I like relationships that are not tiring.
I like relationships that are not tiring.
May you encounter such a relationship and share the same experience from now on.

Liu Zhenyun said in "10,000 sentences at a time":

A person's loneliness is not loneliness, a person looking for another person, a sentence to find another sentence, is the real loneliness.

I think this is true. When people get along with each other, they are most afraid of one being affectionate, one unintentional, one desperately looking for a topic, and one who is not salty or light to prevaricate.

in the end, you get tired of others and hurt yourself.

and a good relationship is bound to rely on the strength of two people to face the wind and rain and resist trivialities.

in this relationship, you don't have to please, you don't have to be careful, and you don't have to tire yourself out in order to maintain the relationship.

the best relationship is not tired for a long time.

I feel at ease when you are here

Yang Jiang and Qian Zhongshu are such a like-minded couple.

in his first year as husband and wife, Qian Zhongshu is going to study in the UK. He hopes Yang Jiang can go with him.

considering her husband's poor self-care ability and worried that he could not take good care of himself, Yang Jiang agreed.

but Yang Jiang did not hesitate. During her days in the UK, she kept her life in good order while refining her major.

as we all know, Qian Zhongshu knows nothing about life and often does wrong things.

he was at a loss when he spilled the ink and dyed the tablecloth.

even when the lamp is broken and the bag grows on his forehead, he often doesn't know what to do.

whenever this time, Yang Jiang will always use the sentence "never mind, I will come" to dispel Qian Zhongshu's unease and guilt.

tolerance in life makes up Qian Zhongshu's deficiency.

work support also allows Qian Zhongshu to concentrate on literature.

I remember once, Qian Zhongshu told Yang Jiang that he wanted to write a novel, which was his first novel.

worried about her husband's poor rest, Yang Jiang immediately persuaded her husband to reduce the school curriculum and write wholeheartedly.

in this way, the family's expenses can't keep up.

Yang Jiang simply quit the maid at home and learned to do housework by herself.

start with such little things as chopping wood, washing clothes and cooking, and be willing to be a maidservant under the stove.

many people say that having Yang Jiang is the blessing of Qian Zhongshu's life.

she helped him solve many problems, supported him to do what he wanted to do, and spent her life in a long relationship with him.

where Yang Jiang is there, Qian Zhongshu has the strength.

holding Yang Jiang's hand is Qian Zhongshu's happiness in this life.

A good relationship is not to knock you out with emotion at once, but to give you love over a long period of time.

Don't worry when you encounter difficulties, and you don't need to say much about experiencing ups and downs.

I feel at ease when you are here.

silent and comfortable

Gu Cheng has a saying:

"the grass is bearing its seeds, the wind is shaking its leaves, and it is very beautiful for us to stand silent."

A relationship that is comfortable to get along with, even if you just stand quietly.

my friend told me that she and her boyfriend were in this state.

when they were first together, they were not familiar with each other and were most afraid of the sudden stillness of the air.

the quiet air will aggravate the embarrassment of the two people, and they are at a loss to find the topic, trying to break the silence.

after getting along for a long time and getting to know each other, the embarrassment was broken.

when they were still studying, the schools were far apart and they were used to long-distance relationships.

the library on weekends became a place for them to date remotely.

hours passed in the blink of an eye. Instead of feeling embarrassed, I felt comfortable getting along with each other.

there are no extra words, even if it's just a glance through the video.

when you look at each other or write hard, or think hard, you can also smile at the corners of your mouth and feel love in your heart.

later, different places became the same city, and lovers became husband and wife.

what two people like most is holding a book in their spare time in the afternoon, or discussing a point of view, and more often looking at each other without saying a word, just doing their own things silently.

friends say that others think their way of getting along is very strange, how come they have nothing to say when two people are together?

it is said that feelings are most afraid of silence, but friends feel that this kind of silence is the most comfortable.

you don't have to try to break the silence on the topic. When you have something to say, one side will keep talking and the other will respond.

when there is no topic, just do things separately and do not interfere with each other.

the best way to get along is to be silent.

I am relieved that you go.

you must have heard the saying: a man's sense of security must be given to himself.

in a romantic relationship, whether you can rest assured, and whether you can rest assured, you have a lot to do with your partner.

A relationship that is not tired of getting along is that even if you are thousands of feet away from me, I still rest assured that I am unique in your heart.

have seen such a short video--

A group of men were out drinking when it was past 11:00 in the evening.

Men with families have received phone calls from home, complaining that they are staying out in the evening and urging them to be early.I'll be home at one o'clock.

the man who was drinking in high spirits got a call, and his attitude was inevitably a little bad, and several people put down the phone in displeasure.

there is only one person who has not received a phone call from beginning to end.

people around him laughed at him for not being cared about, but he smiled and said, "I have already reported today's situation to my wife."

make it clear where to drink, how many people are present, what time you expect to go home, and whether you need someone to pick up.

also took a video and sent it to his wife.

people who drink together say that this is making a mountain out of a molehill.

but he didn't think so. he sympathized with his wife's feelings and didn't have the heart to let her worry.

not only for this dinner and drink, but also for business trips and social activities on weekdays, he would tell his wife in advance.

this seems to be just a detail, but it gives the wife a reassurance and sweeps away the uneasiness in his heart.

he infiltrated his love into the details and gave his wife enough sense of security.

A good relationship requires the common nourishment of both parties.

in this relationship, you don't have to worry about gains and losses, let alone be cautious.

because you know that the person in front of you is worthy of your whole life.

being able to reassure your partner in love is a person's top charm.

I like a sentence--

if you look at a person, you can see whether he has done these things: there is an explanation for everything, there is a reason for everything, and there is a response to everything.

applies not only to friends and colleagues, but also to every relationship.

in this life, people have to go through a lot of things and meet a lot of people.

only the person who can give you peace of mind, reassure you, and can accompany you to know each other for a long time without feeling tired, is worthy of your whole life.

, may you also encounter such a relationship in front of the screen. From then on, the mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, the ups and downs of life, the same calendar.

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