How many marriages: want to be inseparable, want to have a bad life
How many marriages: want to be inseparable, want to have a bad life
Life requires patience, marriage is about willingness.




backstage often receives messages like this:

"if there is no love between two people, should the marriage continue?"

it's too tiring to keep going, and I'm not reconciled to letting go. "

perhaps, when two people are together because of love, but after marriage, love will gradually disappear, will be worn away by tea, rice, oil and salt, and will be squeezed out by the real life.

so what does a good marriage look like?

Love is an ideal

Marriage is a reality

some people say, find anyone and ask if you regret getting married.

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the answer is yes.

Marriage is always without chicken and dog jumping, trivial, chicken flying egg beating, and sometimes chicken feathers in married life.

We will inevitably think about a question:

Why did you get married in the first place? What exactly is it for?

falling in love, talking only about the stars and the moon, are all sweet talk.

Marriage, only talking about food and clothing, is all grievances and bitterness.

read a sentence a long time ago:

"Love is like having a spring and autumn dream and waking up to find the ground covered with white frost. Getting married is like playing chess. You just want a draw with no regrets. "

this sentence reads a little sad.

Marriage is indeed not as chic and clear as falling in love. It should be implemented in housing, upbringing and support.

put it into practice that who pays the living expenses, who cooks and washes clothes, and who apologizes first after a quarrel.

when the stars and moon fall in love, they all become an indestructible reality.

the ups and downs in marriage are unknown, and it takes two people not to forget their original ideals and aspirations and to work together to resist the storms. The two work together to create a common life and try to get close to each other.

share a message from a book friend 99:

having been married for 15 years, I have thought of divorce countless times, but there are countless reasons to live with him.

he was my first love. He didn't get married until he had been in love for seven years.

when he is in love, he is like a romantic poet. He often writes to me and does romantic things.

after marriage, he seems to be a different person. He no longer says love words to me, but talks to me about house prices

price, children's education, parents' support.

once, he suddenly bought me a bunch of flowers. My daughter asked, "Today is your wedding anniversary?"

he said, "when is not the anniversary between your mother and me?"

I said, "you're not ashamed."

in the evening, he went to bed after dinner.

I sensed that he was in low spirits. He must have encountered something difficult.

We talked all night without sleeping, and the next day we went to the cinema.

I have been waiting for this movie for 10 years.

although there is no romance between me and him, there is one more thing, that is, we love each other.

Marriage is not the grave of love, but the partners of fate.

Zhu Deyong said: "Love is an ideal, marriage is a reality, and those who get both must be good mixing experts."

some people say that marriage needs compassion. What is compassion?

is to maintain the original heart, is reluctant to part, is willing.

it is more difficult to defend than to attack in marriage

cousin Juanzi married a man with mediocre conditions 15 years ago.

at first, the parents disagreed with the marriage: "it doesn't matter what he wants. There is a father with dementia at home. You will regret it."

my cousin ignored other people's advice and was determined to get married. finally, without a wedding, she got a marriage license.

although my cousin's parents said a lot of cruel words, they still loved their daughter so much that they let their daughter get married at ease and gave her 100,000 yuan as a dowry.

there is no doubt that life after marriage is very difficult. The couple often quarrel, and she runs to her mother's house every now and then.

my brother-in-law comes to invite my cousin home every three or five times. Although he is noisy, his brother-in-law always bows his head and admits his mistake.

after running in for a long time, the couple quarreled less and lived a good life.

cousin said, "it doesn't matter, I'll stay with you."

after the child was 1 year old, the two went to Beijing to work and lived in the basement.

my cousin graduated with a bachelor's degree and passed CET-6. She found a job in foreign trade.

my brother-in-law is not highly educated, so he takes an examination by himself and studies the art of tea at the same time.

two years later, my brother-in-law opened a teahouse and the business was booming.

it wasn't long before the couple went home and bought a house and built a small house in the countryside.

this story is nothing special, but it will make people sigh: when the day gets better, husband and wife can not snuggle up to each other.

Love is immature, marriage is mature, it is passionate, insipid, each has its own responsibility, it needs to achieve each other and understand each other.

Life requires patience, marriage lies in willingness, there is a saying:

"there are two rare kinds of people in this world, one is the woman who accompanies you when you are at a dead end, and the other is the man who will not abandon his wife when you are through hardship."

it can be seen that it is more difficult to defend than attack in marriage. Marriage requires two people to keep their commitment to grow old together and their dedication.

the truth of marriage is different.The difficulty

some people say, "I envy other people's marriage and want to live with someone else."

someone replied, "whoever you marry, you will regret it."

No matter what choice you make in life, you will regret it. There is no perfect choice in the world.

there is a saying in psychology:

"each of us subconsciously has a guide to find our ideal partner."

everyone has expectations for marriage, but there will be gaps after entering into marriage.

even if you chose the right person in the first place, with the passage of time and the running-in of two people, both sides will change. In fact, when two people enter the hall of marriage, it means that they are no longer the same person.

A real marriage is a process of constant disillusionment.

book friend Huahua and her husband, who have been married for 20 years, quarrel constantly, often quarrel over trifles, and don't like each other.

Huahua abandons her husband to snore while sleeping, chirps his mouth when eating, goes to bed without taking off his socks, likes to fart in bed, and cuts his nails while eating.

and my husband also dislikes Huahua's stubborn character, hot temper, chatter, and likes to complain.

the two often divorced, and later her husband was diagnosed with diabetes. After some thinking, her husband filed for divorce.

I thought that my wife, who was full of dislike of herself, would take this opportunity to divorce without hesitation.

but did not expect, the wife did not agree, but also said this sentence: "I left you, who serves you."

in real life, there are many couples who are like Huahua, even without love, it is very difficult to separate.

you ask why?

because they understand that this life is not for love, but for responsibility and responsibility.

A sentence that I agree with very much:

"who told you that marriage must be happy? As long as there are more smiles than tears, it is a good marriage. "

not everyone is delicate, not everyone is considerate of each other. Most of the time, one side is giving and the other is being taken care of.

the road is smooth, the road to go is bumpy, the future is uncertain, the waves are rough, you go together.

this is marriage.

someone asked: "Marriage is so excruciating, why do you still choose to get married?"

I think it is probably for when you are alone and depressed, someone will hold your hand and accompany you to resist the cold.

someone else asked:

"what kind of marriage is good?"

I think it may be that even if they dislike each other to the extreme, and even lose all expectations for marriage. However, the two sides still cherish each other and never give up.

Marriage requires you to lose something and throw away part of your self in exchange for the happiness of your family, the happiness of your partner, and the growth of your children.

even if marriage is a boring movie shown over and over again, I hope you can be tolerant of each other, treat each other with sincerity, and grow up at the same pace.