.

, may you always have the strength to have and the courage to give up.

May every choice you make will make you better and more meaningful.

May you eventually meet the right person and become a more real and powerful person.