I admire such a living woman (suggest permanent collection)
I admire such a living woman (suggest permanent collection)
If you love yourself, you must let yourself shine in your own small world.

actress Sun Li posted a seaside photo with his family and went viral on Weibo.

and a comment at the bottom expresses the true feelings of too many netizens.

Yes, the good life and people make people feel happy and full of hope.

and there is no shortage of such women around us, who not only take good care of their families and their careers, but also take care of themselves.

seems to be a combination of beauty, but in fact, such women just have a clear head and can sort out the order of the important people in their lives.

they know better that loving themselves is not an idea, but an action.

and observing their lives, nothing more than the following.

sexual relationship

Don't try to please each other when getting along

any relationship you need to curry favor with won't last long.

many people empathize with this sentence, and the need for a flattering relationship means that love is not equal.

there is a secret love story in the Best of us.

simple and Han Xu can be said to be childhood friends, simple is a quiet and introverted girl, Han Xu is a high achiever.

on weekdays, simple will bring breakfast to Han Xu, help him check his grades, and she will not hesitate to reach out her hand when she needs help.

take care of him willingly and give him tenderness and consideration.

but Han Xu has always accepted this kind treatment as a matter of course, without any indication, and the response has been insipid.

there is only one end to love that does not get feedback, and that is to cool slowly.

blindly please each other, will only allow yourself to twist into the other person's favorite appearance in the process of approaching, but that is not the real self.

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A person's true maturity is not to be perfect, but to be real.

only when a woman is true to herself and always loyal to herself can she feel happy and free.

only by getting along with each other equally can we gain frank feelings and find lovers who protect us all our lives.

properly express your needs

there is a saying in Pink Bear Rescue: "the world will treat you the way you treat yourself, and you don't take good care of yourself."

the women who will take good care of themselves will get the love of the people around them. This kind of care includes meeting one's emotional and material needs.

I saw a variety video on the Internet. After listening to the married life of the female guests, I couldn't calm down for a long time.

the female guest is a nursing mother who takes care of her children on weekdays, with no other things and no friends to chat with.

after she said that she got married, she took the initiative to cut off her good friends in order to better join her family.

give up friendship for marriage, so that she has no bosom friend to talk to when she is depressed.

during the period of feeding the baby, the mood becomes more unstable.

because the whole family revolves around the child, no one cares about her feelings.

what upset her most and shed tears was her husband.

when he said this, a cavity of grievances flowed down his cheeks with unstoppable tears from the corners of his eyes.

presumably, her husband cared for her so little that after the baby was born, she felt less important.

this is a heavy blow to any woman, and it will make the mother begin to doubt her worth.

spiritual needs are as important as material needs, and women who know how to love themselves will take the initiative to express their needs.

expressing your needs to each other is actually an expression of love, because I care about you, so I care about our relationship.

I don't want to get along with you with a lot of unhappiness. It's not a healthy relationship.

being honest in a relationship and revealing each other's truest feelings is the responsibility for the relationship. Love not only yourself, but also each other.

Family relationships

is not limited by the identity of wife or mother

A sentence on the Internet: it is never age and identity that trap a woman, but patterns and ideas.

and those women who live well are never limited to their identity in the family.

as wives or mothers, they can also have a more colorful life.

Hui Ruoqi, the 2016 Rio Olympic champion, welcomed a burst of netizens' blessing when she announced her pregnancy on the online platform in February this year.

after retiring from the national team in 2018, she turned and walked into her family and lived a happy life with her loving boyfriend.

but for the rest of her life, she will not only be a wife, but also a mother.

although she retired from the national team and stopped playing volleyball, she set up an ex-gratia fund and visited remote primary schools after marriage to promote physical education.

period, she began to learn pronunciation because she wanted to better explain sports culture.

on the road of public welfare, Hui Ruoqi is a messenger to spread good thoughts.

she will not forget what she wants to do. If she loves herself, she will not put herself in an identity.

people are diverse, and only by releasing their own many aspects can they live happily.

if you think that after you get married, you can only be the wife of your husband and the mother of your children, then you will really lose your true self.

Women who are really lucky are not limited to their choices at any time.

Let yourself stretch out completely like a blooming flower, and in the process, we will experience real happiness and physical and mental pleasure.

call on families to run a family together

every member of the family enjoys the protection brought to him by home, so everyone has the responsibility and obligation to love and manage it.

I have seen a variety show of "Juvenile Shuo".

is interesting and thought-provoking.

his son complained that his mother always asked him to do housework, for which he was very unhappy.

when she heard this, the mother was not eager to explain, but told the story of herself and her husband.

I was already 37 years old when I married my husband, and the reason why I finally decided to marry him was that my husband was willing to wash the dishes in the woman's house for three years.

what the mother values is her husband's willingness to undertake housework, and the happy life after marriage also proves that the mother was right about the person at that time.

in the 10 years after marriage, the husband did most of the housework in the family and seldom intervened himself.

it is because of her husband's responsibility and responsibility that the mother always has a happy smile on her face when she talks about her husband.

it can be seen that the husband's participation in family management will make the other half happier.

families who can share family chores will give us free time to do what we want to do.

at the same time, they can also experience the difficulty of working in a family.


refine your talents

read such a story. Aunt Zhang is a little tailor in the town. She is neither idle nor busy at ordinary times.

the husband works in an institution and has a stable income, so there is no need to worry about the family's financial life at all.

both her husband and mother-in-law have offered to let her go home to take care of the children. After all, it doesn't make much money to be a tailor.

but the aunt refused, and she couldn't just lose her craftsmanship.

later, her husband got married and there was another woman outside, and that woman once came to the house with a belly to make trouble.

Aunt Zhang did not hang herself three times after crying, but calmly asked for divorce and left with her children.

after the divorce, I worked as a tailor, bought books and studied, thought about color matching and clothing design, started my own clothing store step by step, and even later had my own clothing factory.

A woman's talent is sometimes not an icing on the cake, but a timely help.

I have a craft, which can not only give full play to my own value, but also play an important role in saving myself at a critical moment in my life.

the sense of security of this talent is the strongest and most reliable, and no one can shake it.

affirm your value in marriage

"simple" things are more valuable.

after marriage, many women devote themselves to their families and pay most of their painstaking efforts for the happiness of their families.

although they do daily chores, their contribution is indispensable to the members of the family.

read the story of left and right mothers on the Internet.

she is the mother of two babies and is currently taking care of them at home full-time.

although the financial burden of the family is all on the husband, the left and right mothers have not stopped their own knowledge input.

apart from taking care of the children, she taught herself some courses, including parenting classes, psychology classes and so on.

because to take care of a child, we should not only raise him to grow up, but also educate him to become a talented person.

parents are the first step in a good education. Parents are rich in talent and knowledge, so that they can build a reliable future for their children.

and this learning process can keep your brain awake and is of great significance to the maintenance of the whole family.

these values are invisible wealth. They are like a wall in a house. It is because of the firmness of the four walls that they protect everyone's well-being.

the brilliance of women growing up is also illuminating others. This is the blessing we have accumulated for our family. Under the nourishment of blessing, we will also reap happiness for the rest of our lives.

personal growth

expand your cognitive circle

Anthony Robin, an orator, said, "nothing can affect us. What really affects us is our own perception."

the importance of cognition to a person is like a compass sailing on the sea. With it, life is not lost.

if you are not confused, you will strive for a more sober life.

Cheryl Sandberg is the first female member of the Facebook board and one of Forbes' top 50 "most powerful" business elites.

although when she was a child, she obviously felt the difference between boys and girls in society.

but she was never afraid of anything, but was as brave as a boy and took the initiative to break her cognitive blind spot.

when she grew up, when she was studying at Harvard Business School, she took the initiative to seize the opportunity of learning and progress to meet different people and expand her cognitive circle.

in his work "step forward", women are encouraged not to always sit on the last side of the event, but to take the initiative and sit forward.

because only by taking the initiative to improve your awareness can you get in touch with the larger world, explore in new areas, and find a more harmonious self.

at the same time, only when your world gets biggerWill not feel that the present trivial is a "big deal".

to expand your world is to help you live a clearer life.

Action is based on the recognition of reason, and only when we truly agree that expanding the circle of cognition will open up a new world in our lives, we will really practice our values in action.

slowly, when we feel the opportunities and gains brought to us by expanding our cognitive circle, this will be the most reliable sense of happiness.

look for sense of security on yourself

in life, we often see women in the process of interacting with the opposite sex, always looking for sense of security, always hoping that the other person can make them dependent.

sense of security is not obtained from each other, nor by gaining an advantage in the relationship, it is constantly self-improvement and gradually cultivated after in-depth self-understanding.

if you love yourself, you must let yourself shine in your own small world.

you can really feel safe only when you no longer need to ask for sense of security from others.

take yourself to heart, respect yourself, including every thought, every impulse, and face it seriously.

not concealing the truth is the beginning of improvement.

Love yourself, start from every detail of your life, love with serious actions, and slowly you will enjoy the satisfaction brought by your own progress.

, may our life be safe, magnanimous, and love ourselves all our lives.