How many "overbearing presidents" have been blown out by a rainstorm in Henan, your secret can no longer be hidden!
How many "overbearing presidents" have been blown out by a rainstorm in Henan, your secret can no longer be hidden!
Chinese enterprises have a responsibility!


torrential rain in Henan continues.

the home page of the social platform is still occupied by all kinds of help messages.

I believe there are many people like me who keep refreshing real-time records every day.

but personal power is limited after all.

and at this time, a Chinese company suddenly became popular.

21, the news that Hongxing Erke donated 50 million yuan of materials to Henan was suddenly put on the hot search.

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it is different from the scene when big companies like Ali and Tencent donated money.

under this Weibo, netizens not only applaud, but also admire it.

A comment "feel like you're going out of business and donated so much" has garnered more than 500,000 likes.

indeed, if we hadn't been on the hot search, we wouldn't have known that it had done so much behind its back.

in fact, there are many Chinese enterprises like Hongxing Erke.

they did their best to rescue the disaster in Henan.

when most people's eyes are attracted by the donations of the stars,

they have done a lot where they can't be seen.

they give money to help, but they are unknown.

if we say that the disaster in Henan has let us see the spirit of the Chinese people in ordinary people.

well, what we see in these Chinese enterprises is the conscience and character of the Chinese people.

it's time to give them back the hot search.

Chinese enterprises, keep a low profile

Hongxing Erke donated the comment under Weibo, which made me more and more sad.

what netizens say most is: can you publicize it? if you do a good deed, you won't let people know. I'm really worried about you.

donating such a large sum of money is a good publicity opportunity for enterprises.

especially old domestic brands like Hongxing Erke.

it is particularly difficult to survive in the market because of the squeeze of foreign brands such as Adi and Nike.

but they just want to disagree with others.

do not publicize, do not boast.

even netizens couldn't watch it any longer, so they went to leave a message on Weibo by Wu Rongzhao, president of Hongxing Erke.

hope that more publicity, do not want to see such a conscientious enterprise can not make money.

but Wu Rongzhao replied: just do your best, and more publicity resources should be left to the disaster areas.

is really low-key to the bone.

it is not just them. This style of "brushing one's clothes and hiding one's name" has almost become the consensus of most Chinese enterprises.

30 million of Geely cars have been donated, and Weibo comments have not exceeded 100. No one knows that they have donated money.

Huiyuan Juice, which recently filed for bankruptcy and reorganization and has a debt of 10 billion yuan, is unable to protect itself, or donated 1 million yuan of disaster relief materials at the first time.

and the shares of Muyuan, which has several farms in Henan, quietly donated 100 million.

such examples are numerous.

in the past few days, dozens of Chinese enterprises have donated more than 1.7 billion yuan.

but with the exception of those head enterprises, little is known about the rest.

they never thought of using this donation to do something for themselves.

because they are Chinese enterprises, born in this country and raised in this land.

all the kindness and help were condensed into three words "should be" by them.

simple but moving.

this is not an age in which good deeds should be respected and done anonymously.

all kindness and help cannot moisten things silently.

but should be known by more people, let goodness return goodness.

these enterprises are worth searching for ten thousand times!

Chinese enterprises have responsibilities

as the ancients said: pay attention to yourself when you are unknown, and care about the people when you have status.

it is not difficult to do good deeds, but it is difficult to always do good deeds and love sentient beings.

in the donation list, some netizens found such an enterprise-Liaoning Fangda.

Weibo followers, who don't even have 10, 000 fans, are reluctant to buy themselves a Weibo member.

but donated 200 million at once.

the purpose of this enterprise has always been to "take it from the society and return it to the society".

they really did it.

as long as you donate, you will donate 100 million yuan.

that's what they did when the epidemic first broke out in Wuhan last year.

the first time, I donated 200 million yuan in a row.

provide all-round assistance, from funds to masks and medical supplies.

you will find that this is a trait that can only be seen in Chinese enterprises.

they are used to obscurity and do not say a word.

but as long as the nation is in trouble and the country needs it, they will always be the first to stand up and shoulder the responsibility.

he will give it as long as you want it, without ambiguity.

when the responsibility of a big country falls on them, it is the responsibility of enterprises.

the sky fell, and they stood tall.

even though I have not been spared, I still think of the difficulties of the country first.

Headquarters in Zhengzhou headquarters in Honey Snow Ice City, failed to escape the disaster.

the buildings where the company is located have been flooded, and their own losses are already great.

there are also Yutong Motors, headquartered in Zhengzhou, who are still saving themselves and still donating 10 million yuan to the disaster area for emergency response.

Henan Fat Donglai Group, known as a conscientious enterprise, in addition to donating money, also organized a rescue team at the first time to participate in the rescue.

netizens sigh: finally know why we must support domestic products, because only Chinese enterprises can save China.

Yes, although several foreign companies have also donated money, it is still a small number.

every time he is in trouble, he rushes to the front and wishes to donate even his underwear. It will always be a Chinese enterprise.

No matter how difficult it is, we should take responsibility; no matter how hard it is, we should put the country first.

they never ask us to do anything for them, but they are always willing to give everything for us.

Chinese enterprises, do practical things

the Chinese nation is a nation that pays attention to practical work.

it is better to listen to his words than to observe his deeds.

the same is true of Chinese enterprises.

No matter how much you say, you might as well make some achievements.

I wonder if you have noticed that once we need help, these companies always want to be ahead of us.

they are not going to donate money and everything will be fine, but they will be able to think about what you want and do what you need.

is really doing things with your heart, doing things that can really help you.

for example, as soon as a disaster occurs, in addition to donating 100 million.

Tencent also works overtime to launch the "Rescue Mutual Assistance Information Registration template".

there are organizations that need to collect information such as rescue and help, as well as local people who need help.

you can use these templates directly for rescue and help registration.

greatly improves the efficiency of rescue.

there is also Alibaba's box horse bazaar, which transports the first batch of aid to 7000 communities and 21000 service points in Zhengzhou.

A total of 450000 daily necessities such as vegetables, grain and oil are provided to the public free of charge.

the problem of food shortage among residents in disaster areas has been solved.

Gao de released the Map of torrential Rain Water in Henan Province.

and get real-time information such as the telephone number of the rescue team and the location of the refuge.

this reminds me of one thing during the epidemic in Wuhan.

at that time, some leaders mentioned at the meeting that what is most lacking now is not money, but a software that can serve the community to fight the epidemic.

with this software, information collection and anti-epidemic work will become more convenient.

an inadvertent complaint was immediately heard by Chinese enterprises.

it wasn't long before Ali and Tencent both developed Mini Program for community epidemic prevention and control.

in this way, community staff can collect information and body temperature without contact, safe and convenient.

in terms of action power, our enterprise has never lost anyone!

these days, as soon as I turn on my mobile phone and see the news in Henan, I can't help but burst into tears.

is not only for every ordinary but great ordinary people, but also for these enterprises that help us prop up.

in the Age of Awakening, Mr. Gu Hongming said:

"there is something indescribable about the Chinese that no other nation has, and that is gentleness.

gentleness is a power, a force of compassion and human wisdom. "

Yes, this feeling is especially strong in the face of disaster.

what is a Chinese enterprise?

Chinese enterprises have compassion, courage, innocence and advanced technology.

No matter how fierce the competition is with each other, as long as the country is in danger, they can immediately unite and work together towards the same goal.

they don't hesitate when they are short of money;

lack of things, they do it themselves;

after Hongxing Erke's news came out, many netizens wanted to help this enterprise.

they all swarmed into the studio to place an order.

they said, "We just did what a Chinese should do." Don't spend money just because we have donated money. "

"if you think it's expensive or don't like it, really don't buy it. We will one day be able to let everyone see that we are a brand that works hard for quality. "

to the country, do what you have to do; to yourself, speak only by strength.

clank with iron, kindness and dignity.

this disaster in Henan, what Chinese enterprises have done, is really tearful.

they never say much, but do more than anyone else.

they don't need to put on a show, because they already regard it as their duty to pay for their country.

over the years, I have a feeling that is getting stronger and stronger:

No matter which field it is, our Chinese brand has done a remarkable job, but it has not been seen by anyone.

they are fighting in a market that has long been occupied by foreign companies, and they deserve our support and trust.

, let more people see Chinese enterprises!

not only because they are worth it, but also because of himWe are all those who help you in times of crisis and those who save your life in times of emergency.