"I changed my husband's Wechat nickname, and 15 minutes later, the other woman surfaced."
"I changed my husband's Wechat nickname, and 15 minutes later, the other woman surfaced."
If you love the wrong person, you should remember to let go, and if you go the wrong way, remember to turn around.



when Gao Hui came back from work, Xu Feng was helping her mother cook in the kitchen.

when he saw her, Xu Feng came to hug her and said, "are you tired?" Let me get you a glass of water. By the way, my mother and I booked a wedding hotel, and the date was set.


Gao Hui was very surprised.

Mother came out of the kitchen and said with a smile, I told Xu Feng not to tell you.


Gao Hui skimmed her lips and said, "there is no such thing. Who gave birth to it?"


Xu Feng smiled happily beside him.

one of the best things in the world is that your parents are more satisfied with the person you are going to marry.


know Xu Feng in the spring of 2012.

Gao Hui is 23 years old. Just graduated from university, returned to the county from the provincial capital, and was admitted to the public institution.

the second step in life is to get married and have children.

Xu Feng is a reporter for the TV station and is in charge of the propaganda work of Gao Hui's unit.

is handsome and delightful,

it means that there are too few words.

Gao Hui was in charge of the reception. Afraid of not speaking all the time, she was a little embarrassed, so she racked her brains to find a topic. But Xu Feng's answer is concise and concise, basically one or two words.

it's a little cold, a little cool.

but Gao Hui didn't expect it. The next day, the leader suddenly asked her, Xiao Gao doesn't have a boyfriend. What about that reporter yesterday?

it turns out that the leader's wife is also from the TV station. Xu Feng is very popular in their unit, and many people introduce him to someone.

when the leader went back to mention Gao Hui, his wife wanted to make a match.

so there is a meal.

Xu Feng, outside of work, surprised Gao Hui. What can I say? it's more fun, and it's more interesting.

she asked him why he was so aloof last time.

Xu Feng replied with a smile that work is work, and the state is different.

A man who works hard has a natural charm to a woman.

and such a contrast is cute, like the wind blowing through the Reed and the clouds floating across the sun, adding points to Gao Hui's heart.


Xu Feng, 29, is from a remote mountain village.

the condition at home is not good, and the concept is a little backward.

when Xu Feng was admitted to college, his parents said he had no money and told him not to study. Xu Feng worked part-time and finally finished his studies.

after graduation, he joined the TV station and became the most competent reporter in the station.

after work, I am not idle. Busy starting a business, doing a little business with friends.

it is said that because he is not in love, he is still alone at the age of 29.

everyone at work likes him very much, saying that he is a warm boy.

Your best choice of colored wedding dresses to show your unique sense of style. Our beat gift is our unique selection.

everyone says that Xu Feng is a good man and it is a blessing for a woman to marry him.

in early spring, the willow gives off goose-yellow buds and the grass reveals its crisp head.

Gao Hui and Xu Feng began to fall in love.

he spoils her.

Gao Hui had a sore throat and Xu Feng soaked himself in the fat sea and sent it to her. Every morning, before Gao Hui got up, Xu Feng's breakfast was waiting downstairs.

Gao Hui wanted to see the sea on a whim, and Xu Feng went to buy a ticket without saying a word.

the love affair is very ostentatious.

soon, I met my parents.

is to have a meal, and is also the future son-in-law of Gao Hui's parents.

I didn't expect that they were all quite satisfied.

probably because parents come out step by step, knowing the sadness in them. Therefore, it is quite distressing to see that Xu Feng is not old and works hard on his own.

Don't we all say, don't you bully a young man into poverty?

besides, Xu Feng has been working hard.

after falling in love for more than half a year, the two elders thought that Xu Feng's accommodation was poor, so he asked him to move in.

Xu Feng is really popular. After living at home, they rushed to cook and wash dishes and soaked Gao Huidan's feet every night, which made their parents more and more satisfied.

the town is very small. Xu Feng is also active in helping Gao Hui's relatives and friends.

everyone said to Gao Hui, marry him, marry him.

even without Gao Hui's knowledge, her mother directly took Xu Feng to book the wedding hotel and the wedding date.

they all say that Xu Feng deserves to be entrusted for life.


what should I say? Gao Hui had a little hesitation.

she has been in love for a year, she has seen his good, but also has seen his bad.

once the two quarreled over a trivial matter. Xu Feng had a drink, shouted that he wanted to break up, opened the car door and left.

leave Gao Hui alone on the way.

this has happened two or three times, but every time after drinking madness, Xu Feng gives all kinds of apologies and gifts.

he also sent flowers to Gao Hui's unit, which was teased by his colleagues, so he quickly married and sprinkled dog food every day.

in this world, there is no couple without quarreling. As long as there is no overnight feud, you can still live on, can't you?

addThe wedding date has been fixed, and Gao Hui is immersed in the joy of becoming a bride.

that contradiction is ignored.

Gao Hui married Xu Feng on August 8, 2013.

almost married naked.

the wedding house is a two-bedroom and one living room that parents previously invested in the new development zone, and the car is a walking tool bought by their parents for Gao Hui.

and according to local customs, the husband is responsible for getting a wife and bedding.

but Xu Feng's family did not prepare anything. My parents-in-law just attended the wedding and had a meal.

to be honest, I am a little aggrieved.

but as long as Xu Feng is nice and has potential, the future is worth looking forward to.

after all, no marriage is perfect. Every marriage has its flaws.


on her wedding night, Xu Feng swore, honey, I will let you have a good life.

Gao Hui believes in him and supports him.

Xu Feng has successively opened a mobile phone store and an Internet bar, but both ended in failure.

later, a friend invited him to start a surveying and mapping company.

Gao Hui said that he was not familiar with this field and asked him to focus on it carefully. You might as well do what you are good at, such as video editing. But Xu Feng wouldn't listen.

at first, I made some money.

but I didn't expect an accident.

an employee was killed on the spot after a car accident on his way to work. The company lost a lot of money, the funds were not working properly, and declared bankruptcy.

Xu Feng began to collapse.

he goes out to drink every day and gets very drunk. When he came back, he quarreled with Gao Hui.

Gao Hui comforted Xu Feng by thinking that the business failure had been hit too hard.

but Xu Feng drinks more and more frequently. From twice a week to three or four times a week.

Gao Hui's heart was cold.

she thought she was running for happiness, but she didn't think it was an abyss.

once cried and asked him, you were not like this before, why did you become like this?

Xu Feng said with the strength of drinking, "that's what I am." Your family despises my family at all. I have nothing. Everything is yours.

Xu Feng also said that he worked so hard to prove to Gao Hui and her parents that he knew their family looked down on him.

Gao Hui stood there. She didn't expect Xu Summit to be like this.

did her family want nothing and subsidize the house and car, but hurt his self-esteem instead?

Xu Feng, more and more unscrupulous.

Gao Hui is ill, but he doesn't care. Gao Hui works overtime, but he doesn't care.

things piled up and Gao Hui was out of breath.

but no one can tell.

because in the eyes of outsiders, Xu Feng has set up a very good human setting.

if Gao Hui says he is bad, no one will believe him.

and her parents, Gao Hui, can't say.

although they love her very much, her mother is always strong and overbearing and seldom considers Gao Hui's feelings, such as her previous engagement. And his father said little, and Gao Hui was not close to him.

so no matter what happens, Gao Hui seldom tells them since childhood.

parents don't know the days after Gao Hui's marriage. Xu Feng is a qualified son-in-law in front of them.

Xu Feng gave his warm and friendly side to outsiders, but left violence and coldness to his wife.


I can only talk to my best friend.

the best friend said that if you don't have a child, the man will mature when he is a father and will know how to take care of his family.

Gao Hui got pregnant with this idea.

Xu Feng is very happy.

in the early stages of pregnancy, she also reduced the frequency of drinking and dining with friends and accompanied Gao Hui for antenatal examination.

Gao Hui thought everything would go in a good direction.

but soon, the old tricks are repeated.

Gao Hui had a strong reaction in early pregnancy and couldn't eat. Xu Feng ignored her completely and went out for a drink.

come back and go crazy with alcohol.

every time he woke up drunk, Xu Feng immediately knelt down and apologized. This and this, the cycle goes on and on.

Gao Hui shed a lot of tears and broke her heart again and again.

even on the day the baby was born, Xu Feng came to the hospital smelling of alcohol.

Gao Hui, who was lying on the birth bed, was in pain both physically and mentally.

she fantasized that maybe Xu Feng would take care of the family when she saw her newborn daughter.


in fact, there is a bigger storm, waiting for Gao Hui with open teeth and claws.

before, my mother-in-law promised to come and take care of the baby, but she suddenly refused to come, saying that the farm work at home was too busy.

Gao Hui's mother had to retire early.

when she was in the month, Gao Hui had no choice but to take care of the children before the retirement process was finished.

Xu Feng still goes out frequently to party with friends.

when her best friend came to see her, she couldn't help wiping away her tears. He said he had never seen such a pitiful man in the month. Who are you married to?

Gao Hui could not answer her.

she lay weakly on the bed, tears wet the pillow.

the backlog of resentment turns into hatred, and the mood finally explodes to the extreme.

Life sharpens Gao Hui's softness and shatters her love to pieces.


in the middle of the month, my mother finally came.

Gao Hui can finally eat a mouthful of hot soup.

however, this family began to jump.

when his mother-in-law came, Xu Feng reined in at first, but then he was too lazy to act.

day to day, it may not be possible to perform.

he often goes home and comes back drunk in the middle of the night.

in fact, this blow to Gao Hui's mother is almost devastating.

after all, this is her hand-picked son-in-law. After all, Xu Feng was meek and clever in front of her. She and Gao Hui's father treated him like a son.

at first, he tried his best to persuade him, but Xu Feng didn't listen to him at all.

Mother finally said, "the house is mine and the car is mine. If you do this again, don't go back to this house."

Gao Hui persuaded him several times before Xu Feng came back.

the hardest part in this war is Gao Hui. She could not disobey her parents, nor could she persuade Xu Feng.

she is like a sandwich in a dilemma, on the brink of collapse all day long.

only when she holds the baby in her arms can she have a trace of light and warmth to support herself.

also thought about divorce, but it's not that easy.

especially in small towns.

or from the bottom of her heart, Gao Hui still wants to save the marriage.


in 2017, after the child went to kindergarten, Gao Hui let her mother go back.

she and Xu Feng got a loan to buy a small house.

she wants to take care of his self-esteem and wants the marriage to continue.

but Xu Feng began to toss about again, covering a greenhouse to grow flowers and vegetables.

he said that when he bought a house, he was under great pressure and had to make money quickly.

Gao Hui chose to support it again. She left her children with her parents and went to work for Xu Feng every weekend.

at the beginning, it was really good. The two got up early in the morning and worked late at night, and their hearts were twisted together.

but nature cannot be changed after all. It wasn't long before Xu Feng revealed his true colors.

he came home later and later, and even stayed out at night.

one night, the child had a high fever in the middle of the night. Gao Hui called him.

he stumbled and said he would be back for a while, but there was no sign of him until dawn.

Gao Hui took a taxi and stayed up all night in the hospital with the baby in her arms.