How terrible is a self-disciplined person?
How terrible is a self-disciplined person?
A self-disciplined person can live a high and free life.

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I saw a question on Zhihu the other day: what is the most unmotivated person you have ever seen?

the answer to the number of likes is

the most unmotivated people I have ever met are anxious about the status quo and do not have the willpower to change themselves.

three minutes of heat, often abhor their own failure, adhere to the most thing is not to persist.

hang out on social networks all day, looking sallow at the cold screen of mobile phones and computers, but very few people can say a few words.

they are buried in the crowd in the most common identity, but they live the most miserable life.

it can be said that this description is very true. For people who are not self-disciplined, life is full of pain, and all the pain comes from their own failure.

there is a sentence in "the Road few people take":

self-discipline is not only the most important tool to solve life problems, but also the most important way to eliminate the pain of life.

A self-disciplined person can live a high and free life.

Control the figure

people who are self-disciplined will not be in bad shape, and those who can successfully lose weight are all "werewolves".

to lose weight is to face the war with desire, and to fight with appetite and inertia that do not want to exercise every day. As long as the standard is lowered, it will be captured by desire and become a marionette dominated by desire.

the process of losing weight and counterattack is the process of constantly killing desires and saving the dominated self.

freshman year has just begun, my roommate Sherry weighs more than 120 jin. Because she is only 1.53 meters tall, she looks in bad shape.

later, she gave up all snacks, strictly controlled her diet, ran every day, and lost nearly 30 jin in three months.

since then, her wardrobe has changed greatly, from a BF-style wide T-shirt, skinny wide-legged trousers and a long skirt to a slimming style.

at that time, I realized that it was not the skinny clothes that looked good, but the good-looking people who wore skinny clothes with their own recognized attributes and cheap clothes.

if one can control his weight, he can control his desires.

A good figure is only a gift for success, and the perseverance, physical strength, and mental strength exercised by self-disciplined living habits are the key factors for a person's success.

understand that your figure is your brightest social business card, and exercising for half an hour every day is the most cost-effective investment.

people who do not exercise, like aging batteries, work for one hour and recharge for eight hours, which is extremely inefficient.

if you don't have time to exercise, you can only spend time seeing a doctor when the body turns on the red light.

granularity of refinement time

the more self-disciplined people are, the better they are at managing time, and the finer the granularity of time.

having seen an interview with an actress before, she arranged the time in particular: "get up at 07:30, wash for three minutes, and put on makeup for five minutes."

with a strong sense of time, you can use your time on the edge and maximize your efficiency.

accurate schedule can reduce a lot of unnecessary time costs. The more detailed the schedule and the deadlines, the more organized things will be and the higher the success rate will be.

in addition, self-disciplined people will also create time for themselves, how to create it?

get up early.

if you get up one hour earlier than others every day, you will have 30 more hours in a month and 360 hours in a year.

according to 8 hours of work and study every day, 360 hours is equivalent to an extra one and a half months a year.

the beauty of pre-time allows you to read five more books and learn one more skill than others for a month and a half, surpassing those who are still asleep in bed.

however, many people are like this:

there is a saying in Queen Joanne: "you stay in bed in the morning, so those who sleep ten minutes more will lose to those who get up ten minutes earlier."

resist the temptation of a hotbed, know how to plan your time, use the efficient state of getting up early, and start a day in order to open up more possibilities in your life.

resist temptation and be able to break up

self-disciplined people like to subtract from life.

less is more, simple is complex, self-disciplined people know how to devote limited energy to the most worthwhile things.

ordinary people are swallowed up by the hedonistic black hole and want more happiness, while self-disciplined people are using reason against desire and want more and higher returns.

can resist temptation because they have the scarce ability to delay gratification:

do not participate in this nagging game, in order to chat with awesome people in the future;

not eating this mouthful of cream is for the pleasure of wearing thin clothes in summer.

do not indulge in low-level social software in order to gain a high sense of achievement in reality.

it is said in "self-discipline" that most people are unable to exercise self-discipline because they fall into the misunderstanding of "today is special".

lost a kilo of happiness, was scolded by the boss, uncomfortable and depressed. Magnifying emotions rather than reason can be reasons for indulgence and make you fall into the trap of desire.

Wake up. If you think every day is special, then every tomorrow will only be mediocre as usual.

learn to break up and do these two things.Facet deletion: space and time.

space, your room reflects your attitude towards life.

people with messy rooms will often buy unnecessary sundries and do things carelessly; people with clean and tidy rooms will resist unnecessary consumption, pay attention to details in their study and work, and strive for perfection.

throw away the useless things you can see and try to change the invisible world by reducing the number of items by 20%.

time, refuse ineffective social and junk entertainment, and enjoy the intensive time of being alone.

the self-disciplined people around me don't often take part in boastful dinners, let alone indulge in low-quality entertainment such as social networking sites and short videos.

their greatest hobby is reading.

people who have no reading habits have narrow horizons and life is boring and stereotyped.

there is a sentence in "far away Village" that I like very much:

loneliness is very necessary. What a person does in a lonely time determines that this person is fundamentally different from other people.

refuse the temptation that others can't resist and do what others can't do in order to live the way you want and live the life you aspire to.

keep breaking through the personal ceiling

people who are self-disciplined will not be willing to stay in the comfort zone, but will continue to develop new areas with the mentality of trying.

We often say that if we don't push ourselves, we never know what we are capable of. But many people, only forcing themselves a small step, complain that it is too difficult to do it.

this is the difference between fixed thinking and growing thinking:

fixed thinking: like self-denial, feel that their own ability is fixed, if there is no talent and luck, you can not do things well.

growth thinking: can be self-motivated, believe that the ability can be cultivated, full of strong curiosity about unknown areas, and will strive to achieve goals.

Peng Yuyan's change is a typical representative of growth thinking, from the little fat man to the star, and then to the male god of the whole people, all impossible, with his clenched teeth, have become possible.

"I just don't have talent, so I put my life into it."

every time Peng Yuyan makes a movie, he tries to learn a skill:

after filming "Dolphins fall in Love with Cats", I got the certificate of dolphin trainer.

after filming Operation Mekong, I learned Burmese, Thai and shooting.

after filming "hearing", I learned sign language;

after filming Guild Wars, I learned comprehensive combat, Muay Thai and Brazilian jujitsu


With options of lace top wedding dress for the reserved to options for the bold personality. Be enthralled by the combination of subtlety and comfort.

this is probably the life that everyone yearns for. It's really cool to change your life track with self-discipline and gang up all the way.

Kant said: "if we, like animals, listen to desire and escape pain, we are not choosing, but obeying."

choosing comfort and obeying instinct will lead to a dead end in this game of chess in life, with no chance of winning. Self-discipline may not always let you win, but it will never let you lose.

if you decide that you deserve the suffering, then the light will inevitably shine on you.

there is a line that goes straight to the heart in "tumble, Ashin": "if you only have one chance to turn around in your life, do your best."

behind every beautiful person, you have paid unimaginable blood and tears. Only by enduring severe pain to remove the lazy scales can you usher in the rebirth of Nirvana.

A self-disciplined person is terrible in the eyes of others, because he gets the opportunity of counterattack that many people have coveted for a long time.

A self-disciplined person is lovely in his own eyes, because he has obtained a free life that he dares not expect.

take the opportunity to make some decisions that will make you feel lucky in the future.

to be a lovely person, live a free life, and have no regrets for this life.