​ has a kind of charm, which has nothing to do with appearance.
​ has a kind of charm, which has nothing to do with appearance.
Reading is to meet a better self and have a better life.

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Life is a journey between body and soul; body and soul, there is always one on the way.

Reading is a beautiful fate, the meeting of oneself and soul.

Reading is a person's greatest charm, it has nothing to do with appearance, but it can change a person's temperament and speech in the precipitation of time, so that we can quietly become the best of ourselves.

Reading makes people more attractive

Human civilization and wisdom are often obtained from books.

Reading makes people more intelligent and spiritual, as well as more attractive.

We know the talented Dong Qing from the poetry conference and the readers, and feel the inner-to-outer beauty of the scholars.

"the belly is full of poetry and books". Her every move, word by word, exudes charming charm.

A person's temperament hides the books she has read.

temperament, not from the appearance of beautiful and gorgeous, but from the inner self-cultivation and talent.

Dong Qing, who was born into a scholarly family, read a group of poems and books under the influence of her parents.

she not only reads foreign classics such as Jane Eyre, Life, La Traviata and the count of Monte Cristo, but also reads Yu Hua's living and Maupassant's Life. She also reads ancient rhyme books such as A Dream of Red Mansions, three hundred Tang Poems and three hundred Song ci.

this kind of reading experience has made her a great talented woman.

Reading is the best make-up for a woman, which can maintain a good state of mind of an attractive woman.

Dong Qing said, "if I don't read for a few days, I will feel as bad as a person without a bath for a few days."

Reading is a habit, which can develop a person's ability of self-discipline, and self-disciplined people know more about respect and love of life.

the most profound and eternal beauty is accumulated over time, from the inside to the outside; this kind of beauty, which comes from the bone, is the most attractive.

Reading can cultivate good moral character and self-cultivation

A person's spiritual maturity, depth of thought, as well as moral character and self-cultivation are inseparable from the penetration of reading.

in the process of reading, we should improve our moral understanding, find our own shortcomings, and constantly improve our own deficiencies.

the more books a person reads, the closer his personality is to perfection.

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the moral character of a person who loves reading can't be so bad. A man of good character will not have any bad luck in his life.

good moral character and self-cultivation can build a harmonious home and a happy life.

character is a person's hardest card.

an excellent person must first of all have good character, correct moral values, and good accomplishment.

"if you want to be a thing, be a saint first", put morality first, make friends loyal to character, people with good character, the road to walk in the world is wider.

Reading to make life poetic

Reading is a way of life.

in your spare time, hold a book in hand, enjoy the comfort of reading, life is fuller, more poetic, and the quality of life will be improved.

to be able to read a book, you must calm down.

in the impetuous world, reading makes people quiet and tranquil, and imperceptibly changes the mood.

Books are fragrant, and reading time is full of poetic fragrance.

Reading is the appearance of a smile in one's heart.

when people live to the extreme, they must be plain and light.

people who own a lot of books are simpler, more down-to-earth and quieter.

this peace of mind creates the elegance of life.

time is fleeting, only those who read books, like a glass of old wine brewed, are calm and calm in the flashy years, exuding intoxicating beauty.

Reading is one of the great joys of life.

everyone's preference for reading is not necessarily the same, as long as they think that the content is what they need, it is meaningful and beautiful.

Reading gives life the strength to persist

in difficult times, reading can give people strength.

Reading can exercise one's perseverance and endurance.

the book is full of wisdom and spiritual sunshine, and reading must absorb positive motivation.

Yang Jiang said:

"the purpose of reading is not to get a diploma to get rich alive, but to become a warm, interesting and thinking person. Although books can't help you solve all your problems, they can give you a better and more comprehensive perspective. "

very often, when we encounter troubles, we can get enlightenment and guidance from books.

Reading is a long process of study, which requires no distractions, and can bear loneliness and boredom.

people who insist on reading have patience and perseverance in the unremitting pursuit of things.

Lu Xun is a person who insists on reading for a long time.

in the cold winter night, when it was too cold to hold on, he took a chili and chewed it in his mouth, sweating so hot that he forgot the cold.

in this way, he insists on reading every day.

Gorky said: "Books are the ladder of human progress."

to read a good book is to talk to a man of noble character and have a heart-to-heart talk.

Life value-added, with a sense of weight, but also more strength.

in this era of lust for profit, people who persist in long-term studies will continue to make progress in their minds, and they will be able to maintain an original heart and pursue persistent dreams, and their life will be even more.Wonderful.

Reading can improve a person's emotional quotient

the world is enlightened and learned, and human skill is an article.

if a person reads more books, his logic and way of thinking, as well as his speech and behavior will be different, and he will be more modest and rational in dealing with things.

read a book, experience the feelings in the book, be kind and tolerant, and better understand the complexity of the world.

on any occasion, a person who speaks with a sense of proportion and knows how to consider the feelings of others is comfortable.

dealing with the world is a deep philosophy, which is often reflected in the literati.

Taiwanese host Tsai Kang-yung is recognized as a "very good talker" and is known as a "intelligent cultural person" with a very high EQ.

he will speak slowly, often plunging into the softest part of your heart with a single sentence.

and this magical ability may be given to him by reading.

Cai Kangyong was born into a family of celebrities, so he began to receive the baptism and education of orthodox culture early.

ever since he was a child, he liked to hide himself in his study, read hundreds of masterpieces, accepted the baptism of his soul again and again, and approached the man of great soul again and again.

Cai Kangyong said: "when we open a book, if it opens your new belief in life, then it is worth reading."

the knowledge learned by a person who has read every book carefully has long been integrated into his soul and precipitated into his wisdom and emotion.

people who read a lot know the truth, goodness and beauty, be grateful, and have the ability to distinguish between false and ugly.

this kind of brilliance of human nature and the height of EQ are extraordinary.

Reading gives you a better chance to change your destiny

Herman Hesse said: "No book in the world can bring you good luck, but they can make you the best you can be."

Reading will not make you full of gold and silver, it will not make you rise to the top, but it will fill your life with more opportunities and possibilities.

Reading does not necessarily change the whole fate, but since ancient times, it is common to change the living environment by one's own efforts.

this situation still exists today.

for children from ordinary families, reading is the first way out on their own.

they have dreams, study hard and become the best of themselves, so that they have a better chance to change their original destiny.

the so-called reading thousands of books, travel thousands of miles, read more, the mind and thoughts dabble in a wide range, the more the possibility of an unknown future.

read about life elsewhere, and infinite possibilities. The more knowledgeable you are, the wider the road to life will be.

Reading can broaden one's life pattern

Reading can not only improve a person's connotation and taste, but also establish a person's life pattern.

the books a person has read, the roads he has traveled, and the people he has met are the pattern of his life.

pattern, that is, vision, knowledge, and mind; with these, life has width and thickness.

the width and thickness of one's life determine the pattern of life.

the book is in your hand, and the world is in your hand.

Reading can broaden your horizons and minds, and make people see farther and longer. If you look at the world macroscopically, the pattern will naturally become larger.

furthermore, it also affects the height of life.

the famous actor Chen Daoming, a lofty man who only bows his head in the play, always keeps a low profile and prefers to read and collect books.

the whole wall of his house is a bookshelf, which is full of books.

books prop up his height and depth and form his life pattern.

Chen Daoming read from Lu Xun and Hu Shi to Bo Yang, Li ao and Beidao; from essays to poems, read thousands of books, mastered the moral Sutra and liked to study history.

Ji Xianlin once praised him as a competent graduate tutor at Peking University.

Chen Daoming loves family career, steady, mature and responsible. from him, we can see a person's peace and self-cultivation, as well as a charming temperament of a literati.

he said: "A good man doesn't have to be successful, but he must spend time with his family; he doesn't have to be male chauvinist, but he must make up his mind when something big happens."

boundless breadth of mind, heavy sense of responsibility, good upbringing and character are the magnified pattern of a person.

Reading is the meeting of oneself and soul

Life is a journey between body and soul; body and soul, there is always one on the way.

Reading is a kind of beautiful fate and the meeting of oneself and soul.

Reading is very beneficial to a person's growth and makes people inadvertently reach a level.

Reading has a great influence on the cultivation of psychological quality, outlook on life, values and world outlook.

knowledge is like a vast ocean that comforts and nourishes the soul.

with books as company, the soul is full and never empty.

Yu Qiuyu said: "the biggest reason for reading is to get rid of mediocrity."

Reading is talking to people with noble souls.

in the long run, your mind and soul will also be nurtured and gradually become noble.

through reading, we enrich our knowledge, increase our knowledge, and have a more confident and calm attitude towards the world.

Reading is the lowest threshold for nobility of the soul.

A good life is inseparable from the pursuit of the spiritual world.

and the spiritual support must be without reading..

people with noble souls are not afraid to grow old, life is valuable, and people live a delicious life.

the books I have read, and my perception of life, precipitate into an elegant and quiet yearning for beauty.

Xanadu, idle clouds and wild cranes, only the spiritual home established by thought is the most beautiful situation.

Reading is a very important thing in ordinary life.

there are many meanings of reading, which need to be understood by individuals.

if you want to be good, reading is the best way.

Reading is to meet a better self and have a better life.