"I married from the northeast to Nanjing, which was sweet and warm until my father sent the wrong Wechat."
"I married from the northeast to Nanjing, which was sweet and warm until my father sent the wrong Wechat."
If time can be turned back...

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in 2010, my father came to Nanjing to see me.

that year, I was 26 and he was 48.

walking on the road, people think he is my brother. Because he is young and handsome.

my father loves beauty, since he was young.

my mother said that she took a fancy to your father because of the men on whom he had a blind date, only your father wore snowflake cream. It smells delicious, but it is adorable.

at that time, my father was so poor that it was not too much to describe his family as useless.

my grandfather died early, with two sons and a daughter in the family. My aunt is four years older than my father and got married early.

after my uncle got married, he split up and left the house.

my father was kicked out at the age of 16 and lived in a dormitory in the factory.

however, this doesn't stop my father's love of beauty. When you have no money, buy the cheapest clam oil to wipe your face.

later, in order to make a blind date, I bought friendship snowflake cream for a sky-high price of 1.2 yuan.

my mother works as a waitress in a restaurant.

the family is not optimistic about my father, thinking that he is "greasy noodles" and unreliable.

however, who makes my mother face-controlled, she likes a good-looking and clean man.

the next year, I was born in this small house.

my home is in Liaoning, a small town supported by several big factories.

when many people talk about childhood, they say that it is widowed education. Mom takes care of everything, but dad gives up.

but my dad is not.

he is particularly keen on family activities. I have to save a little money to travel every year. I remember when I was in primary school, there was a section about the Great Wall.

the teacher asked, who has been there?

I was the only one who raised my hand and talked about the history of the Great Wall. The teacher praised me for being well-informed.

is really extremely proud.

my father is very grateful in my heart. Because since childhood, he has been popularizing a lot of strange knowledge to me.

not to mention the Great Wall, if the teacher had asked UFO that day, I could still answer it.

when I come home from school every day, I listen to the reviews with my father, which is more interesting than watching the windmill.

the Yang Family General by Tian Lianyuan and the Legend of Tong Lin by Shan Tian Fang. I was happy to hear it, and I competed with my father.

in my memory, there seems to be only summer in my whole childhood.

the sun is shining, the green is fresh, the orange soda is scattered with happy bubbles.

my mother said, well, the teenager really doesn't know what it's like to worry.

many people were laid off at that time.

my parents are no exception.

but I have never felt bitter. Because there is no less food, no less clothing.

then he grew up and moved to a big house. My mother would tell me about those days, remembering bitterness.

my mother went to work in a cleaning company. My father went to the bathroom to take a bath. But my father never let my mother say a difficult word in front of me.

because one of his colleagues was too poor at that time, the family of three ate rat poison.

they donated money to the funeral.

it had a big impact on my father.

I should be in the first year of junior high school.

I take me on a trip every summer vacation, and I go to Huludao or something recently.

my mother made delicious food, and my father carried soda on his back and brought a big sheet for a picnic cloth. I played foolishly all day, but I had a lot of fun, and I said it was much more energy-saving than climbing the Great Wall.

it was actually the hardest year for our family.

my grandmother has a brain infarction. My uncle fights and loses a lot of money. Annoying things, one after another.

my family is really out of money, and it's not enough to go out for a walk.

but my dad still came up with a picnic and didn't want to let me down.

sometimes I think that when I was growing up, there never seemed to be a cloud.

because my parents hid all the suffering.

it was only after I went to high school that my family began to improve.

when my father was rubbing a bath, he met an uncle who had a unique skill of roasting chicken.

my father tries every means to be an apprentice for others.

Uncle also likes to listen to review books and hit it off with my father. My father memorized jokes at home and told them at the same time.

once I was so excited that I slipped and fell on my back. Everyone laughed at him. But I feel sorry for him.

later he asked my father, "you are almost forty years old. How can you be an apprentice?"

my father said, my daughter hasn't grown up yet, and she has to go to college. I can't delay her just because I can't do it.

I was moved by my father. 'it 's not easy to be fathers,'he said.

my father worked in my uncle's house for a year.Son, I got the real story.

at the beginning of the division, my uncle also gave us his own decades-old halogen. He only made one rule, that is, my father is not allowed to open a shop near his house.

my father just set up a stall on the side of the road.

I remember what he looked like in winter.

because the winter in the northeast is so cold that you can freeze through the bones after standing for a while.

my father is dressed like a ball, with a thick scarf and a foot of clam oil on his face.

sometimes, chickens can't be sold out. I can see him when I come home from self-study next night, standing in the light of the street lamp, with a layer of frost on my big black leather hat.

I want to be with him, but he never gives way. He said that the wind at the intersection was so hard that it broke his face.

my mother said that if you look at your father, who loves beauty, he is not worried about her girl walking alone at night, but she is worried that her girl will be blown ugly.

A good warm clip was broken by my mother in a second.

in fact, our family has always been like this, all the bitter drama, can become a hilarious comedian.

he used real materials and was very popular, and word of mouth slowly spread. Later, he rented a storefront and opened a branch in the third year.

when I was a sophomore, my family bought a new house.

I went to the university in Nanjing and had a boyfriend.

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his name is Liang Cheng. He is a native and not tall, but he is handsome and meets my mother's requirements for good looks.

he is a serious Capricorn.

when we fell in love for a month, he asked me seriously, are you going to stay in Nanjing or go back to your hometown after graduation?

I said, of course, if I stay in Nanjing, I can't have a good job when I go back.

he asked again, don't you have to ask your parents?

I said, my father is eager to let me come out.

I am absolutely sure of this. Not everyone loves his hometown. Like my dad.

he felt that his hometown was dull and had no chance. Young people should go outside to develop.

during the winter vacation, I took Liangcheng to the northeast to play. My father entertained him warmly.

before leaving, he said to Liangcheng, "you have also visited our small town. It is too closed." In the future, you may understand if you have children. The more I love my girl, the more I don't want to tie her to me. That would be selfish. I hope she can live better than us.

Liang Cheng said, Uncle, I understand. Don't worry, I will be good to her all my life.

maybe he is young, maybe he is really heartless.

at that time, I didn't understand the simple conversation between my father and Liangcheng, but actually reached some kind of contract.

my parents have done their duty as parents, but they have given up the benefits of parenthood.

Liangcheng's father is a university professor and his mother works as a treasurer in a state-owned enterprise.

I still like it. I think I am sensible and beautiful. Liangcheng, a rigid boy, has become lively with me.

in my second year of work, I became a wife in Nanjing. Living a happy life, Liang Cheng and my parents-in-law are very good to me.

when I talked to my parents, it was sweet and warm, and they were finally relieved.

the baby was born the following year.

at that time, it was not very popular to find a sister-in-law, and my parents-in-law had not yet retired, so my mother came to help wait on Yuezi.

A babysitter is also hired at home. But my mother wants to do it all by herself and take care of me. You can't eat this. You have to drink it.

Liangcheng said, Mom, you also have a rest and don't get tired.

my mother said cheerfully, "I'm not tired." My girl hasn't been at home all these years, and I'm going to be idle to death. Those girls who play Yangko envy me, but I don't know that I envy them. It's a blessing to have children and grandchildren bothering you.

I complained that I was bothering you.

my mother rolled my eyes and said that I was born in blessings.

after the birth of the moon, my mother stayed with me for another month before she reluctantly went home.

it didn't take long for an accident.

the worker left the wrench on the facade light box at home. Then it was windy and fell, and it happened to hit my mother on the head.

at first I was a little dizzy and didn't take it seriously. as a result, I began to vomit on the third day, and the back of my head swelled with a fist-sized bag.

my father hurried to the hospital, but it was a little late.

my father has been keeping it from me at first. Said my mother caught a cold, had a sore throat and couldn't answer the phone.

I didn't know the situation until one day my father sent a picture to my cousin, who was a doctor, and sent it to me by mistake.

my mother's life was saved, but she had sequelae, hemiplegia and could not even speak completely.

it was Liang Cheng who accompanied me back to my hometown.

my son has not been with me for just over a hundred days. Liang Cheng asked my father if he was to blame. Which worker did it? did you find it?

my father said that he was the son of an old colleague, and he kowtowed to his door.

Liangcheng said angrily, can kowtowing cure illness, can it be spent as money?

my father patted him on the shoulder and said, you don't understand. It's not easy for all the families to live. Just take care of it. He lost all his money, and he can't get back your mother's health.

and I just cry with my mother. I was filled with remorse when I thought of sitting on the moon and having all kinds of trouble with her.

on the way back, I felt for the first time that I didn't want to leave home. I didn't want to leave the closed, slow town that kowtowed as an indemnity.

I sighed slowly and said, well, I don't want to go.

Liang Cheng said, Don't be childish, work, children can't release any of them. Let's pay for it and hire a nurse for mom.

at the moment, I don't want to hear the solution. I just want him to shut up and give me a hug.

when you have children, you don't know the kindness of your parents.

my son bit the blood out of my nipple, but all I could think about was my mother and my father.

I wonder what happened to my mom and whether my father can handle it.

I can only use all the available space to find time to go back and have a look, but I can't stay long. It makes me feel guilty, but there's nothing I can do about it.

it was 2010, and my father came to Nanjing to see me.

it's sudden.

he is still so handsome. Walking on the road, people thought he was my brother.

however, I haven't taken my eyes off the wound on his face since I met him.

it's obviously scratched.

has been afraid to ask. After staying for three days, he is going back.

in the evening, Liangcheng and I drank with him. Two bottles went down, and Liangcheng lay down.

my father's face is flushed vaguely.

I said, Dad, I'm a mother, and there are some things I really don't have to hide from me. If there is any difficulty, let me help you share some of it.

my father opened his mouth with red circles under his eyes.

during that time, my mother's condition was not very good. She didn't get better, and her brain began to fail. He often loses his temper and smashes things. He would hit my dad for no reason.

my father has had a hard time in the last year.

he said that Dad is not afraid of tiredness. I can't bear to see your mother like this. She loved beauty so much that she ended up so dishonorable.

Dad came over, one is to relax, the other is to see you. You two are the people I love most in my life, and your mother can't pull it back. You have to be good.

I listened, and the tears fell uncontrollably.

my heart hurts to death, but I can't help you.

my father stayed for three days and then went back.

he is reluctant to leave my mother, and he is afraid that his friends can't take good care of my mother.

I told him that if there is anything, tell me more, and if you can't help, you can share your worries.

he said, "OK, I understand that my daughter has grown up."

but after he went back, he still reported the good news but not the bad news.

on the phone, it is not said that my mother ate a bowl of rice, or went to the bathroom to call him.

in his description, my mother is getting better. But every time I go back, I know that it's just an illusion.

she left at night, quietly, with a smile on her face.

my father said, before going to bed, your mother suddenly said to me clearly, thank you for your hard work. I thought something was wrong. When you get up in the middle of the night, your mother will be gone.

that year, my father was just over 50 and his hair was all white.

I blame myself, but what compensation can I get?

money? Maybe the last thing my dad needs is money.

in this mediocre town, prices are as low as a finger.


he may not need it either. he has friends and his own circle. With three disciples, he is usually more filial than I am.

actually, he just needs me.

one of the two women he loves most in his life has left.

one can never go back.

these years, I always have to organize the whole family to travel. Sometimes Liangcheng doesn't have time, and sometimes my parents-in-law don't want to go.

but I will definitely pull my father.

I think this is the only compensation I can make.

like when I was a child, he took me to play, to see the scenery of the world and to enjoy the family reunion.