How many of the six signs of a woman's early age have you won?
How many of the six signs of a woman's early age have you won?
The heart is as wide as the sea, warm to the sun, and slowly grow old.

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pay attention to health preservation and begin to recognize it

I used to think that youth was the greatest capital. I was full with takeout meals, drank drinks as water, worked overtime until late at night, and went to sleep with my cell phone.

Today, frequent ailments, fat bodies, lost collagen, clumps of hair on the floor, drowsy head before 12:00, and tiredness after staying up late are constantly reminding themselves:

body is the last card.

stop staying up late, pay attention to skin care, set aside time for exercise every week, and eat less.

A soda that can bring you happiness is no better than a cup of warm boiled water in your hand.

as soon as it gets cold, I no longer need to be reminded by my elders, and immediately look for long johns, who is dressed in autumn clothes.

I used to think that profligacy is happiness, but now I deeply understand that the premise of having a future is to keep healthy.

better and better for parents

once upon a time, I always felt that I had an aggressive spirit in myself, chasing a higher future while I was young.

the parents behind are gradually unable to keep up with the pace, but they only disrelish their old-fashioned ideas and have no common language.

as I walked, I gradually realized that I began to covet the nagging of my parents in my ears.

even though I still don't agree with each other, I have more understanding and patience and begin to try to understand my parents' good intentions.

I began to know that fame and status are nothing but mirrors, but time waits for no one, and the days when we can stay with our parents are numbered.

start loving yourself

once upon a time, I only felt that love and marriage were everything, and I could forget myself and sacrifice everything for it.

diligent and frugal in running a family, I try my best to love my family, but I suffer for myself.

as I walked, I suddenly realized that I had to give sense of security by myself.

I have the ability to make money in my hand, and I have enough balance on my bank card to make me feel at ease. I am no longer nervous about money.

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start serious skin care, learn to change the beautiful and elegant makeup, improve your taste in clothes, and maintain a clean and generous image.

plan to travel twice a year to relax and buy things you like to entertain yourself.

began to understand that there are too many practical things in this world, but happiness is the most precious.

not lively, enjoy being alone

once upon a time, I used to go to all kinds of parties on weekends and make an appointment with my friends. I just felt idle when I was alone.

walk, but gradually keep a low profile. Even the lively place began to feel noisy.

in my spare time, I prefer to stay at home, one book, one tea, one vegetable and one meal.

whether it's reading, drawing and playing the piano, or getting in touch with other new things.

began to constantly learn to enrich the inner world, looking for the independence of the spiritual world.

get a warm sun on the balcony and kill time quietly. Or with the rain, close the curtains and watch a movie.

reduce the dependence on others, find the ownership of the heart, and enrich the heart.

begin to narrow the circle of friends

once upon a time, I only thought that the more friends, the better. I always revolved around others and paid too much attention to what others thought.

when you give your heart, you often have nothing to fear, physically and mentally exhausted.

Tagore said: "if you shed tears when you miss the sun, you also miss the stars."

Life is in a hurry and passes in a moment, so there is no need to feel sorry for a passer-by.

walking, no longer sensitive, no longer mind the hot and cold of others, no longer deliberately to make new friends.

have their own temper and bottom line, do not please, do not demand, do not make do with it. Give seven points and keep three points to yourself.

begin to understand: true friends will only become fewer and fewer.

I will repay double who treats me well; if anyone deceives me, I will double return.

Don't worry about it any more, look down on the gains and losses

once upon a time, you were anxious at the slightest move, and you could talk about a little contradiction for a long time.

walking, everything is a bit more tolerant and peaceful, less concerned about.

now it is clear that the noblest punishment is silence and the worst revenge is ignorance.

waste your limited energy on useless entanglements, not with others, but with yourself.

No more great sorrow and joy for gain and loss, no more fights because of contradictions.

when things happen, they stop complaining, frown, gradually learn to bear, and learn to be silent.

ignore bad people, do not participate in bad things, feel at ease.

writer Ligo said:

"in front of life, there is endless aging, we fall straight into it, we have no choice."

the years have not spared anyone, and we do not need to bypass the years.

time flows, age increases, maturity increases, and what you get is growth.

the heart is as wide as the sea, warm to the sun, slowly getting old, actually quite good!

for the rest of my life, may we:

living out of myself, love is enjoyable; there are not only "firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea", but also "piano, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry, wine flowers"; walking through the world, the heart is still clear and clear.